Some random observations about LAST FRIENDS

I promise I will publish my LF reviews next time. They’ve been lying in my computer somewhere, I’m just too tired to organize them.

Anyway, here are some observations in LF I found interesting. I’m not one to notice the slightest details, but some things that occur in several scenes just can’t be missed.

10 – DV scenes

Observe. Masami fails to “keep her promise.” Ryo slaps her. She says sorry. HE ALWAYS HAS TO SHOVE HER TO THE FLOOR. Then she squeals. This happened for like, 4 consecutive episodes? I mean, DV is really a pattern/cycle of abuse but can’t the director at least be a little more creative? Sousuke doesn’t have to fling Michiru out the window but a little subtlety or diversity would be more effective, I think. And violence doesn’t always mean physical  violence, there’s also verbal bitch-cursing abuse. Guess they prefer bitch slapping on national TV than bad words!


 9 – Creepy, haunting music ALWAYS sets in whenever Ryo enters the scene. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of giving suspense, huh? It’s like the OFFICIAL Sousuke theme. Whenever I hear it I immediately go, “Hmm.. I wonder who the hell could be showing up… any minute now…”

8 – The idea of the SHAREHOUSE. Or rehab, to be exact. You have to have some kind of an issue regarding your sexual identity, or have some kind of psychological/social trauma to get in. But okay, it’s a world where they can have a reprieve from the cruel, cruel world. The sharehouse key is a symbol of one person giving other people the chance to be part of their life. Obviously.

… Okay, the following are trivial observations, but WTH….

7 – Juri’s cute lisp! I thought she was only talking that way before as part of her role as Nodame but turns out it’s not. She said in SMAP bistro it’s probably because she’s Kansaiben, so she hesitates when speaking in Kanto. Let’s leave it at that!

6 – Masami’s tongue ALWAYS sticks out whenever she speaks! It’s more annoying than endearing! Like I need to point that out. REALLY. PLEASE. STOP.


5 – Ogurin looks more Korean to me than Japanese, Idunno. He’s starting to get on my nerves too.

4 – Okay, you all have matching cups. We get it.

3 – I love the OST “Prisoner of Love.” Like when it suddenly stops or lowers its volume to a whisper then play full blast to match the pace of the story. But it’s soooo overused!!

2 – Sharehouse people love playing card games and engage in awkward conversations.

Last but not least…

1 – Ruka, Michiru, Eri, Takeru and Ogurin should lay off the CAFFEINE. Seriously. Whenever any one of them comes home or after dinner Takeru ALWAYS says he will prepare coffee for them. Ep. 6 it was Michiru who offered coffee but man, why does it ALWAYS have to be Takeru? Heck, he even cooks and cleans the house too! Sure, he’s a bartender and all but… He’s such a doormat. Still love the series, despite its flaws. Oh and btw, in case you’re wondering why I’m on a posting spree, these entries are actually files from my computer I’ve been lazing around to publish.

More crazy observations to come!XOXO


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