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Poll: Male blonds in KPOP have more fun?

A new hot trend in hairstyle among KPOP’s finest male idols is on the rise!

Hwanhee from his “H Soul” album photos

Long blond hair. Hwanhee takes a leaf off an anime look in the war battlefield background of Rain’s 4th album “Rain’s World.” He actually looks way different in his current look (he’s got short, red hair ).


Battle’s Taehwa from “Fallen Angel”

Spikey blond. I haven’t really been following Battle that much but Tae Hwa reminds me of Kang Ta and Lee Teuk, especially from a side angle.


B2ST’s Yo Seob

Cute blond. I’m starting to really like this kid. His part in “Bad Girl” is really cute and he seems really adorable. But B2ST’s stylist really needs to be shot. Dang. WTH is up with their performance outfits??!! It’s a travesty! And we thought JE fashion is the worst! I mean, why put a furry feathered hat on an outfit that already has too much going on?


SHINee’s Jonghyun

Spunky blond highlights. OMG Bling Bling Jonghyun bias!! He really adds a little something extra in the “pure and innocent” image of SHINee. WTH I’m just gonna say it out loud! He makes me think dirty thoughts okay!!! THERE I SAID IT! LMAO just kidding! But seriously. He’s such a badass, especially when he feels the song and he’s really into it.



GDragon’s Heartbreaker look: ANYTHING GOES!!

Smooth, bouncy blond hair, which suits him the best.
His hair looks so natural.

Sexy bedhead!

Hip beanies!

Cute school boy look. D’awww look at his red backpack! LOL

Blond DON’T. Introducing GD’s Mary Sue/Goldilocks look!

Please, put the cap back on.

I can’t breathe!


Back in the days….

Heechul donned the blond ‘do in the drama “Bad family.”


Jaejoong! He really perfected the blond look! He combined pretty boy, fierce, anime, androgynous image all in one!

My fave JJ blond pic:

No words. Just. UNF.

Me likey! Who’s your fave blond?

9 Responses

  1. gd looks so ridiculously cute with his blond hair. gd rocks it, others mock it hehehe

  2. I really do think blondes have more fun – well the boys do. And Key used to be blonde as well.

  3. Ooh Hwanhee intrigues me a bit. 1 word: ABS. Rofl. How is he vocals wise?

    But yeah you’re right. No one can beat Jae Joong. Ooomph!

  4. agreeing u w/ yoseob from BEAST 😀 he steals my attention too from Ki Kwang (how i miss to call him AJ) 😀 haha..but, yes, agree that nobody beats Jaejoong-ee 😀

  5. jonghyun!!! because i luuuuurveee shinee

  6. Where’s kevin of u-kiss add him up he looks so good in man man ha ni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jonghyun! (cause I’m biased like that)

    But Jae was (IS) the best looking KPop idol to have walked this planet. Sorry Heechullie~~

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