Poll: Brothers from another mother! Mir vs Hongki!

Okay, we haven’t done polls for a while so it’s time to make a difficult one! FT Island’s Lee Hongki and MBLAQ’s Mir have always been recognized as looking really alike—but which one do you like more?

I think both do not only have similar facial features, they also have similarities in personality. Let’s see how!


The many faces of the adorable aegyo-filled Jeremy!

Looking pretty as a girl! Hongki looking like an otaku bait! He could pass off as a member of AKB48! LOL at Jonghoon!

Goofy and always joking around!

Yet so pretty!



The many faces of Mir!

Definitely cute and likes doing aegyo stuff! LOL~

Always the jokester and likes to bother his hyungs alot!~

But still so pretty!


More similarities:

BOTH LIKE TO CUDDLE!~ asdasfadf *dies* nosebleed*

Hongki is officially in love with hyungnim!~

Mir is Mr. Friendly! So cute with his hyung Joonie!


LASTLY… Both have their own sexy charms:

P.S. You can only choose one! I’m not saying you can’t like both, but there’s got to be one that weighs more in your heart, right?

Why’s life so hard!?!! So tell me! Who do you like more and why?

Going crazy thinking!

19 Responses

  1. Mir, I think he’s absoloutely hilarious and he’s cuter and prettier too, but I love Hongki too. Life is hard!

    • both are prettier but Hongki is more cutier. when he play around, he looks like he such a cute kid that u want to hug and kiss….such a cute kid ever…..

  2. Argh. How does it feel being eeevil? I think once Mir gets into girl’s clothes THEN we can have a competition. hahahaha.

  3. I like them both. Can’t choose one… ever…

  4. I love both XD (You’re evil T_T)
    yet i’m biased to Hong Ki since he’s the original pretty goof =P

    I’m really looking forward to Idol Army 5! And to Hong Ki’s future acting jobs, but he will probably stick with FT Island and not take anymore side jobs for a long time. (he looked exhausted >3<)

    I'd love to see FT Island as a guest in Idol Army 5 XD

    Double Hong Ki(or Mir)! Who wouldn't love that?
    and you get Seung Ho, Joon, Jonghoon, Jae Jin, Sang Hyun, G.O., Seunghyun AND Minhwan as a bonus! O_O

  5. I vote for Mir cuz he’s ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. I was watching the first ep. of Idol Army when i came up with the conclusion. I have a new love~~~ (Jay, Mianhae. Key, Mianhae, Geng, dui bu qi)
    But i actually thought that he looked more like Junsu from 2PM O.O

  6. I think Hong-ki is the most adorable here. ^^

    Mir is still new.
    So we can’t really see his real rebellious, like Hong-ki… ^^

    Waiting Mir to become more adorable after this. XD

  7. first time I saw Mir in Star Golden Bell, I thought it was Hongki and when I heard about their group MBLAQ, I thought Hongki got out of FT.ISLAND. and then I know from the MC that wasn’t Hongki but Mir from MBLAQ.

    them both have a similar face but I like Hongki more because I think Hongki is cuter than Mir.

  8. I luurrrrveeeee Hongki…he’s the original one… Well, Mir is okay too but… Hongki has much softer face than Mir and that smile of him can kill me…hehehe…. luv you Hongki dongseng…

  9. WHY ARE PEOPLE COMPARING A MIRROR IMAGE they look the same people

  10. i love them both but hongki weighs more in my heart but mir is super cuuuuuuuuuuute tooo
    i love them both no matter what=)

  11. i love mir

  12. omg! seriously,this is poll is really hard.. i like both of them!!

  13. I LOVE BOTH!!!

  14. i like thim both!!!!!!! but i want to give mir chance because it’s new i loooooooooooooooove u mir

  15. my choice is Hongki, him alone…:):):), i love everything about him, very unique in everything even if he has look alikes, he’s great…heheh

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