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Celebrities on the spotlight: Enough already

Our generation is a celebrity-obssesed culture. Or should I say paparrazzi culture?

The term "celebrity" nowadays is teethering in between the concepts of being "famous" or "infamous" – sometimes a little bit of both. Whether one person is known for good or bad reasons, good or bad publicity – in the end it’s all about publicity. And as in any part of the world, celebs provide the stuff of our dreams, fantasies and even delusions. They’ve become our friends, classmates, siblings, and even lovers (for the crazy-obssessed ones, that is). Everyone delights in their rise to fame, but at the same time, though ironically, everyone waits with bated breath to see their downfall.

The question is… why?


I wrote this post after all this brouhaha with Jessica Simpson’s fuller figure that got the whole American population talking. I just didn’t get what the whole fuss is all about. But upon closer inspection, let’s try to understand the reason why the hell everyone is reacting like it’s the end of the world while the whole issue of the economy dying was put on hold.

Here are some photos of some Korean celebs that have floated around the net and printed on the tabloids – and caused some heated (though personally I think unnecessary) debate.


Almost every K-gossip blog has posted this (speaking truthfully) rather unflattering pic of WG’s Sohee. Wow. That’s a bit too much limelight for a couple of zits, dontcha think? Everyone has their bad hair days, bad skin days, bad angle days – but apparently celebs CANNOT have one.

This really ain’t new but WG’s resident sexy rapper Yoobin has been under fire for gaining a few pounds. Here’s what some netizens have to say about this photo:

"She’s probably just thinking how fat her face got."

"She’s really getting meatier…."

"Yoobin needs to keep working her facial muscles and smile as much as she can. Her face is so chubby now. Burn some fat on her face = smile Binnie!"

Me: Wow. If losing weight is as simple as that then I will keep smiling even when there’s no reason until everyone thinks I look like an idiot. Sheesh.

"Yoobin = Fatty pig"

Me: WTF.

"Stand away from a thinner girl to avoid the comparison is one thing i would do ;P"

"She’s ready to cut a bitch…someone done ate her food…*stares at yeeun*"

I admit, some of these comments are pretty funny but dang what gives? If that’s what they call fat then I wonder what they call an obese person? Geez. Overreacting much?

It’s also the same for Solbi (formerly a member of a girl band, now an MC)

Guys get scarred too when it comes to the weight issue
SUJU’s Kang In and Kim KiBum. Dang. These before and after pics never get old!
When Jung Ryeo Won (of the Kim Sam Soon fame) lost weight for a role in a movie, reactions were a bit toned down as compared to when some celeb gains weight. I even read reactions of some netizens when she posted new pics of her travels. looking all gaunt and unhealthy. Most comments were about how nice her clothes are or how cool it must be to travel in that place. I was like, whut. To be fair, some actually voiced their concern about her extremely thin figure.

More zits to pop: SNSD’s Taeyon, Tiffany, Jessica and Yuri
As if puberty isn’t already hard enough!

What the hell. Some paparrazzis must have some super magnifier lens or something to get these shots. Either that or they’re just obssessed about looking for more zits to pop.

Okay. This LJ doesn’t want to be all biased, so let’s look at the other side of the story. These are my own words, but the thought comes from the comments (or at least how I understood them) of different people’s reactions.

First, the celebrity world is different from the real world. They are expected to be perfect. They ARE our versions of what we call perfect. It’s their job to be perfect. We actually pay good money, or if not, attention, affection or to some extent "love" for them to entertain us, to be our hope that someone who’s human can be perfect. (LOL sorry for the overuse of the word). In short, it’s all about image. So why destroy that image which have made them famous in the first place?

Second, they chose to be celebrities, which means that they have subjected themselves towards the scrutiny of the public. It’s just the price they have to pay. They become the content of our dreams while they fulfill their own.

Third, truth hurts but it is the truth. Let’s all let it all out without using pretentious words like "full figured," "bad angle", yadda yadda. Yoobin, Jessica Simpson got FAT. Sohee is pimply. Deal with it.


Celebs chose to be in the limelight yes, but did they choose to be ridiculed as well?

It’s all about image, yes, but aren’t they human too?

We pay them money, attention, love or whatever you may call it, but does that mean we own them?

As Yoobin’s rap goes: "All the boys be lovin’ me… All the girls be hatin’ me…. They will never stop! ‘Coz they know I’m so hot hot!"

Just thinking.

Feel free to discuss people!


2 Responses

  1. i really really hate how korean netizens aim for celebs’ perfection. man!

    they’ve! got! no! right!

    even if they’re celebs, even if they’re idols, they are still living creatures who breathe and scar themselves. they are still humans who fart when they’re full of gas in their digestive system.

    americans also nitpick at someone’s imperfection, but not as over the top as koreans.

    as if koreans themselves are daymn purrrfect!

    sorry for bashing koreans but they are not as pretty/handsome as they think they are.

    —-they don’t have double eyefolds!!!!! that’s the plain truth!!!!
    —-they’re flat-chested and pancake-bottomed biatches
    —-they’re bow-legged
    —-they’re just white-skinned people, but the rest is blah.

    i ain’t generalizing koreans since some of them were gifted otherwise. i don’t necessarily give a damn on physical aspect. as long as someone is comfortable in his/her own skin to the point of not bullying anyone else, or making “bullying” as daily habit (it’s a strong indicator of insecurity), very outgoing, very warm and friendly to people, very outspoken (of course, in a right place and not for the sake of being outspoken only!).

    we’ve got some koreans in the philippines who tried to make it big in the philippines. apart from Sandara, we’ve got SAM OH and DJ GRACE LEE. I’ve got high respects for these women since they’re very comfortable in their own skin, not lookin’ awkward, very outgoing and very kewl. They’re not plastic fantasic, but really lookin’ cool. Probably due to positive attitude

    (to be continued)

  2. I think people can NOTE how they’re putting on weight….but not criticise them or make a big deal out of it (because it’s not a big deal). I mean, when yamapi put on weight and muscle I thought most fans were like yay! now he’s healthier! But then apparently fans said he was too fat….and look at him now….super skinny. For me, the interesting thing here was seeing the SNSD girls without makeup and hairstyling!!! I don’t know I’m just really amazed at what difference makeup and hair makes….they look reallyreally different, now I think I’ll be less surprised when an actress says “ppl don’t recognise me without my makeup”.

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