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Yamato Nadeshiko: New JE-filled drama to look foward to!

JE has always hammed it up for the TV screens when it comes to dramas, pairing JE idols like Kame and Pi, Takky and Ryo, Jin and Taguchi… But Uchi, Kame and Tegoshi in ONE drama? Let the JE fangirl-dom implode! More picspam and drama info under the cut!

From Tokyograph:

“The live-action drama adaptation of Tomoko Hayakawa’s manga “Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge” was confirmed on Sunday. KAT-TUN’s Kazuya Kamenashi (23) will play the lead role and will be joined by Hiroki Uchi (23) and NEWS member Yuya Tegoshi (22).

The comedic story revolves a group of handsome young men who are offered free lodging if they can turn the owner’s niece into a proper lady. Kamenashi plays the short-tempered Kyohei Takano, while Uchi and Tegoshi play two of his housemates. Aya Omasa (18) has been cast as the niece Sunako, a solitary girl with low self-esteem. As the men work together to change Sunako, she and Kyohei begin to form a romantic relationship.

The cast also includes ballet dancer Shuntaro Miyao (25). TBS will premiere the series on January 15, airing every Friday at 10:00pm.”

OMGSPAZZ. I LOVE THIS MANGA. I also watched the animation and it was friggin hilarious. Imagine Hana Yori Dango, only more morbid and twisted. And without the stereotypical evil, rich-ass mother. I mean, it’s got all the elements that would definitely make it a hit: four bishounen (flower boys) and one odd, creepy girl.

“Four handsome young students (Takano Kyohei, Oda Takenaga, Toyama Yukinojo and Morii Ranmaru) are offered free use of a house on the condition that they transform the girl who already lives there into a lady. But there’s a catch! Nakahara Sunako, is a gloomy, morbid, weird girl who is also an avid horror movie maniac.”


Pics of the cast:

Kame plays the lead male role named Kyouhei, who’s always had a “problem” with his crazy, dazzling good looks. Girls flock him from all over, perhaps even more so than a celebrity. With his prince-like appearance, everyone just wants a piece of him! But behind closed doors, he’s very temperamental, a glutton and does not care about anything else but earning money. I was a bit taken aback when I heard that Kame was chosen for this role. No offense to Kame, but looks wise he may be good looking and charismatic, but Kyouhei is in a different level on its own (plus he’s REALLY tall in the manga). He’s the very definition of manly and cool. Kame may be able to pull off his arrogant vibe, but Kame’s more of an “emo” actor (well, except for his role as a goofy boxer), if you know what I mean. Whereas Kyouhei is more of a schizophrenic LOL. Idunno, we’ll see.

Tegoshi Yuya plays Yuki, the incredibly cute and innocently sweet boy whose idea of fun is cuddling with pandas and teddy bears. LOL he literally dreams about them! He cries when he’s scared, and eating ice cream makes him one happy puppy. Because of his girly looks, he is often forced to dress up as a girl (depending on the situation), which gives Yuki esteem issues. Totally the opposite of Kyouhei.

I think this role is MADE for Tesshi. He’s practically a girl!

Uchi plays the role of Takenaga, a rich, cultured and smart guy (bookworm!) whose idea of fun is having tea and doing flower arrangements LOL. Again, Idunno, I can see Uchi playing the pimp role of a character named Ranmaru!

Ballet dancer Shuntaro Miyao (rumored to have dated Keiko Kitagawa) plays Ranmaru, the cassanova slash playboy who can seduce any girl with his dashing good looks and sweet words. He likes older women and often gets into trouble for his polygamous nature. Sounds very Akira of HYD, eh? I think it’s quite random that they pick this guy for this role. He obviously looks a bit more mature than the other boys in the cast. But the drama hasn’t been aired yet so we’ll see if this cast rumors are true.


Aya Omasa (18) plays Sunako a very creepy girl whose best friends consist of an anatomical mannequin (whom she named Hiroshi) and a skeleton couple. She spends her time holed up in her dark room watching “Splatter” bloodshed banned movies and gets serious nosebleeds when she meets “dazzling” people—thus her relationship with the four becomes a riot. But there’s a reason for her “creepiness” as we’ll find out throughout the drama. Finally a new face! I thought for a second they’re going to cast Maki who played a similar role as Kotani in Nobuta!


“Yamato Nadeshiko” means personification of an “ideal woman,” ideal in the historical context of patriarchal, traditional culture of Japan.

This is gonna be a fun drama!! OMG can’t wait! I couldn’t believe it myself, but here’s the preview:

Creds: Tokyograph,, Wiki


8 Responses

  1. can’t wait for this drama~for some reason idol dramas haven’t caught my attention lately (i didn’t even manage to finish buzzer beat O.O which i thought i was gonna LOVE!)

    & btw i totally i agree~never seen the anime or read the manga but sounds similar to HYD…hope its that good

  2. I nearly choked on my skittle when i read this title X_X
    i love the manga too! and i was going to watch the rest of the anime but it got removed T_T
    This is definitely going on my ‘to-watch’ list!

    haha here i was, bummed out cuz the K-version of Dragon Zakura didn’t look promising and moping around because You’re Beautiful ended….
    You just made my day! Now i can go back to studying =_= yipee…
    I’m a bit sceptical about Kame playing Kyouhei… Even Jin would be a better choice O_O
    Lol, i was SURE uchi would be Ranmaru XD
    How do you feel about the K-version of ‘Kimi wa Petto’?

    • I’ve been so outdated on new dramas! The Dragon Zakura K-version hasn’t been released yet, right? It’s where that T-Ara girl is starring? I watched the J-version and loved Pi, Aragaki and Teppei in it! (Not a Masami fan, lol) I haven’t heard about Kimi Wa Petto K-version!!! Can you share me a link? Who’s starring in it?

      • no it hasn’t XD i just saw the trailer or preview XD and i didn’t like it –;; yes JiYeon is in it ^^ i will watch the first episodes tho, just because i loved Dragon Zakura and i want to see T-ara girl act with the dude from ‘Lies’ MV. (lol i thought she was pretty tolerable in that drama)

        I only heard of KHJ starring in Kimi wa petto…
        i remember seeing it on seoulbeats or allkpop
        i’ve searched for a link:

      • Ohhh I read about KHJ but din’t know it was Kimi Wa Petto! I thought it was just a rumor! anyway i love KHJ! He’s like a level better than Yamapi in the expressionless acting department LOL but still loveable!

  3. Hmm… I remember reading Wallflower a whiiiile back. I never got around finishing it thoug, I don’t know why. I’m just dissapointed that it’s kame. I never really liked him and yeah I agree that it should be Jin or even Uchi but whatever, I’m excited for tegoshi playing pretty much himself. haha. I have a feeling so many more JE boys are gonna be guest-stars. ‘Member Yukan club? lol.

  4. I’ve been waiting forever for this to become a drama. Finally!

  5. you are all good in yamato nadeshiko 🙂 good luck :*

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