What’s up, fandom?

I’m baaaaack!!! How is everyone doing? I’ve been in fangirl hibernation for the past few months, can you believe? I mean, seriously. Imagine how it feels like to be cut off from all that glitz and jazz of gorgeous drool inducing hot idols in the idol world and all you get each day is a moundful of workload, an evil grin from your co-worker and a weird look from the person next to you on the train – I’m fandom deprived, driven to the edge of my sanity and quenching for some Jpop Kpop action!!! Ugh. Okay. Got a little overexcited there.

But what better way to start things off with a little something from none other than… KAT-TUN!

Just a little background story, I was (even though it’s hard to admit) hooked with these boys a while back, especially during their better and more entertaining cartoon Kat-tun days. Because now the format of the show kinda sucks and their constant rumors/scandals in the tabloid have been too annoying.

But WTH. They have a new Holidays single called "White Christmas" – how appropriate. So let’s see.

First of all, some things never change. Kame and his overly tweezered eyebrows still kinda send chills up my spine. Jin still looks the same hot spankin smexy thang that he is, Nakamaru is still er… hiding behind the background while the other boys bask in all the glory (even when he has good vocals compared to others), and Ueda is still a girly girl.

But some other things did seem to change. Koki da playa gangsta now looks a bit emo, and well, well, well… Good old check eet ouch yo! Guchi cleaned up so well! He kinda looks a bit like Changmin from DBSK (but a little skinnier, as if they can get even more skinny than that!), and seems a little less annoying now.


Gimme, gimme, gimme more. Promiscuous Jin still in his hip grinding, twirling and lip curling days.

All that hair chemicals got Guchi a lil dizzy.

Feed them. Please.

Christmas Shounen Club a little bit long ago. Kame looking like he wants to strangle/manhandle Jin (insert pervy fancrack here), Koki and Ueda looking dazed, Jin distracted, Guchi just got out of bed and Maru just is.

What I like about this vid and music is that KAT-TUN seems to have matured a bit. You know how old Johnny likes them young boys (no pun intended). I was half expecting them to jump around in fluffy reindeer and santa suits in the middle of the song and give us a false sense of happiness, harmony and all things glittery during this time of the year, but no! No more kiddie Shounen Club crack from these guys! The song’s not that perfect vocally but still there’s a lot of improvement, a little sappy but not your typical sugary Imma-make-you-cry-because-I’m-too-sweet kinda song. All in all, good job, boys!

Can somebody tell me more news about NEWS?? I heard they have a new album coming out, but meh… Let’s all admit it, they are incredibly unbelievable cute and all, but their songs are getting a bit monotonous. I did love their Weeeek days though. Totally addicting.

Their song Happy Birthday follows the same corny formula of happy happy we-are-all-close-friends-really gambatte theme – which sounds a little like Summer Time. The PV looks quite similar to it too, except now they have nicer clothes.

I mean, come on. Twirly dance steps and making the heart sign with their hands… JE has Hey Say Jump and other Johnny’s Juniors to take care of the kiddie stuff!! I’m not expecting NEWS to strip down and do some pole dancing any time soon but I wish they’d grown up a bit, like KAT-TUN.

DUN DUN DUNNNN! Did I just say that out loud? Sorry, I didn’t mean to compare.. And for sure KAT-TUN has their own individual image – ever since they’ve been marketed as the cute boys who can get a little too sexy and rockstar-ish, what with all the heavy eyeliner they put on (lol), while NEWS is your all around goody boy-next-door-types. Both boy bands are good, but NEWS are grown men now and they can always make fun, wholesome music and videos without going overboard. I just don’t get them sometimes! In concerts they sing these ero ero songs that have double meanings. But sometimes they sing and dance songs that a kindergartener will find amusing. On the other hand, I guess that’s what makes their fanbase’s age range grow a lot more diverse? But still, identity crisis people!

Okay, okay, before your fangirl instincts make you hurl hard objects at me, I think NEWS is really doing great at being role models in keeping their clean/wholesome image (except maybe for Ryochan. You just can’t look at a HAWT guy like that and think he’s all innocent).

I’m just saying we need to see something new with NEWS! Come on, guys! We know you got it in you! I wonder if Kanjani8 is brewing up something new pretty soon, haven’t heard much from them or maybe it’s by default since I haven’t been lurking around communities for quite a looong time. Subaru and Ohkura, where art thou???


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