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Hot off the shelves: MBLAQ mini-album review

Get ready fangirls! A new batch of hottie male idol group is being thrown our way, and it’s being brought to us by none other than the world star Rain himself!

All the waiting is over!! At the same time that BEAST came out, “Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality” a.k.a. MBLAQ has finally debuted and their mini-album “Just Blaq” is released! So that’s what the name meant! Kinda complicated like F.i.n.K.L. [Fine Killing Liberty]. Idunno about the name, it sounds like something you’ll hear in Home TV Shopping, where a host tries desperately hard to convince you that the product has high quality and you can get it for only 1,999.99! Anyways, already netizens are abuzz with both groups, pitting them against each other and waiting to see who’s going to soar up the charts first. But it seems like MBLAQ is slightly running closer to the first place.

From Newsen:

MBLAQ sweeps the first all over the charts as soon as the release of Just Blaq

“New and superior group MBLAQ, who is the next generation of 5 male group, and received attention even before their debut, swept the first all over the charts through the on-off lines as soon as their first single album’s release on October 14th. J.Tune entertainment, MBLAQ’s agency, expressed, ‘MBLAQ’s debut album ‘Just BLAQ’ took the most number of visitors on various web sites such as, Melon, and so on, not to mention being ranked first in the pre-sale rankings. Such an enthusiastic response to a new singer is very rare, we’re proud to say that MBLAQ is going through with it even if the dignity of a star by that name of Rain should weigh heavily upon their minds.'”

I just got my dirty fangirl claws on their mini-album and here are reviews and more photos!

As predicted, Yang Seung Ho is the leader!

Oh Yeah [Debut single] – You know how in JYP songs always begin with someone saying “JYP” or in Rain’s songs there’s always the standard “I’m Rain/ This is Rain” [like he always has this need to introduce himself LOL]—MBLAQ does that too! And it starts with a Latin-American/Mexican inspired guitar strums, “Yo, Amigos! This is how we do it! It’s MBLAQ!” Other than that, it’s quite random to have the guitar part, but it adds a bit of mystery to the intro. The background beat is very strong, and I’m relieved they didn’t add auto-tune to it because there are a lot of things going on already. If they add even one synth part my head will definitely implode! The chorus “Oh yeah” is very catchy, and there’s a girl in the backup vocals! It’s 4minute’s Hyun Ah! Dammit why the hell is she everywhere?? I’m not sure I’m liking the whole song. Coincidentally, I remember Rain had a Japanese single with the same title “Oh Yeah,” featuring A.I.But the bridge part and rapping sounds awesome. All in all, it’s a good debut song, perfect to show off their dance moves and fierce attitude.

Lee Joon [I think he’s going to be the main “dancer”] and G.O. [Byung Hee] on main vocals

G.O.O.D. LOVE – Their Rain hyung is supporting them all the way! You get to hear him introducing the boys [“Yeah… It’s time to go to the stage… It’s MBLAQ”] and saying random lines in the song. LOVE LOVE IT! I think this is a huge upgrade from the first track, and I kept thinking what if they made it as their debut song. But it’s a pretty good strategy too, so that people can have something to look forward to. It has a very smooth flow, especially the “Good love, good love” part. Love the beat! It’s more like Rain’s style, because it has quite a similar feel with his songs “Only you” and “With U” combined. One of them definitely has good vocals! He’s working the falsetto pretty damn well!

Maknae/rapper Mir [Cheol Yong] and rapper Cheon Dung [Dara’s bro], both of whom I hope won’t get tagged forever as Hongki’s look-a-like and the other as the lil’ bro of 2NE1’s popular member.

My Dream – A very sweet RnB ballad. The boys get to show a softer, more mellow side to them. The blending of their voices sound pretty good! I have yet to find out who sings the high notes because he’s maddd talented! It’s a very emotional song, “This is my dream… You’re my dream, you’re my soul, you’re my reason…” *falls weak in the knees*




In my previous post I said I have a leader bias, but after watching the vid I’m kinda leaning towards the maknae! He looks so fierce!



MBLAQ is said to be starting a trend called “chic doll”—which is kinda hard to explain, really. I think it’s a combination of punk, high fashion and pretty/hot boy rolled into one. Lemme show you what it reminds me of:

Punk [FT Island], High fashion/ prince syndrome [GD], pretty/Hot image [DBSK]


LEE JOON taking the role of the ABS FLASHER?

HOT, but there’s only one abs flasher in my heart LOL:



I think MBLAQ has better vocals and better rapping. I haven’t seen BEAST work it on the dance floor yet, but I think they have a better debut song. MBLAQ, however, even though they only have 3 songs in their mini-album, has much more variety, despite their style getting much inspiration from Rain. BEAST, on the other hand seems much more entertaining, and I think they will do well in variety shows, MC stints, and AJ is already a multi-tainer. Both groups have their own strengths, so I can’t decide who to root more for. What do you guys think?

credits: MBLAQ Attack forums, Newsen, URNOBODY vids

We’re in for a treat this season! Taeyang, SHINee, MBLAQ, BEAST!!


11 Responses

  1. they say MBLAQ sweeps the first all over the charts as soon as the release of Just Blaq. i think is wrong i check all the music charts there not even in the top 10. i don’t why they report their number #1.

    • I think they’re referring to online charts and basing their news on massive positive netizen reactions/downloads/online purchases. I think it’s too early for them to be number one in music charts too in terms of actual sales in record bars.

  2. I think Mir is alot cuter than Hongki in my opinion =3

  3. I think G.O.O.D Luv was a disappointment, My Dream and Oh Yeah are good.

    @OfficalNyNy: RT @tweetmeme [Added Questions] K-Pop Fanfiction Forum | BabelPop

  4. Mir and Lee joon so far are my favorites. I’m slowly trying to get over the hammer pants. See? I can change. ^_^

  5. I had to lol at Jay being your ab-flasher. He should have that in his resume.

  6. it seems that beast has been doing a bit better recently, from what i’ve seen on “the charts” – they’re beating mblaq by a few spots
    of course, i may be biased, because i’m beast all the way ^.^

    • yeah b2st is doing really well and i love their energy onstage omg Ki Kwang and Yo Seob are adorable!!! Did a review on their B2st mini album too! I still can’t make up my mind between the two.

  7. I voted for BEAST ’cause of thier cute and attractive style
    I love that style of them
    Oh yeah is too sexy 😦
    and, Beast’s mems act very well in their own roles, their live performents are very good. Especially Yoseob’s voice is the best.
    Their dance steps are also skillfull, i’m know for sure that they had to practice very hard to get that level.
    anyway, i support for BEAST>
    Hwaiting !!!

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