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Hello gorgeous people~~

Boy am I so glad to be able to come up with another post without such a long interval! That’s how much I miss you guys! If you missed this LJ’s previous format, the "ranking posts," the one that started it all — I’m more than pleased to present to you my early Christmas gift! I really worked hard in making this so I hope you all enjoy! And since this season is all about happiness and all things glittery, I compiled some stuff that I hope will surely make you smile:) Okay, okay, my inner cynic, dark witch of the west self is on vacation leave for a while so I will keep the snide comments at a minimum – or at least I’ll try to, LOL.

My name is RAIN.

Yeah, yeah we know. The cuddly bear is officially on stores wearing Rain’s hideous Six to Five (his very own clothing label) outfit. But luckily it looked cute on the little teddy, but I can’t really be sure if I can say the same for Rain. He’s been slutting it up lately with his Rainism album, what with all the heavy breathing and sweaty performances, buuttt meh, okay, I promised not to be mean. He’s still hot, though and that sexy lady with him is Kim Sun Ah, yayy she’s so awesome.

Hello, Princess!

Who can forget the cuteness overload that is the drama Goong? This is the only drama that had teddy bears all over! I think I’m gonna need a Joo Ji Hoon hug. Right now.

Wearing red shorts with tweezered eyebrows, round one goes to Kame!

I couldn’t get past the first two episodes of this drama, and I still can’t picture Kame as a boxer, plus the story line is a bit odd – but Kame and Kuroki Meisa look cute together.

What better way to define cute than the boys of Hana Kimi!!

A lot of unforgettable characters make up this drama, especially Toma Ikuta who nosebleeds constantly and dances with girls’ panties on his head. Cute, right? Er… Well you get the picture.
Hana Yori Love so Sweet!
Makino is just the sweetest thing! The boys are adorable as well, but for me Rui pawns them all. On the other hand, Matsujun looks good in his skinny jeans, crazy fashion, and greasy perm, which he was able to pull off quite well. **me: runs to the nearest salon to get a perm then buys skinny jeans**

Nobuta Powaah Chunyyuu! Kon! Kon!

Like I always say,,, those were the days when Yamapi was still a happy happy boy. Kame has always been emo.
Daite daite daite senyorita!

Man, now that I remember how Pi sings that song so seriously while doing KAT-TUN’s trademark hip grinding, it kinda makes me laugh. It was literally a fangirl’s dream come true! Never did like Kurosagi that much but Pi was so so cute wearing those crazy disguises! A must watch for all Pi fans who have fantasies of him doing all sorts of cosplay lol.

Let Nana rock your world

Tough rock star Nakashima Mika meets kawaii lady Miyazaki Aoi.

Second best! DBSK!

*me: runs and gets an umbrella to shield from debis thrown by hardcore DBSK fans* Okay, DBSK is the very definition of cute. I mean, everything they do is just… kyaahhhh!! Excuse me while I catch my breath for a while… Here they are in their classic hit, "Balloons."

Move over Suju. We were cute first!

Is that Micky with a funny hat? Aww.. Jaejoong blondie! I want those shirts! I mean literally the ones they actually wore, with all the sweat.

JaeHo in the house!! Ehhh?? Even JJ thinks he looks funny. Yunho is one big sulky pink baby. Dang, they overdid the cute concept on this one!

All fluffed up! They looked so different back then! Well except maybe for Junsu cutesee.

Fave JJ! He’s an anime character come to life!

Can you believe they went from those little boys bopping around in animal costumes singing Balloons to hot, sexy (redundant, I know!!) men with tight abs and sculpted muscles? Mirotic rules!!

Da sexy chin.

BUT! This isn’t an easy choice to make…. DBSK are obviously flat-out cuties but you gotta give it to these guys. They aren’t known for their cute side because they’re more famous for their cool smugness.I put them in the last and best rank because it’s not easy being cute when you’re wearing heavy eyeliner and singing thug dance beats.

B to the I to the G BANG!

The boys have arrived. What I love about these guys is that they are the anti-boy band boy band. They’re not afraid to just let go, and do pretty much whatever they want in terms of music and style. Their songs sound great! They wear what they want and don’t really care if their clothes and overall look border on being a bit weird. But they’re COOL. Dang they’re cool!
YG’s official caricatures of the boys. They even have names too!

Tae-yang is Bebe. I think his caricature looks best. Oh bebe!

T.O.P is Tabi

My main man T.O.P. always stands out!

Love that smirk.

G-Dragon is Jingyo

Leader G-Dragon is the composer of the song that propelled them even further to stardom – LIES.

Baby-faced and adorable. What a sweet smile~~

Seung-ri is Tori

Mr.Low Key Seung Ri. LOL at the eyebags. It’s so him!

Dae Sung is Ssong-i

Yes, they can be cute too.

Aww. WTH. Is that really Big Bang?

Even the boys think T.O.P. is cute!

I swear it must be required for every celeb to wear a cute white shirt with cartoons on them to every concert. See? This is what I’m talking about! They may look all gangsta but they still manage to look cute. Idunno if that makes sense.

The boys goof up! HANA YORI DANGO PARODY yayyy!

So funny! Watch out for the apple scene. Hilar!

T.O.P. as Domyouji Tsukasa. He suits the character perfectly! I wish he were cast in the real Korean version of the drama!

G-Dragon in the white suit is Rui, the rest make up F4. And Makino? *rolls on the floor laughing*




NOTE: Caricatures/ cartoons/ anime not made by me. Credit goes to dedicated and creative fans. By the way, I have a friend who knows a friend (lol) who wants to sponsor blogs and this LJ has a big chance of getting that sponsorship. Please show your love by commenting and inviting your friends and their friends’ friends to view and comment too. Who knows? We might get more visibility and be linked with other entertainment sites. Thanks so much!

Merry Christmas Everybody!


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  1. I love Big Bang…way more than DBSK (not saying they arent talented because they are) and I love Taeyang the most, how can anybody not be memorized his looks, body, voice, style and especially the way he dances, AHH! It just drives me crazy(taking a deep breath)!… but there is something about G-Dragon’s voice and style that just makes me cringe(in a good way). It’s so sexy!

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