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Spotlight: MBLAQ’s Lee Joon for Six to Five, and more spazzing!

HOTNESS inside! Joon seductive smile beckons you to click under the cut!


Okay I know I just did an MBLAQ picspam, but because I’m so caught up with Lee Joon (more like mesmerized mouth-dropping-open-drooling infatuation), I feel like there’s not enough of him to go around.

Lee Joon for Rain’s own clothing label Six to Five

PD-nim Rain models his own line

Working the collared-fit shirt with a bow tie tend. Very casual-spiffy? If that makes sense LOL. Now I get why people keep saying Joon and Rain look a like. At first I couldn’t see it, but when Joon had black hair there are some angles where they’re similar, just not too much.

Joon and his hyungnim

Behind the shoot for Six to Five. This was shown in Rain’s September 12 mv, and immediately Joon (left) caught my eye. Actually the other guy looks pretty HOT too! Anyone know who he is? Must be a J Tunes trainee. I thought at first he’d be in MBLAQ.

Happy together while filming Ninja Assassin! They look so close!

Sorry fangirls, a girl gets to kiss Joon in the movie!


Snapshots of Joon doing hardcore action stunts in the film

Lee Joon had auditioned for the movie back in February, when he was a trainee. He stated, “I sent a PR demo tape of my acting to the agency that was promoting Ninja Assassin. I didn’t expect to get accepted at all, but I found out that I passed the auditions! After I got the message, I went to Germany right after. The filming was two months long, and I had to film many action scenes and had to speak in English. I acted as the younger counterpart of Ji-hoon-hyung’s (Rain) character. I worked [very] hard filming this movie and you guys will be surprised.”

Lee Joon gets caught sleeping by his boss Rain!! LMAO. Oh, Joon.

Uh-oh. Rain (in backpack LOL he looked like he just came back from mountain climbing) approaches Joon sleeping on the floor of their training room. Aww poor guy.

He looked so scared and embarrassed LOL.


Joon goes natural without the guyliner!


Joon – Vocal, Dance
Name: Lee Joon
Birth: 07.02.1988, Seoul
Body: 180cm / 63kg
Education: Kyung Hee Cyber University – Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Attending

Specialties: Modern dancing, ballet, acting
Interests: Exercising
Career: To be released 2009.11 [Ninja Assassin]
Advertisement: Nivea, 6to5 S/S Pictorial

The infamous Joon abs roll. *DIEEES*

Perfect from every angle.

Lee Joon in wifebeater, hot and sweaty. Just the way we like it. LOL. DAMN BOY. I don’t even have words right now. And it doesn’t hurt that Mir’s right beside him!

For some reason Joon always does this pose. LOL you know I’m totally into someone when I go netizen-skilled and notice every friggin’ little thing. He looks so scared of the fangirls in the middle pic! ADORKABLE!

Mischevious smile that makes fangirls hearts aflutter (or get their panties up in a knot LOL)! SHGKHGFDHFDH DUMBSTRUCK


He’s pretty dorky too! Watch as he falls over trying to look cool while doing the MBLAQ greeting LMAO dorkface.

P.S. Watch MBLAQ’s live performance of Rain’s Bad Guy and see Joon in a dirty tank top:
Special Stage. Joon makes me sound like such a perv nowadays. I made this post partially because Ana of Asian Pop Addict and I were practically Joon fangirling in spirit over at Twitter.  It’s okay Ana, you’re not alone. Sending you girls some love! Holla! Check them out at!

credits: J Tunes camp, AllKpop, asianfanatics gallery, MBLAQ Attack


12 Responses

  1. DROOOOOOOOOOLS :Q______________


    THE PICTURES.THE GIFS/right-click saves

    Hmm if you squint your eyes, he kinda looks like Kwon/Jay XD

  2. Girl…

    I ❤ u for this! Lee Joon, let me count the ways. You know, even with my eternal devotion to TOP i didn't fangirl for him like this right away. I liked Yongbae hard first. TOP i started obsessing about earlier this year. So the fact that this boy was able o capture my attention in this grossly obsessive way is amazing to me lol.

    I'm telling you there's just something about this guy. I don't care how hard Cyn will lol at me for it, i knows wut i talks about lol. And once again, it's interesting how different Joon looks with black hair. I think the auburn-brownish hair makes him look even more noticeable and softens his face too. Oh, and i think there might be a chance that the unknown guy in the pic with Joon and Rain is a J-T trainee, perhaps the one who was originally apart of MBLAQ along with the others, because there was another member.

    But yea, i can't get enough of this guy. And he seems to be the anxious perfectionist guy, i noticed in their documentary how he kept going over alot of stuff beforehand and afterwards when they'd perform. And he gets so into it when he does perform, even on radio. I'm a sucker for those kinda guys. I'm also enjoying how he seems to be loosening up with the help of the others.

    Fantastic and VERY well appreciated post my lovely. ❤

    • All I can say is… He’s instant gratification… LOL me too!! But I fangirled TOP when I saw how smexy he was in that fight scene in Haru Haru when he was glaring and about to devour GD and in Lies when he was in a grocery cart! But Joon is… just HOT. There ain’t no other word to describe him. I was looking at this post right after I made it and kept feeling it isn’t enough!!!

  3. Oof. This should be enough Lee Joon for today. NOT! Lol. loooove your netizen-like obsession don’t ever think that it’s bad! Joon’s mischievous smile = Jay’s dorky one.

    Everybody is going crazy for them o_o /fear/

    MBLAQ is really getting hearts through the world ❤

    Joon's smile is so… So… Oh, god /faints/

    Thanks for sharing XD

  5. Helloo
    Oh my he is soo good looking. Hehehe. Makes my heart flutter. 🙂
    Thank you for spamming him. I spazzed with you, It was fun. Haha.

  6. Hi ya floatingstars! Long time no see *wave* joon is definitely reminds me of junki. He’s a bit dorky but trully adorable. Anyway, i have a very good news! RAIN is coming to Indonesia at december 3rd!! Yaaay! I hope he will bring his “kids” – MBLAQ along with him. People said that indonesia will be the only country in south east asia for his asia tour. But the sad news is, I couldn’t come because at that time i will be in singapore for a boring training. *cry*

    • Hi how are you!!! I haven’t seen you around here for a long time!~~ WOW Rain’s gonna be there?! For sure he’s gonna bring his MBLAQ boys omg! But that’s sad you’re gonna be elsewhere! But you can look for other concerts in Singapore maybe a KPOP artist will be there! Maybe Suju or SS501 I’m not sure. Recently Won Bin and Lee Min Ho were in Singapore! KPOP acts always go there so it’s not so bad! Good luck!!

      • Yes I really miss you.. Been drowning in work lately, this month is really a dreadful month for me. Huhuhuh.. I’m really hoping after being busy with tight work schedule I could have some REAL entertainment on December through Rain’s concert. But what can I say, I can’t do anything beside crying in my hotel room at December 3rd and imagining Rain singing “i’m a bad booooy” while his “creation” will show their debut and fresh talent adorably… *cry*

        You’re absolutely right. I’ve been looking around for any concert schedule on December 3rd in Singapore, hopefully it could heal my wound. However, the only entertainment available on that time is only this music-broadway show.. That’s definitely won’t beat Rain’s abs! nooooooooooooo

  7. cute…! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! i was really SHOCKED when i saw him performing OH YEAH. i was totally BOOMED by his KILLER SMILE..

    and plus, I thought he is Rain’s younger brother. LOL!

  8. Hotness overload!!!! Thnx for this XD

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