Queen Bee marries her king

Dang. The inevitable has happened. My favorite J-actress who I genuinely fangirl has tied the knot. To a guy about 20 years her senior. Age ain’t nothing but a number they say. But why oh why! I was sooo waiting for her comeback and rooting for her bitchy vengeance! Why am I always late when it comes to these kinds of news?

Allow me to be mean this time please just this once. I guess the mean fangirl in me just can’t help it. Just in case you don’t know, or as many readers in this blog DO know, I am Erikasama’s minion! I can’t remember how many posts I dedicated to her divaness!!! See (http://icecapades.livejournal.com/6935.html) Erika in all her glory! This is definitely a different reaction when I first heard about Leah Dizon’s shotgun wedding, which was totally unexpected. (see http://icecapades.livejournal.com/12886.html) A LOT of people have been saying "Whatever rocks her boat," or "He’s uhm,,,, all right."

Queen and King (Kong). I guess this means fairy tales don’t always end happily ever after.

In true Erika style, she adds a touch of feather to her traditional Kimono look.

The bad ol’ days. When she was asked by the press about her movie, she simply answered "Betsuni. (roughly means whatever or nothing in particular)"

Her majesty queen mother. If I remember correctly she’s Algerian? Love the Chanel shades. She looks like one of those elite Europeans who always drink tea while chatting about their debutante daughters. Now we know where Erika gets it from LOL.

Bring on the nostalgia! One Liter of Tears fanmade mv (not by me). I love Ryochan in this!

Her very glam vid “Free”

Okay, okay. I have to stop whining. Hope she’s happy. Whatever rocks her boat. He’s uhm… all right I guess. No seriously. It’s just a bit sad that a lot of idol stars are in their marrying age and well, are all grown up. Soon we’ll see Pi or most likely Nagase (who’s been rumored to be engaged with Aibu Saki) walking down the aisle. Ho well, but as smart and realistic fans that we are… BEST WISHES!:)


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