“Reluctant” Fangirl

I am a reluctant fangirl. Confessions of an angst-ridden girl who’s in the middle of being an anti or pro for pretty boys.


I’ve always had a love-hate “relationship” when it comes to that fantasy world created by JE. Even with its “perfect” boys, who will always be boys no matter what. If you know what I mean.


First, I find something problematic with the word “idol.” So what, then the fans are the “worshippers” and their groups are the “cults?” So much for idolatry! I could hear conservatives yelling, “You heathens! What an abomination! You will all go straight to hellll! To fangirl damnation!!” Okay, I exaggerated.

Second, the word “fangirl” has garnered some sort of a negative connotation. Heck, it’s even used as a verb nowadays! Like, “OMG, I can’t stop fangirling!” “I fangirled Chinen all week!” Er, how pedo is that?

Whatever. A lot of people seem to hate the so-called fangirls too. At least those who totally head-over-heels-spazzmic-life-or-death “SHIP” their “idols” even if those idols don’t even deserve it.

Third, I just don’t want to get addicted to them and end up in a JE rehab in some random desert devoid of any form of contact or JE resource – foaming in the mouth. As they say, once you go JE, you can never go back! I hate it when I read comments by the typical ditzy fangirl who defiantly argues against anyone who tries to “steal” his or her idol. Something like, “Yamapi’s mine! He’s my husband!” Ugh. Get a life already. Especially those fans who think they know EVERYTHING about their “idol” and ASSUME that they can do no wrong. Talk about blind worship!

Fourth, let’s all admit. Most JE boys can’t sing a tune or dance a step. Two words: FAIL and FLAIL. I mean, there was an idol boy-band outbreak in the US (90’s)with Backstreet boys and N’SYNC, to name a few. But these guys are killing it with vocals and dance! *Ahem, Matsujun and KAT-TUN singing*

Why reluctant, you say?

Well, when I happen to “accidentally,” “unintentionally” without meaning to whatsoever “chance upon” say, an episode of Shounen Club my immediate reaction to their kiddie games, weird Elton John glittery outfits, spike-y hair, flailing desperately and singing 1,000000000 medleys – is, “Damn. This is so stupid!”

But goes on to watch anyway.

And there’s no way in the world I’m going to make or read fanfics. Oh, hell no! No offense, but seriously. I pity those boys who become characters in a boy-on-boy love story you can only read in bishounen mangas. Some fanfics even go wayyy too far. Read: PORN. *chills*

ONLY ONE REASON TO FANGIRL (albeit reluctantly): See photo above. Enough said.


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