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Fan Addicts Session 4! Together we can RANT!!

What’s up people of the world! Ever feel angered, enraged, frustrated, annoyed, irritated, agitated, constipated and all other raging hormonal emotions in between?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! This is where you can LET IT ALL OUT! Because of my previous short hiatus, the Fan Addicts Session and Come to Playyy! has been postponed for a bit, but slowly but surely I’ve been posting them up again. So! On to the randomness!


Okay, this other day me and my Twitter friend Cyn from APOPA were talking about our “work faces”—the kind of face we make while we’re at the work that love to hate and hate to love. Here’s mine:

The infamous expressionless-dead-faced-fish-eyed Yamapi. I’ve come to the realization that I should just stop whining about my job for a while and de-sensitize myself.

I really hate the office drama—all the rumors, the gossip, the politics, the proverbial question of whether you’re working for a job or for a “career,” the constant search and yearning for something better… Just. NO. So then by the end of the day I’m like:

Seriously. STFU.

How about you? What are your frustrations at work, university, high school, love life, singlehood [this is a story for another day, and will take two posts to make LMAO] or whatever? What do you do to calm yourself? As for me, I do this:

The infamous Yoochun pimp-shake-your-daddy-booty dance. YEAH. Let it out, Chunnie. Let it out.


Oh! And what’s your dream job? If I had my way I’d be doing this [see incriminating photos below]. Hell yeah. I’d love to be a fashion coordi to all the KPOP stars! Preferably the one that rubs oil on ’em when they do half-naked photoshoots. Or become one of those PDs that get paid to hide in weird places [creepers] while celebs are filming, ensuring things run smoothly and all other fun stuff they do. I’m sure they work hard and theirs is a tough job, but still. Who wouldn’t want to get paid doing this!

But for now I’ll just have to keep on dreaming.

8 Responses

  1. agree bout the office drama >.< man.. 😦 n yesterday, i went for interview at this Korean company n the sajangnim asked me this : are you putting an attemp or are u really seriously want to work here..i chose the B answer politely of course- while my mind says this : "hell yeah I am going for a better job and better payment" *lol* haha..

  2. I wanna be amber’s chambermaid. whatever you desire, your majesty. ❤

  3. Ah Ryo’s missing next to Pi.. I’m joking ^^
    Chunnie is so funny.

    This whole drama & rumors…
    My head is full of this at this time, but I remember that I felt so bad, I wanted break my computer x)
    I’m not failing (?oO) because, huhu, it’s strange to say but I’m led by hope =D
    I’m in a good mood these days in high school because if I loose my hope… LOL people would avoid me .
    Just that my world (Asian passion, books, music/idols)
    is essential in my life, that’s why I can laugh & feel good when my best friend isn’t next to me x).

    Yoochun my rabbit is so cute XD

  4. did you ever watch the ceci photoshoot on youtube? the one where jay is like laying on the floor tying his shoes and two woman are like oiling his bare chest? that, is my dream job.

    but until then, i am stuck at school trying to major in chemistry and figuring out my life after that. i wish life was as easy as oiling jay’s chest up as an occupation though =[ that’d be the life.

  5. I totally agree with the office drama! Actually that is the main cause of stress T-T. I work in foreign diplomatic office, and it’s quite boring. Everything is so strict, and all that office drama just make it all “perfect”. Whenever the stress symptoms appear, all I have to do is just looking for k-pop topics on the net and watching Family Outing laughing out loud (oh my, I really love jae suk’s face expression).

  6. school this year is relatively normal, im trying to put all the drama behind me and try not to be so emotional (though i think i have a damn right to be when you’re in a love triangle with your best friend, liking the same guy and the guy happens to be your other best friend DX). usually when reallife get to be a little too much, i turn to fandom. in the past, it was one of the things that could make me smile and forget my problems but now…kpop is also complicated T^T. There’s DBSK’s lawsuit going on (i can honestly say that they’re the ones who motivate me to wake up everyday) and then the jaebum incident and basically all the “ugh” stuff thats been happening ;A;

    • Ooooh love triangle! Do tell! That sounds complicated! And I agree, KPOP nowadays is too full of troubles. I miss those days when it was all just about having fun, even now everything’s about concepts, image, fan wars, idols pitted against each other… sheesh.

      • it is complicated -.- now we just sorta “share” (ppl dubbed us the threesome >.<)
        me too! i want the good days back :3 n i'll be looking forward to your posts once fandom get hyper again 😀

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