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WTF photo of the day!

Can you guess who this sexy lady is?

LOL can’t get over the shiny gold leggings under short short leather shorts! WTF.

Is this pretty enough for you?
(He kinda looks like Akanishi Jin! *gets bricked*)

This person really let himself go for laughs. LOL must impress SHINee oppas!


It’s FTI’s Seunghyun from the variety show Idol Maknae Rebellion!

It’s amazing how pretty guy idols can be made as girls!

BUT! No one can beat the prettiness that is…

Princess Heechul as Heesica!

P.S. Hairy-legged Eunhyuk for the win!


6 Responses

  1. seunghyun was so confident while being the hot club girl XD
    and he looked so beautiful too.
    my favorite eunhyuk dress-up would be when he was the sexy grandma 8D

  2. Nobody beats Heesica.

  3. That is scary but no-one beats Heechul, he is the best!

  4. hahahahaaaaaa, that was funny!!!

    I thought it was Son DamBi LOL. But she has class.


  5. I thought he was really a woman. Le fu. Oops. Excuse. Hahaha. Anyway, idol groups now have really pretty faces. Not surprising nowadays that they look better than some girls–including me. But it’s part of their charm. 🙂

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