POLL: MBLAQ setting a new trend “Chic Doll”—Hot or Not?

In KPOP, it’s all about concepts and trends. 4minute has candy funky, GD has Lady Gaga or whatever style he’s into [which changes a whole LOT], T-Ara had the “Antique” style, and the list goes on! Now it’s MBLAQ’s turn to set the trend!

Album photos in “Just Blaq”

MBLAQ have already gotten a nickname from the fans, as they are getting called, “Chic-doll,” which means “handsome idol.”

credits: AllKpop, photos from mblaqattack@WP


4 Responses

  1. Hotttttt!!!

  2. They are hot, well Mir, Thunder and Lee Joon catch my attention more.

    I am still following 4minute’s candy funk style, you should see my wardrobe.


  3. As much as I tried to resist… oof… they are just mad hot. >.<;

  4. MBLAQ is my second fave K-pop group. Been lurking absolutemblaq on youtube for some time now. And they totally rock.

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