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Get ready to be… KPOPPED!

They’re Malaysian, and they’re passionate about Korean pop culture! Sometimes fun, sometimes wacky but always adventurous, get to know more about the awesome trio and let them take you to an exciting Hallyu wave ride!

WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS: “It all started with a pair of concert tickets won from a contest organised by a local telco service provider. They were front-row seats to Rain’s I’m Coming concert in Kuala Lumpur in January 2007.” Born in 2007, has grown tremendously from the efforts of three ladies who began with knowing almost to nothing about the so-called addictive world of KPOP. Now, they’re one of the most visited sites not only in Malaysia, but all over the world! It’s got the best resource of not only KPOP entertainment news, gossip, but also all about Korean culture!

The KPOPPED TRIO: Liz, Orchid and Rooster

Age: Old enough and young at heart.

Location: Malaysia and Beijing

If you’re in the middle of a huge crowd & a friend is supposed to meet you, what do you think is your distinct attribute that will make your friend recognize you from afar?

“Rooster – nerd glasses and lost expression.”


Brief background about

“Liz came up with the name K-popped! She thought it would be an apt name for us (Liz and Orchid) who got HIT (or “popped”) by the Korean wave (hallyu) one night. Rooster joined us later and she’s the one who made our blog look so much better.”

In three words, describe Fun, fresh, funny

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, towards the good old days of bad teased up big hairstyles, tacky clothing and corny expressions like “How Gee!” What/ who got you into Kpop?

“Rain. Ripping. Off. His. Shirt.”

What blog/website, aside from, do you visit first thing in the morning and the last one you go to before going to bed?

Orchid – Facebook, Twitter, Dramabeans

Rooster – Gamespot, Styleboost and Korean news sites (if the firewall decides to let me in that day)

Liz – Gmail, Facebook and Twitter Fox

Typical Korean melodramatic episode in your life as a blogger. Are/Is there any particular HURTFUL comment/s by a reader you received that stung you big time?

“Sometimes we do get one of those comments that make us go “Grrr…”, but we gotta shrug it off. Gotta keep our emotions in check and save that energy for the dramas, y’know. ;-)”

Are/Is there any particular TOUCHING comment/s that was so inspiring it made you bawl your eyes out as you clutch your chest ala Suju style, and made you want to continue blogging forever and ever?

“Perhaps not quite so emotionally wrenching, but comments and hearing what our readers have to say partly fuels our blogging desire.”



In Kpop terms, WHO/ WHAT do you think of when you hear the word/s:

1. IDOL – Bi (Rain)

2. FANGIRL – Danger

3. ANTI-FAN – Slacker/ Jealous

4. NETIZENS – crazy (but in a good way)

5. BOY BANDS – Big Bang

6. GIRL GROUPS – Girls’ Generation

7. FANSERVICE – shirtless

[*Floatingstars finding every excuse to put this KhunHo gif LOL*]

8. LEGEND – Dragon Wars

9. EPIC FAIL – Dragon Wars

10. SPAZZ – Hunky Korean oppas!



Drama/TV music/variety show you’re currently glued on: Pops in Seoul

Drama/TV music/variety show you wish you NEVER watched: Saguek dramas are kinda boring

Artist (who’s inactive in the K biz right now) you wish should make a real comeback: Choi Ji Woo

Choose one type of celeb & tell us why! Pretty boys noonas fawn all over (ala Shinee, who else!) vs Manly drool-worthy men without the guilt (ala Bi/Rain)?

“Manly drool-worthy men. Pretty boys will just make us look bad.”

Pretty, innocent & cute girls for ahjusshhi jailbait (ala SNSD image) vs Sexy, fierce divas men fawn all over (ala Lee Hyori)?

“Sexy fierce diva. Because you put ahjusshhi jailbait in my mind. *shudder*”



If you could go out on a real one week date with a Korean celebrity on Mnet Scandal, who would it be and why?
“Bi because he’s our favourite!”

What things (wholesome or otherwise ROFL) would you want to do with your celeb date? “Go shopping with my celeb date, and buy ourselves matching couple shirts! :-)”

If you were a trainee who’s about to debut, which Kpop song would you like to have as your OWN debut song or a stage performance by an artist you’d like to have done YOURSELF? Wonder Girls’ NOBODY

ULTIMATE QUESTION. dun dun dun dun!!! Which Korean music company/ family you’d like to be part of & why? “JYP Entertainment because Park Jin Young simply rocks!”

If you were to act alongside a famous hallyu star in a multi-million dollar movie, who would it be, why & in what type of movie?
“With Lee Byung Hun in a spy action thriller movie …like the one he is currently working on, IRIS.”



On top of the world at 63 Building

Drinking coffee at Coffee Prince!

At Lotte World. Orchid browsing the map for their next adventure!

Re-enacting the famous scene from “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” at Namsan Tower

Memories of Seoul from the KPOPPED trio!


Goodbye message:
“A real big thank you goes out to our readers! It’s such fun logging on and seeing what peeps have to say about our entries and the Hallyu everyday. You keep us going. πŸ˜‰ μ•„μž μ•„μž ν™”μ΄νŒ…!”

FLOATINGSTARS RECOMMENDATION: really has everything in one blog. Whether you’re a newbie in KPOP or a long time fan, you’ll find everything you need. They have celebrity and drama profiles, entertainment news, and what I love best are their travel stories (from their trips to Seoul, Beijing and in their home Malaysia) where they give you tips and must-visit places to their most-recommended restaurants! And their blog is really organized, I love LOVE their lay-out and cute graphics!! As thanks, I’d like to give Orchid, Rooster and Liz some more Bi topless overload. LOL. Cheerios!!

P.S. Lots of my amazing K Blogger friends to be featured soon! By the way, so sorry been real busy and it’s just now that I’m getting to sort things out.


6 Responses

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the feature…and the topless pics of Bi! πŸ™‚ Sure made my Bad Monday a better day!

    K-pop rulez!

  2. Such a cute trio! Love’ all of them ❀

  3. I see some very HOT pictures of Rain. ^_^

    But yeah, they seem like a cool bunch of people.

  4. k-popped, νŒŒμ΄νŒ…!
    as a fellow malaysian, i’m proud of you.
    and you effort to spread the hallyu wave.

    keep up the good work,guys!!

  5. WOW Bi looks AMAZING in those pics. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun on your trip. I am jealous ; )

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