Idol fandom turns bloody hell?!!

I was about to go home and shut down my laptop when I saw yet another news about a fan taking her so-called devotion to an idol too far. We’ve heard about Taecyeon’s bloody “period letter,” and now, it’s MBLAQ’s Lee Joon receiving some hemoglobin. WTF, fandom, just WTF?!!

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Feel the Good vibe on Asian music

This year has been a great year for Asian talents to crossover and conquer the US music and movie scene. We’ve seen Lee Byung Hoon, Daniel Henney and most recently Rain kicking ass in the box office while BoA, Se7en, the Wonder Girls, Utada Hikaru and Crown J make attempts to be heard in the land of the free. Let’s take a look at this phenomenon in this short but sweet K blogger feature and let some Goodvibe give Music for your Soul!

When the Wonder Girls were still “cool”

Not that they’re not “cool” now, but I mean “cool” as in they had the look and vibe that gave them ’nuff street cred. And yes, even before their hyped up image of glittery, frilly dresses, wigs, stockings and their annoyingly addictive sound, the Wonder Girls made real good music.

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