Fashion confessions: Mnet 20’s Choice Awards fashion stylist is G-Dragon?

The most anticipated summer event Mnet’s 20’s choice awards has come and gone, the winners got raves and cheers, but what about the celebrities’ fashion choices? Are they fine… or should they be fined?

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Ultimate fashion trendsetter special: DBSK vs 4minute, T-Ara, 2PM and… G-Dragon?

In KPOP, it’s all about the “trends” and “concepts.” And recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of groups that adopt different styles in order to stand out from the crowd! But did you know that there’s one group that has done them ALL?

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Glam girl Jolin Tsai works it with L.A.M.B.

Taiwan’s resident pop diva has opened her new clothing line “Seventy Two Changes” in New York, which she collaborated with Saks Fifth Avenue and L.A.M.B co-founder Ken Erman’s Truth & Pride.

Fabulous designs!

Shades up! Korean male celebs in sunglasses!

For this edition of Fashion Confessions, we’re going to take a look at the one accessory that celebs couldn’t go without. It’s perfect for going around incognito, to keep their eyes safe from the blinding flashes of the paparazzi, and of course—just to look damn cool.

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Cuteness Overload: Japanese puppy fashions and J/KPOP celebs in animal costumes!

Hello gorgeous people of the world! For this special edition of Fashion Confessions, I decided to do something different. I collected photos of puppy Japanese fashion and some of your favorite KPOP and JPOP stars wearing animal costumes! I hope this makes you smile!

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Fashion Confessions: Aya Ueto’s complete wedding dress line

News about Aya Ueto’s venture into the wedding dress business has been reported quite a while ago, but we never got to see the what it was all about. So here’s a peek of Aya’s complete dress designs—do you hear wedding bells… or do you think she should be told “I don’t”?

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Fashion Confessions: J/Kpop fashion profiles and short hairstyles

Five girls, five unique styles and smashing short hairdos. Take your pick!

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