WTF laugh trip: Kpop and JE crack

Okay. So I was browsing around my latest posts and I noticed they’ve become too serious lately. Gah. Idunno why I’ve been so freaking emo lately. Must be PMS. Last time the post was all about celebs and how perfect they are. Let’s go to their other side because now it’s time for some crack! NOTE: This post is off-limits to those who don’t have humor. No hating here kaythanks!


Rawr. Junsu don’t look too happy. Need more crimping like Jin.


Yunho: Oooooh!! What does this button do???!!!
DBSK behind him: DUMBASS.


Junsu: Feed me!!! Drool“`

Changmin: *ignore* ignore* [the look of pure bliss]

Bootaylicious Junsu! My humps, my humps, have bumps! 


Micky: Heeeeyyy girl yeahhhh!!

Yunho: That bitch ain’t got nothing on me!


This was taken from an interview in Arirang channel. And yes, those subs are real. Seriously, Yunho. WTF.



Bitches ready to roll! Girl! Girl! Hey U go girl! Darada-da-thaat girl!


Yeahhh I got you…. under my skin!!


Junsu S line!


Yunho: Ladidadidaaaah~~~

Micky: Gawd when is this show gonna end!! Cant’t stand Yunho geez!

The look of pain.


Micky as gossip girl: Wakey, wakey upper east siders, gossip girl here! Did you hear that bitch Jonghyun?? Ugh Shinee my ass. Can’t surpass us Don Bang boys. Oh no he didn’t!



Bitch fight: Jonghyun (Shinee) hearing gossip girl Micky

More bitchism




GAYER. Tutururututuuu Kissing you baby~~~


Oh Heechul. Come out of the closet already. Please.


Hongki (FT Island): ~ sings~ If you wanna pretty… every wanna pretty!


I got the G-dragon disco fever!!
GD in Strong Baby: "Show ’em what you got bra! Quack, quack quack!"


T.O.P. Camwhoring  behind Daesung.



FT Adorkable.


Take him then geez! We don’t want some Justin Timberlake wannabe who’s singing about how he’s all grown up when clearly he’s still in puberty.

Pop quiz!! What is the first thing that you notice in the pic below?

a. Daesung’s unusually large melon head
b. Daesung’s tacky blue overly tight shirt
c. None of the above


Do you know the difference between a deodorant and an anti-perspirant? Apparently our Daedae here doesn’t.


I’ll eat you up! Lalalalalooove.. So yum yum! (V.I.P.s will get jealous of those shoes fo sho!)


SUJU fanboys Britney

Kangin: I put the ASS in mASSive.


SHinee: Dude yo yo yo! Yeah shorty we all that!

This is what happens when a couple of Ahjummas let loose on a DBSK concert. For reals.


Marry me Jaejoong!! Changmin I have your baby!!! (Is this even biologically possible?)


Micky gettin his groove on!

JE in the house!!


Eh?? PiKoki pairing?
Koki: Enjoying WAY TOO MUCH.


Jin is smokin hot!

Sorry I can’t help but post my 3 fave JE bad hair days pic again (you gotta love these guys. they’re just LOL)


Jin: Crimped out!


Kame: Curler much?


Nino lion mane


What’s worse than Matsujun’s skin tight jeans? SPANDEX.



Maru: I died, gone to heaven and I don’t care.


Kame: Come on just one more time pretty please with cherry on top?? 
Koki: Get off me bitch!

KoKame: We knew Kame’s overly tweezered eyebrows were a dead giveaway.


Subaru and Shota turn power rangers G rated.



Shota: I swear! I’m NOT gay! Promise! Pinky swear!

Love these guys. The world would be a dark, boring mess without them.  No offense to fangirls, okay? Peace out! Some of the pics and caps NOT MINE, credit goes to our friends over at kpop humor comm.

Which one’s your fave crack moment?



2 Responses

  1. hahaha! LOL

    SOOO funny! daes+deodarant, mastujun spandex, shinees shorty and marus heaven are my pick, theyre like super funny! HAHA
    ur good at this, seriously XD

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