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wtf: SNSD and Harvard, Kimutaku and Beyonce?

Holy moly. Or should I say OMGee? Sorry I can’t help but say that, lol. And we thought economic recession was on everyone’s minds. Everyone is hypnotized. Father SM has unleashed his spell for worldwide domination. And it sounds like "Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby…"

Apparently Harvard students went to Korea for the sole purpose of meeting the 9 lolita-but-not-so-blatantly-lolita Girls’ Generation and ask them to teach Gee’s dance steps.

Gee has broken records for staying at the number one spot in several music programs for consecutive weeks. But we never thought that this "Gee virus" would spread over the distinguished halls where great minds have once walked, neither did we have any inkling that while some students’ noses were buried under heaps of law books – their earphones are plugged in, their feet are tapping on the floor, listening to Tiffany gush about her "first love story." Teehee.

I read this news over Kpop blogs and it received a staggering response that say practically the same as: "I have lost all respect for Harvard."

Here at icecapades, I’d like to try to be objective about it.

If Harvard had free access to meeting any artist in Korea or anywhere else in the world, and they chose SNSD – that sounds even more surprising to me!

SNSD’s tip for looking cute: Curl your hands into a ball and look like you’re begging for something.
WTF, Tiffany. Stop trying to stand out coz you won’t!

BUT, WHY THE HELL NOT? The negative responses show how people have boxed Harvard students into brainiacs who spend the night at Starbucks sniffing espressos, reading and memorizing things like sections 78086586 revised code numbers 6086659. In other words, they don’t have a life.

THESE GUYS NEED A BREATHER FOR SOBBING OUT LOUD! Their IQs have reached the highest levels so they want to tone it down just a notch. I mean, everytime you hear the word "Gee" you get a bit dumber, so it just balances their mental state. If singing and dancing to Gee keeps them sane, so be it!

I myself have caught the Gee virus and it wasn’t pretty. I had to wear a gas mask and quarantine myself so that I won’t infect other people!

Maybe SM had purposefully put the word "Gee" on repeat and put a hidden message in it. Maybe when played backwards it will say, (imagine screeching, halting voice) "Buy this record. And all other SM products. YG is crack. JYP is gay and wondergirls suck big time. SNSD, SNSD… ~~~" Creeeeepy.

Okay I bluffed. Harvard law students learning Gee? I have three reactions to this news:


EHHHH? (Dang I hate it when Goo Hye Sun’s trying-to-look-cute fish face!)

Still like SNSD, now if only Fanny stopped being annoying as hell… Hmmm… I wonder what Princeton and Yale thinks about this!!

On a side note, a friend sent this to me. If SNSD and Harvard is an unlikely pair, this is a bit like that too. It’s Kimura Takuya and Beyonce endorsing something. NIIIICCCEEE. I swear, Kimu Taku is aging backwards. When was this???

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