Here comes a new joint right here! It’s MBLAQ!

MBLAQ fangirls, get your right-click function ready ’cause here’s an early Christmas treat brought to you by yours truly for y’all! G.O.O.D. Luv mv screen caps and more MBLAQ goodies!

I don’t think I can count how many times I watched GOOD luv vid at 2 friggin’ am. I’ve been out of it for so long and it’s TGIF so I got to catch up on all things MBLAQ. So, to make up for all my absences, here are stuff I managed to collect and had my print screen function overused LOL. Please credit/comment when taking! Major thanks to abmsubs for all the hard work in subbing MBLAQ shows and interviews. Mad props to you guys!<3

What do you get when you put together cute kids + hot guys? One deathly fangirl spazzing combination, that’s what!


This mv is definitely maknae biased. But I’m not complaining! He’s really showing more and more of his goofy I-don’t-give-a-damn-about-image self LOL he’s a noisy, dirty, corny, crazy guy—he’s so full of FAIL! love~

But on certain times when Mir is not going all bonkers, the guy is actually VERRRY pretty.

Okay back to crazzy! Mir spazzing!

CUUUUUTTTEEEE! I just have no other word for it!~

Don’t you just wish you’re that kid who Mir throws around like a rag doll?

Bad Mir! Get your ass in here and Imma give you some spankin’! RAWR!




Joonie! *sings* It’s getting hot in here! So take off all your clothes! (okay that was a lame pun)

When Mr. Smex is not busy being smexy, we get to see a different side of him—a gentle, cute, kid-loving Joonie!~~ I swear whoever had the idea for this mv is a genius! It’s fail-proof and guaranteed to tug on noona’s hearts!

Joon has this uncanny ability to detect cameras and know his perfect angles LOL

I just HAD to screen-cap this.
He’s got vampire fangs LOL bite me anytime! *Okay I notice too much*

Don’t you just want to make him your baby daddy?


OBLIGATORY SCREEN-CAP of Seungho’s Starburst lips! A MUST!
HOT damn. You know coincidentally I was reading a magazine and I read in this health section saying that the lips are indicators of youth and fertility. Seeing this…. you know what that means. heeehee!

I’m actually a bit disappointed in this mv because it just NEEDS MORE LEADER!! Come on! He’s just too good to be ignored!



G.O.’s chicken dance!~ You’ll know why later!

Sing it, baby!



This guy is actually growing on me more nowadays. Before I was a bit indifferent towards him because he just seemed always lost and lacked energy unlike the other members who just can’t sit still. He’s always prim and proper, and awkward. But I guess that’s his charm! Really. You can’t hate on the guy. He’s got that quiet charisma and occasional goofiness about him. Funny though, in Idol Army previews he’s the one who’s considered as the “crazy beauty” like Khun. PD bias is biased!! Can’t wait to see that!


LOLfest moments in the mv!

Banana (or whatever that thing is) in pajamas the newest member of MBLAQ?

Everyone wants a piece of Mir!

G.O. and Mir goofing around

This is actually one of my fave couple screenshots!
They both look like puppies! I mean that in a good way LOL


Maknae gets abused!

LOL at Joon’s mic and Thunder’s expression!

Fave Joon moments!


Why ep. 4? It’s my fave episode because it showed my two faves, Seungho and Joonie doing some mischief by stealing the company car and going to the cemetery to buy noodles? Makes sense? No, but it was all sorts of awesome!

Creeper shots!

Seungho: “I just heard Rain-hyung came back from the US and is on his way to get us for revealing to everyone how he ignored us for 4 days!



Mir captured at a very incriminating shot LOL!
You gotta give mad chops to the netizens!

With G.O’s feather-duster performance costumes…

Thus his famous chicken dance.

OH Yeah, Oh, oh OH YEAH!~~

Credits also to kpop gifs!


Can you guess who this is?

P.S. Here’s a pic of young Seungho the piano prodigy!


10 Responses

  1. I was hoping for a “My Dream” video but what I will wait for is the subbed episodes of Idol Show.

    • Yeahhh I love that song! Could’ve been a perfect change of pace too since their debut was all hyper and dance-y! In the previews I suddenly missed 2PM and how the PDs would favor Khun every time coz he’s crazy pretty just like what they’ll do with Thunder LOL~ sigh

  2. “OCTOBER!!!!!”

    LMAO. That part cracked me up so damn bad watching that episode.

    Anyway this video made my ovaries explode pretty hard. i wanted to have their babies pretty bad after that. i think nearly 99% of the female k-pop loving nation loved this video. The only ones who didnt are the non MBLAQ lovers who don’t understand the boys and therefore don’t get the concept, and even then a very minimal amount. The difference between Oh Yeah’s concept and this one is worlds away and i think it’s working because alot of fangirls who were unsure about them before are quickly turning onto them. I can only imagine how it’ll get once Idol Army starts. Goodness!

    And girl i want some more HoJoon love! My 2 favs together in that one episode of AOS…their lips so close in those segments too…and of course Seung Ho’s were extra juicy and wet, looking like a slip n slide………ok imma stop.

    Anyway what’s made me happy is how the chanting has progressed on the music shows! They steadily grow louder and louder. How cute! They chant their names and such.

    *sigh of pride* I am so happy to be an A+, i say. Nice screen cap breakdown! *claps*

    • LOL gurl I was like capping everything & not realizing it’s dawn already!!~ high five fellow A+!! Yeah that’s what I really like about them I mean, from vampire concept to this one? Genius I tell ya! Can’t get over ittt! But I have to say though that their perf outfits for this one…. hmm they should’ve stuck with casual clothes in the vid. They look better with that one, granted that the printed ones they were wearing were designer pieces. Plus it’s a little too dark for the song even if there were some color. STILL chica have you seen how Joonie was teasing in that perf?? *fans self* damn that boy gets more and more confident and at ease every time! He really reminds me of Rain seriously! You know how Bi likes to tease! Like in his one concert where he was wearing glasses and he was taking them off seductively like he was stripping? LOL Joonie learned well, and Bi oppa has taught him well!

  3. Girl you trying to give me a bloody nose?!?! Pah who needs studio-quality MV’s when you can just stick MBLAQ in a color-me-mine and just let the camera roll? lol. The pics are sooo cute. I’m excited for idol army. I seriously don’t even care about christmas presents anymore… (Starts singing: “All I want for christmas~ is Joooon!~) Kyaaah! hahaha.

  4. I’m getting into MBLAQ these days because MBLAQ not afraid to FAIL and hilarious! LOL. Maybe because I don’t like “perfect celebrities”, they just so boring. God I love them on Arirang’s interview. Mir was so full of energy with his weird scream, while joon was calm with his 4th dimension personality, and Seungho’s super ability with engineering and wires. They should involved more in variety show! 😀

  5. Oh…i love you for this. i think we kind of have similar fandom.

    at first i was like oh nooo another low budget mv . *goes to watch*
    ….the after effect…GUYSS i want your babies, can’t stop spazzing.

    but sadly this mv is lack of SEUNGHO, why…the talented leader it so underrated /bias lol.

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