One year and 3 days icecapades anniversary!!!

You know how they always say that time flies so fast when you’re having fun – and this day for me proves just that. It’s March 22. How is this date significant, well, I am not quite sure myself but it’s 3 days late of icecapades’ anniversary!! I first started on March 19, 2008! OMG I can’t believe I totally forgot about it. Yes, it’s been a whole year since I first “debuted” in the blogdom, though its success has yet to be proven, I must say that I am truly grateful for all the readers who’ve been reading my posts so far. I’ve received all sorts of comments, from the worst bashing to the highest level (courtesy of our dear diehard fans who antagonize freedom of expression) – to the best words of encouragement from those who truly know what it means to be a fan. I remember wanting to just stop posting but I guess my love for Asian music and all its LOL factor always wins in the end.

A little history on ice

To be quite honest, I never really intended this LJ to be categorized as an “entertainment” blog; I actually don’t know which category it belongs to. It’s certainly not a fansite, though to some extent it could be. That’s why I never really advertised, linked my site to others (except for the now temporarily-defunct JPOP blog, myfirstgossipblog). Whether I get comments/readers or not, I was like, “Whatever.” But now it makes me happy even when someone tells me point blank that I suck. I’m like, “Well, you STILL read my post so I win!” LOL.

Nor was icecapades intended to reach a lot of people in the fandom – it was actually more for my own personal entertainment. For some mysterious reason I met you guys and now here we are, exchanging cultures, opinions and random things that we fangirls/boys usually do.

Why the name icecapades?

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but I chose the name because right before I started blogging, I was in a state where I felt like I was “Frozen in Time.” Well, more like I was in the middle of a long break from work and boredom when I realized that I should put my fangirl stuff and perhaps my thoughts to good use (save it in a blog) so that in the future I can always go back to it and see who or what I liked – and laugh at myself for even liking this or that artist everyone now considers to be a loser. Sort of like cringing at the sight of your old school picture with you sporting horrible hair and terrible clothes. Hmm, now that I think about it, when you read icecapades you don’t immediately think about KPOP or JPOP, it’s a more fitting name to an ice cream blog or something. LOL.

How did I get into KPOP and JPOP?

I don’t really remember. Maybe around high school? I just know that I always liked watching Asian dramas and got pulled in by their OSTs, (eventually learning about the artist) though not avidly at that time. Hmm… I never really noticed how much I liked them. I’d like to think of myself as not a typical creepy netizen who have too much time in their hands, lol. Thus my frequent and long-time absences. I was also into other things like literature, drawing and traveling. I just remember getting excited and proud whenever I see any Asian artist starring in Hollywood movies and going, “YEAH REPRESENT!!” My like or dislike of a certain artist varies a lot. For instance, one day I like this group and the next I like another, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to start hating on other groups. It all depends on how well or bad they do at the time. I could say I’m pretty open-minded, though I CANNOT proclaim myself as an expert on JPOP or KPOP. Hardly! There are lots of things I don’t know, and lots of things to learn…

Do I call myself a fangirl?

Hell yeah! On my second post I said I was a reluctant fangirl – but still a fangirl nonetheless. Remember my banner, “the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference”? Well, that’s my fan “principle.” LOL at the overanalyzing. I’ve gotten comments before, especially when I first started that I’m always hating and picking on some boy bands. It’s like this. If I hate something, why even waste time writing about or even thinking about it? If I hate on a boy band I couldn’t care less if they fall off the face of the earth! Read: Leah Dizon, LOL. It’s not pretending to hate neither is it a form of denial. It’s a very thin line. An anti-fan is still a fan (to some extent) in my book. It’s gross how some “anti-fans” produce anti-fansites or spread bad rumors and spamming fan blogs with hatemail – I’m like, dude, get a freaking life!!! I’m not one to say what a fan should or shouldn’t be, but for me the word shouldn’t have the derogatory meaning that it drags on its tail right now. It just so happens that some people tainted the word which made it come to mean “trivial, ditzy or delusional.” Okay, I could be ditzy most of the time especially when going all ~ kyaahhh omg great abs!! that smile makes me melt~~ or something but part of the fun about the J/KPOP world is that you DON’T HAVE TO TAKE YOURSELF TOO SERIOUSLY. Just have fun!

Who am I?

As some of you may have noticed, I never really divulge much information about myself – well, except that post when I went to Thailand (which didn’t really say much about me, it was more like a travelogue) and to some point you get a glimpse of who I really like (when I mention Pi, Ryo or DBSK too much, lol). I don’t really want to turn this LJ into a personal diary where I bore people with the humdrums of my everyday life. I am willing to get to know people I met here and share a bit of myself through mail or the comments section, though.

Am I an old, creepy, otaku hag who crushes on little boys?


Am I still in school?

NO, I just finished it and am now working.

Am I a girl?

YES, a girly girl at that!

Am I Asian?


Am I neurotic/crazy/twisted/paranoid/hungry/silly/funny/noisy/nosy/annoying/pretty/ugly/nice/mean?

Uhhh. Sometimes?


After it’s all said and done… I now realize, after numerous posts, how completely unorganized this LJ is. LOL.

If you have any questions, now is the time to fire away! I’ll do my best to answer them. And please watch out for a post I’m currently brewing. Because it’s my one year plus 3 days anniversary, I’m planning on skipping work and making up for lost time. Er…


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