Idol fandom turns bloody hell?!!

I was about to go home and shut down my laptop when I saw yet another news about a fan taking her so-called devotion to an idol too far. We’ve heard about Taecyeon’s bloody “period letter,” and now, it’s MBLAQ’s Lee Joon receiving some hemoglobin. WTF, fandom, just WTF?!!

Here are the complete news to Taecyeon’s letter specially delivered at THAT time of the month: Period. and Joon’s letter that’s got creeper written all over it: Scarlet letter. I don’t even want to post the pics, because I get chills just looking at them.

The Taec letter was a nasty/repulsive and a bit on the funny /embarrassing side…

But this wrist-slitting… I can’t even make up some kind of logic behind these actions, I would’ve wanted to give them at least some benefit of a doubt that they might have just made some kind of mistake or that it’s just some phase that teenagers with intense hormonal imbalance go through. BUT NO. When Taec’s letter came out then it was followed by this, it’s clearly not just some temporary insanity or phase—it’s dangerously becoming a trend. I can’t, for the love of humanity understand what or how fandom has come this far.

Fandom taken to the extreme has serious consequences not only for the fan involved, but also to the artist as well. I wrote about this before in my fandom of doom post, where I put the SuJu fan suicide and Yunho’s glue poisoning incident as some of the worst cases. But apparently, there are still some crazy shit going on in KPOP and it’s come to a point where you can’t even pass it off as a joke anymore. Seriously, idol obsession is all sorts of crazy, creepy and dangerous—a deathly combination!

CRAZY. Can’t think of another word.

I have no more words. I’m scared for these people. Even Taec and Joon are scared. Or should be.

Moral of the story: Get your shit together fandom! They’re just idols! You’re life DOES NOT and SHOULD NOT depend on them! They’re human beings just like the rest of us, only with better hair and better clothes. STOP with the crazies before this turns into one massive cult…  (I don’t even want to say, might give people some ideas). Respect is key—to yourself and to the idol.


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  1. Another nuts and insane fans?!?!? I throw up.. seriously throw up when I read and saw the pic of Taec’s fan letter. I mean like… Holly Shit!
    I don’t know what’s wrong with fandom in Korea?? Maybe because life is too hard there, so they take everything over their common sense and everything is exaggerated. From netizens harsh respond, and now crazy fans. I don’t mean to be harsh, but if it’s become a trend then their must be insane or just completely stupid!

    • I guess they turn to KPOP-landia as a source of release/playground after their very rigid society everywhere: at work, schools, personal life, it must be hard on them. I do understand that they need some form of creative venue where they can express themselves since probably (not wanting to generalize) they can’t… that’s why they turn into netizens because the Internet is where they feel most free…. but this..0___0

      • I don’t know.. If because life is too hard.. damn, I believe everyone also find life as a hard thing, and it’s not even a reason to do stupid things.

        I read the “Scarlet Letter” shocking news, and somehow it was made just like a show off actions to respond “Taec’s period” letter. That insane Lee Joon’s fans even said that what she has done by cutting her wrist was much better than Taec’s letter. I mean, it was like a joke!!! They’ve done crazy things just to show who’s better?!?!

        It will make people more and more think that fandom equals crazy. Poor us who become a good fandom. Sorry for being mad like this T_T.. It’s outrageous.

      • It’s fine, I was a bit outraged too, I mean, it gives everyone in the fandom a bad name. I mean, what about those who are new to the fandom and they discover this? They might get discouraged, and even the idol himself will get stressed. I’m not simply siding with the idol, but I just can’t find any logical reason for “plagiarizing/imitating” a bloody letter for the reason that she wants to show “how to do it right”—damn is there even a right or wrong way of doing it?@!!!

  2. I have no words but people are stupid and fucking insane

  3. I really don’t have words to explain that
    but I do have actions to show them …….
    there is a thin line between madness and bullshit
    and what I see there , is none of those ….

  4. Oh jeez when I read about this everything from Abnormal Psychology class came rushing back in a blink. Talk about crazy, nutso, attention whoring psycho (Bipolar Personality Disorder to be PC ;P). There is definitely no right way to be the ultimate fan. Someone get those girls a high slapping dose of reality.

  5. floatingstars…. i’m currently on the process of generating wordizbonds for this issue of the day: fangirls get bloodier than ever…

    I’ve been a fangirl… crazy addicted fangirl to be exact, and at 27 i haven’t graduated from fangirlism and I’m makin’ my baby Nichkhun as my ‘cocaine’ that is irresistable enough. Sure there are lots of crazy fangirls here and there—Philippines and US, and all over the world, but I’ve never seen fangirls could be crazier and that’s in Korea.

    First off, I find it ridiculous to find Korea being preserving about morality bullshit—conservative, so to speak—but it seems like it overlooks parenting and family life. What’s goin’ on with these kids is a manifestation how bad Korean parenting would be. I am not generalizing korean parents and kids, and while they’ve got guts at picking at kpop celebs’ imperfections, they don’t observe how menacing and nutso their kids turning to. I’ve been to craziness before, even wailing my ass whenever my fave basketball team is being beaten by the team I’ve hated like hell, and at the same time feeling so annoyed to my parents for yakking their shit out to me, feeling I’m insulted. I haven’t graduated to fangirlism, but I’m a bit thankful because, if my parents weren’t overprotective to me, I would turn myself as crazy as those girls——even shedding my morality in any means in the name of my idol.

    I’ve been a fan of different artists from different genre—-rock and roll, even hard metal—-it’s pretty okay if you see crazy moshers jumpin’ their asses to moshpits to the risks of blooding themselves up, there will be girl moshers… and druggies throwin’ their shit out, but that’s okay! that’s rock and roll! You can never expect niceness from rock fans… but craziness on kpop fans? that’s ludicrous! In fact, I’ve never heard about a fan using her blood as ink towards to either Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Korn or even Marilyn Manson… yes, there will be girl moshers, but not bloody mad fans.

    I’m not gettin’ self-righteous about my country. Yes, Philippines is filled with all the shenanigans you can see, and despite the crazy network war and sex video hullabaloos, I’ve never heard a fan spilling her blood for her idol. Yes, there are some dirty ol’ stalkers stalking their fave sex goddesses and steal some of their panties…. but that is pretty tamer compared to spilling blood y’all!

    Korean parents should start checking up at their kids. If this negligience continue to happen, something worse could happen, and that could endanger not only the morality of the fans but their idols as well.

    I’m glad I’ve learned to appreciate both opposing genres…. but it saddens me that Kpop fans are fucking menacing compared to rock fans. At least rock fans never been fucking possessive towards their idols… nor even destroyed the lives of rock idols—-except for drugs.

    • Very well said and very insightful about comparing the extremes of pop and rock fans—true, it is an irony that for a genre that’s supposedly more tame and “cleaner” than rock, pop (everything including music, style and artist) is more like candy to the eyes and ears, whereas rock is more, well, devil-may-care attitude, mostly about sex, violence and whatever rock stars put their creative minds (or high) on. so it would be more logical if the fans’ attitude correspond to what type of genre they follow. it’s ironic in Korea because you hardly can tell if rock is popular there, pop is definitely generally liked but the fans act even more extreme than groupies, creepy cults of rock, etc. you’re right about that.

      however, i also think that maybe it’s not a case of their parents not being overprotective enough—maybe it’s the complete opposite. parents put so much pressure on the kids to be number 1 in everything (i read it in TIME mag where kids are “forced” to be prodigies), so much so that it mutes the youth’s freedom of expression. and teh fact that Korea is very bent on following rules of hierarchy. i have a Korean friend who’s in the Phils. and he said it amazes him how when outside of the workplace employees can be friends/chummies with their boss and can say their own opinions, or how they can talk informally with someone they just met, hugging/kissing when saying hi’s and bye’s—that rarely happens to them. not saying one culture is better than the other, but (some) Koreans are more uptight. so kids look for an outlet—and voila! here comes kpop where they can anonymously put their frustrations out on an innocent victim. you know how they say that when you bash someone you see something similar to yourself in that person. like if a netizen picks on someone’s double eyelids, there’s insecurity there too. while i really can’t find a logical explanation for these bloody fans, i think they have a twisted sense of how they express themselves. very true about what you said about Filipinos, i have chatted with them in this blog and they all seem to say the same thing about how fandom goes in there. Sure, there are bashings here and there (you can’t take that away from showbiz) but generally more controlled and forgiving. Sigh you know, I just read at allkpop that Lee Hongki has gotten a bloody letter too, this time a fan cut her finger to write a letter. SHEESH. *sorry for this long reply lol i love how you analyzed things*

      • thanks for the ideas. regarding kids being pressured to be #1 at everything, I think I have read something similar in Wikipedia…. so that’s why Korean education system is freakin’ hard to the point that kids also commit suicide for not passing college entrance exams, and Korean kids feel it’s easier to pursue studies outside Korea than in their own land.

        Philippines is also bent on hierarchy, but since it’s a little westernized, individuality has always been creepin’ out here. I work in a Call Center, and our Operations Managers or even Senior Managers in our prod.floor even have close friendships even with mere agents. Same thing in companies outside Call Center industry, it’s just way that, in a Call Center, honorifics are rarely used. There are some Call Center agents use honorifics to address their superiors, some agents in other Call Center companies simply address their bosses by their first names. Very American…. but you can’t see that culture in non-call center companies.

        I am not being self-righteous at everything, but I guess there should be an improvement on parenting skills of Korean parents and put to their kids something reachable… something realistic enough to achieve. If they put some unrealistic standards and if suppression happens, bullying worsens.

        Another thing, I also feel sad on generalizing Koreans because despite language barriers, I came to know more Koreans and befriending some of them—-inside or outside cyberspace. I also have a Korean acquaintance of mine also shared the same ideas about shenanigans of Koreans…. to the point that he loathes it. He appreciates Philippine culture more than his own. He can’t understand Tagalog, but he has shared so many things he liked about the Philippines despite all the hullaballoos we are having right now. I initially appreciated Korean culture and their dramas, even music…. and as I walk thru the Kpop path, I am being guided slowly to its darkside…. and that really makes me sad. Sexism, Racism (native Koreans even look down at Kyopos), double standarding, crazy fanaticism etc…. I simply feel sad for those receiving these kinds of shit. I simply cringe at all the shit I see….

  6. I felt so sick every time I read about these… and now a third letter. It’s… just not right. Do their parents simply have no idea about what’s going on??

  7. It seems like this blog hasn’t been updated in awhile, and I only just discovered it…sad :(.

    Regarding fandoms, it’s also the entertainment industry’s fault. They need to start naturalizing the fact that these idols are normal people that don’t always need to maintain an ‘idol image’…whatever the hell that is. If companies keep marketing these people as pure, virginal beings that don’t date, then of course fans will get bat shit crazy if they find out their idols have been ‘tainted’. I mean they market these people as if they’re you’re best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend and they’re featured everywhere you go in like ads and tv.

    I don’t think it’s parenting skills that are the problem. It’s more the society that’s effed up. It’s totally based on the idea of ‘image,’ hence forcing parents to put pressure on their kids to do well in school.

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