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Backstage and behind-the-scenes series 2: Keepin’ it real with f(x)!

Get up close and personal with f(x)!

As promised after 4minute’s picspam, here’s some lovely photos from f(x) at their backstage moments, down time and look book!

Ready to go do the Lachata!
Until now I still don’t get what the stylist is going for in these performance outfits seriously.

Practicing at SM headquarters in their matching hoodies. You always know it’s an SM dance room with the blue cloud-and-sky background LOL

I remember when I did a post about Heechul and Jae wearing lots of pink, they were wearing the same Banc hoodie lots of celebs are crazy about.

Love Sulli’s pants with patches and logos!

So want Victoria’s gray hoodie!


More pics of the members!

Jung Sujeong a.k.a. Krystal. She kinda looks more like SNSD’s YoonA rather than her sister Jessica.


Modelesque leader Victoria! I think she’s the most stylish out of them all, but her looks change a lot depending on her hairstyle I guess? Because from some angles she looks like Taeyon and in their CF for Chocolate love I could hardly tell her apart from Krystal.


Tired right before the performance? The ever sweet and adorable Sulli! She really reminds me of a young Shin Min Ah. And a little Aoi Yuu. She’s got that innocent-cheerful-bubbly aura about her. She’s just cute as a button!

Sulli posted this in her me2day in their photoshoot for Elle.


Luna bias!

Almost every one I know has either Sulli or Amber as their fave, but I’m liking Luna more nowadays. Her tan is gorgeous and she doesn’t look like anyone else, which is a good thing. There are soooo many
girl groups in KPOP right now I’m having a headache trying to tell them apart. Until now I still can’t match T-Ara and Secret’s names and faces. Not that I’m planning to anyway LOL.


Here’s a special Amber corner for all you “noonies” out there. YES I’M LOOKING AT YOU, CANDYCHU AND RAINBOWPARFAIT!!! Both of whom leaves no stone unturned when digging for Amber photos LOL. I’m sure you’ve seen these pics but just wanna give a shoutout to you guys! Much love!

The famous Amber hair swoosh!

I love this pic of Amber for Chocolate. She’s always covered up or has her cap on but here she looks so girly lovely. But she’s really one of the coolest artists SM has ever discovered. I mean, the other members are nice, but without her f(x) would just be another typical girl group. She just adds spunk and uniqueness to the group.

Signing autographs right before a performance!


f(x)’s arrival in China!

LOVE LOVE Victoria’s pink peep toe booties! I swear I’m taking notes from her style. I’ve got to get those boots and the black vest she wore!! Sulli (in red sweats) and Krystal keeps it comfy in sneakers and uggs, while Amber is always her laidback tomboyish self.

China’s big welcome to f(x)!

f(x) love!!

Looking forward to f(x)’s next projects!

P.S. Who’s your fave f(x) member? Mine’s got to be either Luna or Sulli!<3


4 Responses

  1. im rooting for luna cuz we look alike 😛 (whoa..conceited DX)
    i just like her cuz she seems simple and not overly cute but adorable nonetheless 😀

  2. I’ve loved Luna since f(x) debut. She’s got this mysterious aura around her and I LOVE her voice 🙂
    Sulli is so adorable and you can’t not love her lol
    Amber is pure hotness and I’m a girl haha, it’s crazy. She’s spunky and looks fun to be around and I like her ladi back style.
    Krystal is pretty and I like her voice too. Never would have guessed that she was Jessica’s sister, I’m glad she’s not like her sister, no offense but I don’t really like Jessica much
    Victoria is gorgeous and she looks so graceful and modelesque.
    All the f(x) girls are great, there’s only one group where I’ve liked all the members (2NE1) and I’m glad I found another. Can’t wait till they release more songs 🙂

  3. adhlfsjkafdlhkshadfjlks AMBER!!!

    it really doesn’t matter if i have seen these picture, she still gets me giddy everytime. really, much love to YOU!!

    you’re right, without amber f(x) would have been just another girl group. i mean, sure luna has great vocal but there’re other girl group members out there that can also sing equally well if not better. without amber i probably wouldn’t even look twice at f(x). it’d take them a while to win me over. but amber is afhdsjkhjkfadsafdhjsk!!!

    i love you. thank you for all the amber’s on this post ❤

    ps @rainbowparfait is now @taember 🙂

  4. f(x) has grown a lot on me in the past month, Victoria and Sulli are my favourites and I can’t wait to hear their album coming Nov/Dec.

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