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What’s up, KPOP?

Hey guys, so sorry for the delayed updates! Been so busy at work I haven’t slept a wink! [and I’m finding every possible excuse to post this adorable Khun pic] Anyways, what’s cooking in KPOP? I’ll work on some new stuff this weekend, and I just want to say thanks to everyone who e-mailed me! Fan accounts of the Dream Concert is coming up so please look forward to it!

P.S. Can you guys recommend an effective way to stay awake? Somehow drowning myself in coffee does nothing!


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  1. hi dearie…it’s been a while since ur last post..i hv no idea on how to stay awake besides coffee-ing… 😀 keep up the spirit..fighting…

    • thanks bb! I’ll probably jog around to wake up! ugh. toxic days! just when it’s becoming boy band week! been prepping up the blog for that what with all my boy band crazy posts LOL

  2. Coffee usually works for me… then again I’ve been trying to cut back so my tolerance isn’t that high anymore. How about some wasabi flavored snacks? It usually tends to shock me back to reality. Haha.

  3. Oh and it seems to be Boy Band week! Wooh!

  4. Stay awake by rinsing your face with cold water every time you feel sleepy? So far it’s worked for me these past few days.

  5. coffee doesn’t work for me either but for some reason, hot tea does. it keeps me on the alert after drinking some bitter hot tea lol.

  6. Take some vitamins. Drink lots of water. Don’t get sick!!! Only thing that will surely work is that you finally get some sleep. You know, things can wait even if it’s doesn’t seem so. Be kind to your body and it will return the favor when you are old like me (I should have been kinder to mine).

    • Hi Unni! I miss your tweets! Have you been busy too lately? thanks for the tips! I do tend to forget drinking vitamins, they’re just lying around the house lol. I hope you’re doing well!<3

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