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Backstage and behind-the-scenes series 3: Down time with MBLAQ!

Yo amigos… It’s MBLAQ!

Okay. Sorry for the lame intro LOL. We’re on part 3 of the Backstage and BTS series! First was 4minute, next was f(x) and now it’s MBLAQ’s turn! Boys are getting hotter and hotter by the minute, and are proving to be the next big idols that fangirls are waiting to claw over. They’ve got the looks, amazing dance skills, good vocals and a world star for a producer. What more can they ask for? Oh, and that guy in the first pic is Rain’s manager.

MBLAQ right before a performance at a music show:

Can you guess what they’re watching? Laughing at other KPOP acts while backstage? No? LOL

Awww.. Mir looks like a tantrum baby

Leader hottie: It’s getting hot in here!! Hot or hate the stylist?


MBLAQ and their nicknames

“How did you get the nicname ‘Yang Samjoo’ and ‘Way Ahead of time Seungho’ ?

“A few days ago on a radio show, I made the mistake of saying that it had been 3 weeks since we debuted, instead of 3 days. So the fans gave me a nickname of ‘Yang Samjoo’ (T/N Yang ‘Three weeks’. ‘Sam’ means three and ‘Joo’ means week.), and I really like it. (the members were happy because it was a good nickname). And please put this in the article: I was considering Rain hyung’s concert as well, so I thought it’d be three weeks (laughter)… But I think I was so nervous that I miscalculated the time.”

You are an issue at the moment due to your sister being Sandara Park

“It’s good that my sister is a singer. It’s been ages since I saw the other family members, but I get to see her in the broadcasting company building. Because I’m with my sister, I’m more comfortable and light-hearted about everything. I hope that 2NE1 and MBLAQ succeed together.”

You must have been at an advantage at the audition because you looked like Rain.

“I followed a dongsaeng (T/N A younger person) to an audition, seeing as I was bored. Because the auditions were already at its 2nd, 3rd stage, I didn’t have faith that I’d get in. I was just in awe because I got to see Jihoon hyung, but people told me to audition. I got in at once. Jihoon was initially reluctant to choose me, but he liked the way that I smiled.”

Any episodes regarding the beard?

“I debuted as a member of TYKEYS, but that didn’t work out well. So I went to audition at a company which seemed the most reliable. I was growing a beard at that time, but Rain told me to shave then come back, so I did it. He thought that I looked OK without the beard, but told me at a later date to grow it back again, so this has resulted in how I look right now. I don’t have any thoughts in shaving just yet.” (Kim Taewoo had recently told their manager that G.O. has a similar feel to him, so he felt happy).

Mir looks so tired!

You are the youngest, but your nickname is the most mature(?)

“When I dance on stage, that part always gets exposed. That’s why I have those nicknames. Whilst the hyungs get nice photos, I get captures with weird expressions or something with nipples in it. They say that I never fail to disappoint. I think it’s a unique and fun nickname.

Where the nipples at??!

With Rain and the J Tunes family at Legend of Rainism concert. Can you spot MBLAQ?

Mir bias!!


MBLAQ at a radio show

Leader reading sweet nothings? That better not be a girl he’s texting!!! LOL

Mir baby: “Don’t let go of my hand, promise?”

Mir: “Fangirls.. HE’S MINE! GTFO!”

Okay. Leader is still my fave. Has anyone watched that radio broadcast where he played the piano? Seriously. Ear and eyecandy! And it’s pretty surprising, MBLAQ’s really not just an idol group with pretty-boys who can get away with a few cartwheels and ab rolls here and there. G.O is not the only one with amazing vocals. Lee Joon is actually a good singer. Dara’s bro, however, needs some work in rapping. The whole image just does not suit him. [fangirls don’t pitchfork me!] Despite being “the most popular member,” as some people claim… Honestly, I don’t think he’s all that.

Yes, Lee Joon. We like your smile like that.

DAMN. MC Hammer pants or not…. Boy’s gonna be the death of me!“`

P.S. Who’s your fave MBLAQ member?

Credits to: MBLAQ Attack, AllKpop, Asianfanatics gallery

7 Responses

  1. Well as someone who is on a major MBLAQ kick, i LOVED this! I’m fascinated with these guys now. With DBSK and Big Bang inactive in Korea as a unit this group has filled a void that needed some filling!

    And is it just me or does Mir look like Hongki a little? And it makes me lol at how they’ve already managed to pair Mi and Joon together to form JooMir i think it is lol…eh something like that. Fangirls, i tell ya.

    My fav member is Joon by far. There’s just something special about him and it doesn’t have anything to do with him looking like Rain or not. He just drips charisma in WAVES on stage, and yet he seems to be the most diplomatic and poised one. I also love his intensity, even during rehearsals he’s impressive. Not to mention…..that BODY. Good lord. I won’t get started on that. Out of all the members i think i’ll be following him in whatever he does in or outside of MBLAQ from now on.

    But i like this unit as a whole. If Rain chose them, then it was for a reason. Speaking of which, the critics are praising Ninja Assassin here in the U.S. and are going all out to promote the film so i think both Rain AND Joon will see some more praise. Rain has my gratitude for this one lol.

    Great job on putting this one 2gether! ❤

    • OMG if they’re gonna come to the US I’m gonna put my STALKING MODE ON!!! And true, I saw a poster of Ninja Assassin and I was like spazzing over it like I’ve seen them in person. I was even tempted to steal it, had it not been for the onlookers who were staring at me like I was crazzzy. Dang. Lee Joon has got a really great smile! I swear that’s not all I look at! And I agree he’s got this oozing charisma we haven’t seen in a while since the deluge of girl groups. THANK YOU LORD FOR LEE JOON!!! Yeah a lot of people have been comparing Mir and Hongki, but Mir looks cuter imho. You gotta hand it to Rain, he’s got great taste. He chose Lee Joon the minute he walked right in. And the leader may be quiet and all that but he’s got maddd talent!

      • That would be so awesome if they go with Rain for his promotions. I practically squeed when I saw the Ninja Assassin billboard on Times Square. It’s pretty exciting. I can’t wait. ^_^

  2. I admit I’ve recenty seen him alone without the rest of the members and Chundoong is ADORABLE! I always get distracted by Seungho, Lee Joon, and Mir (can’t help it, they’re just so yummy!) but i do agree he’s not ALL that.

  3. zOMG MBLAQ be yummy. I still can’t tell Mir and Lee Joon apart. They can obviously play up the twincest feel. Ugh, thanks for putting grossly addictive thoughts in my brain. >.<;

  4. I still don’t think chundoong is the most popular out of the group….i think it would be joon….anyway about my favorite member….this is the third time I like all the members…but my favorite is chundoong…just the fact that I know his and his family’s story…and he is very hardworking….not that the others are not but yeah…hahahaha..and I think I’m one of the few people who really like his very kiddish voice…..and you’re right he’s not ALL THAT….and I feel bad for him because he will always be tag as dara’s bro….

    wow…it’s been awhile….blame college hahahaha:)))!!!

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