Backstage and behind-the-scenes series 1: Hang out with 4minute!

1-2-3-4minute FIGHTING! Wanna know what 4minute does right before they go onstage?

What’s up everybody? I haven’t done picspams for a while,so I decided to make a picspam series featuring different KPOP artists. Get to know the girls of 4minute!

I wasn’t really a fan of “Hot Issue,” but watching the girls live changed all that. They have amazing and energetic performances, and they seem to have a lot of potential. Plus I love their outfits for Muzik!


On the way to the studios:

Ga Yoon, Jiyoon and Hyun Ah eating donuts and sandwiches

The life of an idol. Always on the go!

Arriving at the studio for Muzik promotions. The girls love Pucca blankets! Well, they’re the endorsers of Pucca anyway!

Maknae So Hyun having her nails done.

Real cute!

Leader Nam Ji Hyun gets primped up!

Hyun Ah goofs around and practices in the waiting room.


4minute love!

The Yoon sisters playing games!

Everyone has a girl crush on Hyun Ah?


Casual fashion. Love leader’s shoes!


JiYoon bias!

Selca at their Chuseok pictorial


Stay tuned for more backstage picspams! Up next! F(x)!


6 Responses

  1. I really like 4minute =3

  2. I say Jiyoon, Minzy and Amber should have a fierce-off. Or at least form a mini girl group. Short haired girls ftw!

  3. i ❤ ur jiyoon gif 😀 jiyoon is jjang 😀

  4. Oh hell yeah If JiYoon,Amber, Ga In, and Minzy formed a group i would DIE! D:

    JiYoon is so hot and cute at the same time ❤

    4minute FIGHTING!

    • I would so love that group!!! They have to put in the best girls in a project group! Add in Nicole from Kara, Yuri from SNSD and Gahee from After School! I was a bit disappointed with 4Tomorrow, the temporary CF group Seungyeon, Hyun Ah, UEE and Ga In. The song wasn’t that hot and I didn’t see chemistry in the group, individually their good but put together… meh.

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