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Year of the Ladies

Hello gorgeous people of the world! It’s only a matter of time (well, literally) before the new year starts! So while we wait, let’s countdown to some of the ladies in the KPOP and JPOP celebdom who have caused quite a stir in the year ’08!

First up! LEE HYORI and her new man.

Okay I lied.

Before you hyperventilate over Big Bang’s T.O.P. and Hyori’s old news controversial kiss (which I must say is pointless, lame and if you blinked you would’ve missed it, but if you look closely both of them let out a discreet smile after the kiss) — okay enough stalling, here’s the real thing. Or at least that’s what the tabloids say.

No, this ain’t a photoshoot. Lee Hyori looking good from every angle. I don’t know what the fuss is about. If they’re together then that’s all good. Everyone’s ranting about Hyori being a gold digger, because the guy’s filthy rich, while others are dissing the guy for being… er, just okay looking. Tabs should call this news if she’s seen with a famous idol boytoy (like some teeny bopper dude from SHINee or something) – that will shatter fangirls’ delusions in a snap. But unfortunately not. Next!

Erika Sawajiri getting married!

To this old bag. Okay that was mean. Age ain’t nothing but a number – or so they say. She’s 22, he’s 44. Sweet. She ran off with him to London after her downfall from showbiz (what with her queen B badass attitude at the Closed Note press conference) – then comes back with news of her engagement. News also spread of her comeback to the biz with huge modeling stints and possibly a movie. Can’t wait!! All hail queen Erika and her new king! Revolt peasants!!!

Remember the sweet old days. All innocent and nice in One litre of Tears. Diva suits her better. At least she’s not acting all annoyingly coquettish and cutesy like other stars.

What is preggers Leah Dizon up to lately?

La Leah’s latest pic while modeling at a Kobe Fashion show. WHUT. How can a person be pregnant and still look like that? Everyone got over the shock of her revelation of being married and pregnant for 4 months – except maybe a few obssessed otakus out there – the Japanese fans still love her. Don’t know if we can say the same if she returns to the music biz with new music and new image, perhaps? Her sexy, cute ditzy image is what gave her the edge in JPOP so we’ll just have to wait and see what’s up next for everyone’s fave gravure mommy. Wait, that sounded kinda disturbing.

Barely a bump in sight. If you’ve heard her sing live in one of her performances, I’d say she should just stick to modeling where she belongs, seriously.

What the hell is SNSD’s Tiffany doing in this post?

Just to annoy you.

Where in the world is Abiru Yuu?

Abiru who? You know, that gravure every Japanese fangirl calls a ‘ho for snagging up Yamapi for years. They’ve been in an on and off relationship (to the delight of sleazy tabloids) and now it’s for real and it seems like the Pi Yuu news is dead – and so is her career. Poor girl. Though I really wish both of them stuck it out together so that Yamapi won’t be as boring. All work and no play makes Pi one dull boy. Seriously, thank goodness Pi is as gorgeous as he is.

For more PiYuu evidence, visit my previous post:

D.I.S.C.O. – Uhm Jung Hwa ft T.O.P

Let’s disco the year away people!!


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