KPOP and JPOP’s Girl-Boy Lookalikes!

Hello gorgeous people of the world!!

I know, I know… I promised to keep updating regularly but for a while nothing interesting’s been happening in the K/JPOP world except for a slew of shotgun weddings, "comebacks" of stars which were never really gone, and sprouting of wannabe "rookies" promising to be the "next big star". Anyways, so I whipped up this special project and put a twist to the usual celeb-lookalikes posts – and instead looked for male and female stars who may have some resemblance to each other. I may have bitten more than I can chew!! Whew it’s so hard to look for the right angles and poses! But here goes!

Mee neee my neee moe…. Who’s the boy and who’s a hoe? (Okay, lame attempt at rhyming)

Tegoshi Yuya and Ha Ji Won. Wow, can’t decide who’s prettier. Tego’s definitely working it. He’s got that "come hither" look. Now we know how he looks at other NEWS members when it gets lonely at night….

Akanishi jin and Ayase Haruka
. Can you see it? It must be the lips..

This I got from myfirstgossipblog: Jin and Big Bang’s dancer (who starred in their mv Number 1, sorry forgot her name).

Geez, get a room already!

And yes, she’s the the girl in the box Taeyang got to cop a feel at her boobies (well, technically). That stage was HOT! They were like bumping and grinding dang. Fangirls must’ve gotten severe nosebleed over that one! Let’s hope no one attacked her or accused her of sexually abusing Taeyang after the show…

Taemin (Shinee) and Maki Horikita

The cutiepies.
They kinda look similar, though you can’t see it at first glance… They both look like they’re still in middle school or something. Well, that’s true for Taemin. Word of the wise for Taemin: Beware of the attack of ahjumma and noona fans who target unsuspecting kiddies like you.


Yayyy Younha’s coming out with a new album! This girl is waaayy talented! First heard her Jap singles, though at that time I didn’t know she was Korean…. I really don’t know what to say about Changmin… When he’s performing with the rest of the hotter members of DBSK, I sometimes forget that he’s even there… (though it might be the opposite for some fans, this is just my opinion, don’t put a hex on me please)

SNSD’s Hyoyeon and Shinee’s Onew

Onew. What kind of a name is that anyway?


Probably my most fave among this bunch.If you’ve read my previous post on my fave KPOP female celebs, SYJin is on the top of my list. She’s such a talented actress, and she’s proven that she’s definitely more than just a pretty face. Oh Nick. This kid is seriously growing on me! At first he was really annoyingly cute – I mean when 2PM first debuted I couldn’t get why he’s so popular. Sure, being Thai-Chinese, he’s a novelty and all. But he seems genuine. Can’t say that for the rest of JYP clone-2PM though (ugh can’t stand their hair and outfits!!).
One badly-dressed gorilla is quite enough thankyouverymuch!


Kinda cool, because TOP was featured in one of Gummy’s songs. Gummy is one underrated singer. Can’t get over how hordes of people go gaga over the ditzy Wondergirls and some other random one hit wonders when this lady can belt it out, and her songs are pretty great too! I put these two together not only because they look similar especially with the hairstyle – but because they’re both look badass!!


Never been a fan of Goto, she always looks like drag to me. And Lee Teuk looks like a girl. Maybe they should switch places. If you look at other Goto pics, she also has the same small side dimples like Lee’s.


….. and himself.

Remember when I said this was a very difficult post? I’d really appreciate it if you guys help me on this one… The boy band member that really made life hard for me was G-Dragon.. He keeps changing his looks so much which means he looks like a different person every other time!

First! GD and the Flanders kids (from The Simpsons)
Okay, well, the Flanders kids are not girls, so… But they’re probably much more cooler than GD anyway!!


I know riiiighht!! GD, please, just STOP.

Wanna know what makes GD and BJORK similar?

They are both fashion disasters waiting to happen.

Well, okay props to them for making creative music.

Tsk. Can’t find any female who might bear some semblance to GD. And girls are probably more envious at how GD weras his eyeliners better than they do… How about GD and this… dude! No?

Oh, I give up!

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  1. doesn’t changmin remind you of KT’s junno? haha :))

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