craving for milk tea

I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. Love the artist too. She has really good vocals, which is kind of hard to come by in the sea of Ayumi Hamasaki-Koda Kumi clones in Jpop.

I read somewhere that she writes her own music. She has a very unique style, and she’s quite “relate-able.” She has everything it takes to make it in the biz, but sadly I don’t hear or see much about her. Or maybe she’s more well-known in live shows and concerts. I wish she’d appear regularly in music shows like Music Station or Hey Hey Hey so that people will get to know her better. It’s getting kind of boring with these shows since they always feature the same artists over and over again! Like if it’s not JE, it’s Avex Trax girls and BOA. Her song Milk Tea is really touching. It says something along the lines of a couple breaking up for some reason and the only thing they had left in common is milk tea. At least that’s what I remember. Love how the song is part melancholic yet sounds kind of hopeful at the same time. Sounds good live too! Help me find her songs!!


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