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Shige a sex addict?

Can’t believe I missed this news!! This came out April 16, so I’m guessing a lot of fangirls have already had their grubby hands on this info. Nothing attaracts attention more than the words "idol" and "sex addict" put together. I mean this is the summer-singing-plastic-fur-wearing NEWS member we’re talking about here, people!

First there was the DV-rapist Nishikido Ryo smashing and punching girls in a drama. Then there was Shige.

From the ever reliable


TOKYO — Singer Shigeaki Kato, 21, member of pop group NEWS, and model-actress Natsuki Kato, 23, will star in “Seminar,” a stage play about a sex addict. The play opens in May in Shinjuku.

Shigeaki Kato plays a student studying at an American university, who goes to Italy to take part in a seminar on the Mèdici family – a powerful and influential Florentine family from the 14th to 18th century, who along with the other great signore families of Italy inspired the birth of the Renaissance. While in Italy, Kato’s character forms relationships with four women in succession, including one played by Natsuki Kato.

“To put it bluntly, I play a sex addict,” Shigeaki said. “There are quite a few love scenes in there, so I’m pretty excited about that. Plus I’m interested in the arts from the Renaissance period.”

However, Natsuki Kato cautioned reporters: “This is not porn, so don’t just focus on the bedroom scenes!”

“Seminar” will open at The Globe Tokyo in Shinjuku from May 17 to June 3, and at the Umeda Arts Theater in Osaka from June 9 to 14.

The pretty Kato


Shige being "excited" about love scenes? ROFL.

I must say, Shige, WORD. Definitely stepping up your game ever since that "I’m gonna make Aya Uteo fall for me" schtick you had on several months back. But I can’t say that being a sex addict makes up for it. I mean, any kind of addiction is bad for you and for other people. Yes, I’m also that includes you too, chocolate and drama addicts!!

Shige taking on a hard role. Or is it hard on?

Seriously speaking, I do hope this isn’t some glamorized or trivialized topic some producers coughed up then put an "immaculately clean" idol into the mix just to make things a little more interesting. Ryo’s venture into the dark side in his drama “Last Friends” was full of hype, but the repetitive scenes, terrible script and message lost in the end made it a flop content wise. Throw in Masami’s annoying squealing and it’s all downhill from there!

I certainly hope that there are important lessons to be learned here and the purported "love scenes" are not just half-assed, closed-lipped kissing while sitting on a bed then lights off kind of thing. I’m not saying they should do a full-nudity sex banging on the kitchen table (which fangirls would abhor!) but since this is a play and not on censored national TV, they more or less could make it creative while still maintaining taste. Props to the cast, producers and cast too for taking on such a sensitive subject. It’s a pretty brave thing to do, considering that Japan is still conservative underneath its modern clothing.

The renaissance art angle seems pretty interesting, at least that’s one thing audiences can look forward to.

WOW. And we thought sex was the last thing Johnny’s boys would dabble on. But we DO KNOW (though with much denial) that they DO dabble on it behind closed doors. Yes, I’m talking about YOU (Love Juice grinding) AKANISHI JIN!! The question is, with who!! dun dun dun!!

Congrats to Shige and Natsuki Kato for taking such a challenging and mature role. Wish them luck!!

At least now we know that his broke backing days with Koyama is over.

Or on hold…. It will only be a matter of time before the KoyaShige action comes back on!


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