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Double reviews: Khalil Fong, Tegomass

Just saw the new Tegomass vid everyone’s been raving about. I must admit I was looking forward to it, with me being a sucker for all things excessively sugary sweet and cute. But in this case, it was just… too much.

Disclaimer. I’m going to temporarily be a bitch to all fangirls out there. No offense intended here. I just can’t help it. I like Tegomass too, particularly Tesshi. But I must speak as an outsider from a third party point of view with absolutely no interest in the matter…

AiAi Gasa.
Love Love Umbrella? Judging from the title alone, you almost get the whole idea what you’re getting yourself into.

Music wise, these two pretty boys CAN sing. No doubt. I mean, if you’ve heard a lot of JE boys belting it out, or at least attempting to, Massu and Tegoshi are on top of their game when it comes to singing. They HAVE talent. But do they have the range? This song, in my opinion, sounds like a Kaerimichi no love song sequel. Miso soup was sweet, but their follow-up ballads seem to go the same direction, recycling tones here and there, with the exception of their very few fast-tracked candy pop songs.

On to the video… Where to begin… Okay, the good part. The two kids in the mv were definitely cute. They portrayed the nostalgic feeling of Puppy love pretty well without overdoing it.

LESS IS MORE. Your stylist has got to go. Seriously.

BUT. I swear, somebody needs to sue JE’s costume designer. Or better yet, enter him in project runway for him to experience worldwide humiliation from Meana Garcilla. It just killed everything. Tesshi’s hairstylist should get a good beating too. I do hope what he’s wearing was faux fur, or PETA would go all the way to Japan to protest. And for the love of humanity they were even wearing the same thing on their CD jacket! On the brighter side, these outfits were quite toned down. I’m not a dbsk fan (they can be quite boring sometimes, and their die-hard fans are scary), but I’ve seen some of their mvs, and they’re styled pretty low-key, which leaves the viewers less distracted and focused on their singing chops. Maybe JE would do well if they borrowed their stylist?

Overall, there was nothing original about the vid OR the song. Arashi did the whole match-making cupid stint in their Wish mv, if I’m not mistaken. And the whole shower/ artificial rain was a bit reminiscent of Taiyou no namida, except it was Yamapi who was holding a hose, a cheaper version of Tegomass’ silvery bathroom fixture. And please, the whole spraying water all over each other seemed so gay. Fanservice should die.

Anyway, it’s all a matter of taste, I guess. Maybe I outgrew their style and their music. Believe me, I used to go kyaaaahhhh!! whenever I hear them croon a love song. But now, they just seem… Idunno, not convincing? Maybe for a bunch of 9 year old girls, yes.

Well, props to them for staying wholesome and not trashy. But they can’t they be mature even just a wee bit? Mature does not always mean green. I know they’re going for a child-like image. But must they be so childish? Anyway, still love them even though they overdo the cutesy thing sometimes.

(credits to: SE3ST0RF4NSUB5)

Moving on to raves… There’s this Hong Kong artist who deserves mention.. Khalil Fong (about 23 y/o) is singer who’s getting quite a lot of recognition for his talent. And he’s really smart. Saw him in an interview and he sounds like he really understands his music. He’s more of a singer/songwriter than an idol, really. For the record, this is not a comparison to Tegomass since they’re both completely playing a different genre.

I love how Khalil combines good vocals with piano, strings, cool beats and puts in surprises in the tone by adding brass sounds and that old school, RNB vibe. His songs Love, love, love and Spring Breeze are my personal faves.

His lyrics are not typical, meaningful and very timely too. He sings not just about love, but also about the environment, Wong Kar Wai’s film and tribute to southern music.


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