Is new girl group Secret worth keeping?

Tired of all the girl groups? Why not try one that combines them all? Just when I thought I’m done with them all, I took one listen to Secret’s debut single “I want you back” out of curiosity (well, more like boredom) and I was pleasantly surprised.

Back in September, TS Entertainment revealed that they’re going to reveal a new girl group. It’s the same company that the rap/hip hop duo “Untouchables” belong to. “Consisting of Jun Hyo Sung (leader, vocalist), Song Ji Eun (main vocalist), Zinger (rapper) and Han Sunhwa (maknae, vocalist), the quartet announced their entry into the K-pop scene, with a closed-door invitation only showcase on 29th September, ahead of their debut, very much like what SM Entertainment did for their own female rookie group, f(x)” Jeon HyoSeong’s claim to fame was that she was known for being in group ‘5 Girls’ with WonderGirls YooBin and After School UEE before in 2005. I admit I’m really tired of all the new releases as I was updating my ipod. But I saw one comment that said Secret seems like a pretty good group, and one of my Twitter pals told me they’re like a combination of SNSD and 2NE1. So I was like… This I have got to see.


I want you back– This song has a very relaxed mid-tempo beat. If you like 4minute’s “Anjulle” (the song that got unreasonably banned), you just might like this one. It has a very easy flow, and the auto-tunes are done just right. The rapping is not as strong as 2NE1’s (CL kicks ass) but the vocals are pretty mature and has a T-Ara feel. LOL sorry there are just so many girl groups I can’t help but compare them all. The song gives off that 90’s style of music. You might want to give it a try. It’s light, sweet, cute and just simple. Compared to what JQT and HaM released, this has by far, more quality and production value, though HaM’s addictive “T.T Dance” has better chance of causing a virus.

3 years, 6 months – A slow ballad that attempts to show off the girls’ vocals. One girl in particular sounds really good with her soft voice that can reach high notes. The rapper’s style derives from their sunbae Untouchables’ style, which is not bad at all. The song is just nice, but not outstanding.


All in all, this group exerted a fairly good debut effort but if they want to stand out among today’s top girl groups, they have to do more than just a “nice” song. They need to come out with something that will grab people’s attention and get them excited. They’re pretty likeable, you have to give them that. But the problem with this group, aside from debuting at a time when every girl group wants a piece of the KPOP cake, is that they lack oomph. Even their name sounds a bit bleh. But their company’s strategy of making them start off with a less fierce attack is quite refreshing. I liked their debut song, but honestly, I don’t think it’s gonna be a hit. But don’t take my word for it, you know KPOP, you never really know what’s gonna make netizens tick or click. And if you ask me, they’re more like a less fiercer version of 4minute but with a little ulzzang T-Ara look.

info credits: AllKpop, K Bites

Don’t know if want.

Check out their debut live performance here: SECRETand their showcase here: Pre-debut showcase. Download these two songs at: Download Secret


So! What do you think? I’ve been listening to a lot of new stuff lately so there will be lots of reviews to be uploaded next! Please look forward to them!


6 Responses

  1. I told you it’s worth to listen right? xD
    me too kinda like T.T dance by HAM.. but only like the chorus part.. but for Secret, I like their vocal and it does looks mature n gave a diff feelings? =D

    • Yeah! HaM’s chorus is good, but it sounds weird with that I love rock and roll to bubblegum pop transition lol! The first song has a mature vibe and it gives off a good feeling. They’re good, but it’s kinda hard to keep track of all the girl groups now so I’m a little dunno about them as a group. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. first time seeing them in music show i was not too attached w/ them. yet, u r right, that the song is nice yet we need more than just NICE in this Kpop kingdom. but, i see them improving, so hopefully we can see more secre from SECRET *lol* 😀 thx dearie…nice review as always 😀

  3. Their song, I Want You Back is decent but not that catchy. I think they came too late to be noticed, they seem like another girl group to disappear, I’m afraid.

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