Caught in the act! Japan’s hottest new couple?

Rejoice Buzzer Beat fans! The onscreen chemistry and love affair of two of today’s hottest Japanese stars goes far more than the drama?

Just wanted to share this news. Everyone and their mother knows I’m a HUGE Keiko and Pi. Heck, I even watched the trash-tastic film called Tokyo Drift all because of her. And I even endured Pi’s dead-fish-eye acting. But who cares, both look so good together! Back then when they were attending the same university, rumors have been swirling around these two already. So they had it coming, and we all know where that leads.

“After appearing together in the drama Buzzer Beat, Yamashita Tomohisa and Kitagawa Keiko’s onscreen romance has blossomed into real life. Last month, Japanese magazine Josei Seven took photos of them holding hands in the rain. Afterwards, Yamashita clarified that it was only the angle of the shot, as they are only friends. However, this month’s issue of the magazine once again caught them on a date earlier in the month.

On that day, the two were seen leaving Kitagawa’s place. Afterwards they went for a meal together. It was evident in the photos that Kitagawa was holding onto Yamashita’s arm. They seemed very comfortable with each other and looked like an actual couple on a date. Approximately two hours later the two left the restaurant. Reporters found out the pair had switched their jackets. Even if they are insistent that they’re ‘only friends’, their actions seem to prove otherwise.”

Yamashita Tomohisa and Girlfriend Exchange Clothes
Source: Mingpao
Translated by: sparkles_n15 @


Pics or it didn’t happen? You judge for yourself:

I do hope Pi sticks on to this one. He’s been dating around lately what with all the halfie-model and Abiru drama just happening.

Team Pi Keiko for the win!

13 Responses

  1. She was in Tokyo Drift??? I would love to see her with him. U know I love me some Pi and I hate to see him with any other bitch but I truly do like her. Anyone but Abiru!

    • Yeahhh she was in Tokyo Drift! I actually watched it even though she only had like 3 or 4 lines! And to see Satoshi Tsumabuki say “Go!!” LOL Abiru has had her taste of every JE guy now she’s out to get DBSK LMAO if that’s really true. The halfie girl who’s friends with Abiru was kinda pretty too but you know halfie+JE idol are not meant to last lol

  2. I guess Keiko is his “true love”? I mean those rumors about both of them were swirling around year ago (the purikura of both of them kissing was also published on internet), and after Pi’s long love adventure he decided to come back to Keiko anyway. I love them too! They just look so good together, and they were classmates! I’m definitely with team pi-keiko! :cheers:

  3. Aw they were so cute together in Boozah beat! I didn’t know they were schoolmates but yeah their chemistry was awesome. No lie Pi’s first full-fledged-no-prissy-lips-barely-touching makeout worthy kissing scene was on repeat so much I could hear my GOMplayer fizzing. The angle does look a bit wonky and he does seem to have both his hands in his pockets but whateeevs, he can deny it all he wants but you can rarely fake that kind of passion… and is Pi ever known for his great acting? hahaha.

    • whhhuut he had his hands in his pockets while kissing? that’s lame LOL do you have links? anyways, they studied in Meiji University together and at one point there was a purikura (picture sticker) going around the net supposedly of them both kissing—but you can hardly tell because they were practically in each other’s faces. sometimes i wonder how purikura gets stolen.. maybe stalkers raid photo booths or something. i can’t find the pic but i’m sure it’s around the web somewhere. lol the guy’s hair looked like pi’s.

      • Oh I was referring to the kissing scene in Boozah beat. I was talking about the angle in the paparazzi photo above. Haha sorry to be confusing. ^__^;; Maybe photo booths actually have harddrives and the people who run them leaked it to the press for easy money? It’s a conspiracy. Hahaa.

  4. SHE looks like a variation of Ariel Lin…! Lol, maybe not variation, no… that makes her seem like some black market product or something. They look like how Tila Tequila and Barbie Xu look… similar.

    But, wow! Cute! YamaPi and his lady aye? awww!!
    I wonder what she thought of his one nude photoshoot…


    • LOL Pi was dating Abiru Yuu at the time of his nekkid photoshoot and reports said she ain’t too happy and that she had no idea he did it until it got published everywhere! imagine if you were his girlfriend—you’re clueless as to why girls from all over are pining over one mag! LOL

  5. I love Pi and Keiko, but facing the reality of them dating.. makes my heart broken :((. But still, i should be happy for this couple

  6. YOU SERIOUS!? So excited, just watched this whole series in one day *dies from excitedness*

    • hey hey briar! how are you? yeaap it’s been confirmed, you should watch the preview! the fangirls gone crazy for kame lol! I watched the anime series too, it’s so addicting & hilarious!

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