From boys to men: U-KISS

Just when you think KPOP’s got more than enough boy bands, U-Kiss comes along with a stronger image to make themselves stand out from the rest of the pack. They went from tweens singing “Not young,” to being teeny boppy, fruity, old school kids—and now, they’re crooning about being pissed off at a girl to going clubbing after being single. Talk about going complete full circle!


Like I mentioned before, I wasn’t really into U-KISS when they first debuted with “Not Young.” I watched the mv and I was like, “Awww. Look at these kids trying to be all tough and gangsta.” Maknae Dongho was cute but I wanted to pat him on the head and say, “Cornrows aren’t enough to give you street cred, dear.” Plus, I thought Kevin and Alex were wearing wigs LOL. I mean, seriously. It was the typical, sorry to say, fobby concept—basketball jerseys, loose pants, doing gang poses/ finger signs. And the single sounded like a recycled Lil Wayne song or they’ve been getting notes from Crown J’s “A.” Not hating on them back then or anything, but they just looked too cute and sweet, it didn’t match the concept they were going for.

U-Kiss stands for Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star. You can add that to KPOP’s most complicated idol acronyms. And I though MBLAQ was hard enough to memorize LOL. But U-Kiss really has a very interesting mix. They have a member from Hong Kong, LA, Washington and a lot of them are multi-lingual. Alex can speak about 7 languages! And KiBum is fluent in Japanese. Pretty impressive. Right now they’re dominating all over Asia, and are already signed on a huge deal with a Japanese company, and U-Kiss is known to have signed an exclusive belonging contract with East Asia (Andy Lau’s Hongkong-based entertainment company). OOOHH SNAPS.

Tootie frootie! Just. Can’t stand Kevin and KiBum’s hair! [both in the middle]

Then Man Man Ha Ni came along. They were maddd fierce. Like all boy bands, they had to go through the usual cutesy patootsy routines (just ask DBSK why they had to bop around in costumes in their Balloons vid LOL) and now it’s like they’re on a right of passage to manhood.



Conti U-Kiss mini album review

Intro – Very different from their usual sound. They’re really going for the club scene with the strong drum beats, almost no music accompaniment at all, just them singing and that beat. And they’re going all badass with the random gunshot in the middle of the song LOL.


Man Man Ha Ni [title single]- U-Kiss worked with Brave Sound this time around and you can see how much of a difference it made. I’ve always thought that Brave was the one that introduced heavy synths and autotune as a trend to KPOP lately (I may be wrong). Sometimes their songs are a miss but when they hit it, they’ll really hit it big. With U-Kiss, surprisingly, Brave made their famous imprint with a catchy and fierce sound but at the same time, the boys gave it their own touch as well. Kinda reminds me of how Super Junior pulled “Sorry Sorry” on us. Definitely an upgrade, even their concept and dance steps. They mixed all the happening trends/concepts in one look: tons of guyliner, hair color, dark themes and military-inspired costumes. HOT HOT HOT. Love the dance move where they look like they’re gonna smack you in the face! I was even surprised at myself. I mean, when I watch them I can’t help but feel so pedo, but hey, some of them are already legal LOL. Love the theme of the song—there’s nothing worse than a man scorned. “You make me pissed off!”

O.K. – I kinda like this track better than their title song better. It talks about being “back in the market” after breaking up with a girl. It’s a different way of looking at a break up. Instead of moping, they’re like celebrating and are actually excited about going to a club. LOL. The English lyrics go, “I don’t love you no more, hope you find what you’re looking for.” “I can go to club again.” I guess boys will be boys!


Not young all right!


Eli. WHEW. *wipes sweat* Probably the hottest makeover ever.



How can a guy be this pretty? IT’S NOT FAIIIIR.



Isn’t he just the most adorable thing alive?
Okay, he’s 15. Kinda wrong to get him all tied up like that LOL



SooHyun and Alexander

KiBum. Not a fan of the purple hair. Amazing how much he looks like his older brother.

Newest member ulzzang Lee Ki Seop. Like him better without the guyliner. Really cute.


More Yaoi/Boys love

Reminds me of the SHINee photoshoot where they were all wearing white and on the bed together. LOL how subtle?


8 Responses

  1. I loved the review, but just two things… Alexander is the one that speaks seven languages and they worked with Brave Sound for all of their singles, but i’m not sure if they did so in the 1st.

  2. I think U-Kiss worked with brave sound for like, every single single. you’ll always heard that weird old ‘brave and sound’ or smth right before all those poppy toony stuff. I hated the concept for “I Like You”. I really did. I mean, FINE, bring it back to old school, but NOT THAT WAY!!! Kibum’s hair scarred me for life, i swear. For Not Young, i just wanted to tear alex’s hair off. LOL. Man Man Hani reminded me of Sorry Sorry for the first listen, but after that part where the dance goes along the lines of ‘i wanna slap you so please just let me off’, the song’s actually fresh.
    I actually thought Kibums (I keep wanting to type Key. Forgive meh xD) purple hair was ooookkkaaay, cept it faded into white and gave me the feeling that the front of his hair was premature whiting or smth.
    -dongho opppppaaa!!!!- totally feirce in here. But he’s still so, AISH! cute. I don’t like Kevin’s blonde hair, or maybe it’s because it looks weird in Pops In Seoul…?
    I never really liked Eli cept i heard his almost flawless beijing accented chinese and i completely started to adore him (I swear, he speaks better chinese than Dongho. I wonder if i was classmates with dongho before. LOL)
    The blond blond blond hair. He needs muscles, (more i mean), but its still better than “I Like You”.
    Oh the clothes during that time ..TT.TT

    • LOLOL yeah i wasn’t really paying attention to their old songs so i didn’t hear Brave sound:P will edit. anyways, i HATED their old school concept! They combined all the fashion don’ts of yesteryears. Bad, big poofy hair, color splattered everywhere and mismatched clothes. Geez. it was like they were put in a washing machine and when they came out they looked like that. dongho is such a cutiepie!!!~ he’ll grow up to be a heartbreaker for sure!

  3. LMAO..I was laughing like crazy while reading this post lol…anyway..I’m not familiar with u-kiss…I just know alexander and kevin through pops in seoul?!….anyway this post makes me want to know more about them…their transformation is just WOW….and the new member is just ahhh….hahaha…and their youngest is like what…12?!?!hahahaha:)))!!!

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