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Feel the Good vibe on Asian music

This year has been a great year for Asian talents to crossover and conquer the US music and movie scene. We’ve seen Lee Byung Hoon, Daniel Henney and most recently Rain kicking ass in the box office while BoA, Se7en, the Wonder Girls, Utada Hikaru and Crown J make attempts to be heard in the land of the free. Let’s take a look at this phenomenon in this short but sweet K blogger feature and let some Goodvibe give Music for your Soul!

Name: Call me D ^^

Age: 24

Mental age (^___^): Age ain’t nothing but a number! I believe I’ll always be young at heart ^^

Location: Cali (Bay AREAAAA! Stand up!)

Nationality: half Viet half Chinese

“Real job” : Student teacher/Personal Banker. Nice combo right? Hahaha.

If you’re in the middle of a huge crowd & a friend is supposed to meet you, what do you think is your distinct attribute that will make your friend recognize you from afar?

My purse. I’ve collected a lotta unique purses over the years so it’s pretty easy to spot me with it. Especially this one: I’m pretty proud to own it 😀

D’s unique purses!


Background of

I actually started the blog on a whim, more of my outlet to spazzing everything Asian. I actually had no big intentions for the blog LOL, but it was definitely after I started noticing people coming by and leaving comments that I thought I should do something more. I did cover K-entertainment for awhile but it was a little too much for me to handle, so I just wanted to concentrate on my first love, music ^^. As for future status, anything can happen right?

How is Asian music different from the rest of the world?

Asian music (to me) has all the elements of music but just sung in a different language. I think we all are entranced on how awesome it sounds even though we don’t understand it. It’s definitely either a hate or love though.

What genre of music are you most interested in?

I’m actually most interested in underground music. Either hip hop or live punk bands or DJ’s on the move, I love hearing new music. For some artists, their raw/beginning stages are what hooks me the most!

First song you play when you wake up in the morning [at the time of this interview]:

Right now, it’s UVERworld’s Shamrock

Last song you listen to before sleeping: It changes a lot but right now it’s SHINee’s In My room [Madame B Salon Jazz Version]


What are your thoughts on:

Asians making it in the US

Even before other artists made a run for the US, Rain began his journey way back in 2006. Here he is with JYP and Omarion in NY.

The Wonder Girls making waves in Wendy Williams show

Totally progressing! I think we’ve come a long way and are, slowly but surely, getting some limelight. I know it will probably take a long time for Asians to have an impact on the U.S. but so far it’s been positive! The language barrier is one thing that causes a lot issues because no matter how you look at it, it’s got a huge disadvantage to those who want to crossover. I hope with more time Asian Americans will be able to be fully mainstream-ed and we’ll get to hear them everywhere just like other US artists.

Se7en with Lil Kim

BoA with Sean Garrett and Akon

It’s already hard for Asian Americans here to get into mainstream media so it’s double hard for overseas actors/singers to cross over. Everyone is rooting for them to succeed but it will be a while before it will we see a huge impact in the industry. (I hope no one misunderstands me on this because I’m all for more Asian artists to make it big here but I’m just sharing my opinion realistically speaking .)

Which Asian artist do you think has what it takes to make it internationally?

Epik High without a doubt. Their enthuaism for new music and different trends spark and ignite crowds everywhere. Their Map The Soul Worldwide Tour proved that they could handle crowds across continents 😀


List down 3 must listen to songs of all time:

M-Flo loves melody & Ryohei – Miss You
Yoo Seung Jun Feat. Yuki Hsu – Can’t Wait
Michael Jackson – Rock With You


Dream collaboration

Which Korean artists would you like to see do a song together? I would love to see old with the new. Kim Bum Soo with Big Bang? Son Ho Young with DBSK? Uhm Jung Hwa with Girl’s Generation? Ivy with 2NE1? LOL. I would love to see if the new could keep up with the veterans and vice versa ^^

Name that artist of the year: MYK! (unofficially?) LOL watching him @ Epik High’s Map The Soul tour was amazing. With a doubt, so talented! Officially I totally say Epik High! The way they make music is undeniably hot and they always have great collaborations!

Best singer: There are wayyy to many. Either English or Asian I couldn’t possibly just name one.

Best album: Soulstar Vol.1 – I’ve played that album so many times and I’ve never gotten sick of it. EVER.

Worst singer: Hahaha. I really can’t answer that without getting hurt. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so I’ll just plead the 5th on this one.

Worst album: Oof, I would say but I just can’t. =]


Message for your blog readers:

To all the readers spoken or silent thank you really for taking time out and reading my blog. It means a lot to any blogger to have avid readers and commenters! I hope to share more good music and bring you even more interesting articles to read! ^^;; Thank you so much! (bows)

FLOATINGSTARS Recommendation: If you’re looking for the latest updates in music, goodvibe@WP is the place to be. D’s updates have little snippets of her own reviews so you can count on that before you buy a new album. Plus it also has updates on new releases, it also has news on what’s happening in the music biz. She writes really short but very informative pieces, unlike me who keeps on blabbing without getting a point across LOL. So check goodvibe out! Follower her at Twitter (Music4ursoul)!


4 Responses

  1. My girl D! I got much luv for her. We have a lot of the same music taste. I WANT HER PURSES!! I love purses like that. Good job as always miss icecapades.

    • Yeah lol I love purses that are a fashion statement in itself. Like this one time I saw a bag made from de-constructed jeans. real cool. anyways, D has always been one of the friendliest bloggers.:D

  2. team music4ursoul ftw.

  3. i love music4ursoul. amd def the nicest blogger 😀

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