B2ST sends to you their messages, more photos revealed!

B2ST writes messages in their official Daum Cafe for the first time! Check them out under the cut! *UPDATED WITH MORE WACKY PICS & CHUSEOK CELEBRATION*

Doo Joon and Yo Seob


This is the first post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I’ll stick a while to see everything in the cafe!!!

This is the first step I will always remember and I will work harder from now on!!

I am hoping that everyone will cheer us a lot too!!!

From now on, we will also post in support of you comments that give us power ^^;;

Have a good day tomorrow and always be happy!!!^^ B2ST DooJoon.”


I already type so fast.. huk.. TT

B2ST maknae-like Yang.Yo.Seob… kkkkkkkkkkkkk (sorry Dongwoonie)

Firstly, B2ST official fan cafe is amazing… i appreciate it!

Honestly… a few times before… I have come to hang out … kk

I will definitely come and play here more often!

Always have a good live!

wash your hands often..! lately.. you know..!! kk

What am I talking about.. kkk

Thank you. This is the appearance of second maknae Yang.Yo.Seob”


Son Dong Woon

Nice to meet you ^ ^

Hello This is B2ST Maknae SonDongWoon ^ ^

This one looks like the official cafe

This is my first post

We have not officially debut[ed]

You see us in the MTV documentary

But so many people signed up here

Thank you so much for your support!

We will work hard together

and please cheer for us a lot and wait for us!!

We can meet through the MTV documentary and the fancafe~

The change of season is getting closer so wear warm clothing

Wash your hands 8 times a day 6.gif

Thank You~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~” B2ST Son Dong Woon


JunHyung [Poppin’ Dragon]

WOW. Hello this is YongJunMyeom.!!!

This Cafe is already so cool

‘xxx’ (T/N : I’m not sure about the name of the person) called this morning

They will treat us to eat

Koreans live from rice,,,  Love.”

Lee Ki Kwang [AJ]

Dressed in gold h h (T/N: laughing sound)

Hi ^ ^ this is AJ

I will debut one more time with B2ST as LeeKiKwang ^ ^

Many of you fans have loved AJ a lot and wait a lot too ^ ^

B2ST will show you our coolness and work harder ^ ^

Please wait with a lot of interest on B2ST and Me, KiKwangie ^^! h

Watch out for the cold, wash your hands clean ^ ^

Thank you ^ ^ always be happy~~”

Jang Hyun Seung [So-1]

Hi! This is the first greeting!

Hello! this is HyunSeung. ^^

Yeah.. right … looking at the situation .. I’m a little late .. TT

B2ST members are revealed..!

We have not even debuted yet but you have great interest in us… !

Thank You so much~

More people watch ‘MTV B2ST’ more than we thought~ I’m grateful. ^ ^

We, B2ST, together will work hard towards our target so I ask for your attention!

As soon as possible..! We hope to be able to show you our great look~

Also wait for us on our every Sunday broadcast ‘MTV B2ST’ and have fun, guys. ^ ^

And I’m sure you’ve heard a lot lately. You should wash your hands clean often!

8 times a day! YoSeobie says every morning to wash it 8 times.. this is crazy..

From morning until bedtime please wash your hands a lot!

From now on, please watch and take care of B2ST a lot~

So… Excuse me for now!!! I’ll be back! ByeBye~

JYPE trainee days!

Okay, so basically the boys want you guys to wash your hands 8 times a day LOL. You heard ’em!! I love how Doo Joon took liberal use of the exclamation point, and I smell fierce battle over the maknae position.
Watch out for their debut!

To get to know more about the boys and their profiles, check out The Next beastly stars: Make way for B2ST!

credits: soompi, B2ST Rising international forum [join now!], B2ST Daum Cafe, jacket photo from K Bites
Translation : giggle.@b2strising


This is their new album jacket cover:


Boys gone wacky at an episode of their MTV Documentary. The boys look like they’re having so much fun! I bet they’ll be a real riot in variety shows!


Celebrating Chuseok with the boys!



44 Responses

  1. i miss AJ..i need to get used to the fact of him not a solo gasoo anymore >.< thx 4 sharing dearie..

  2. Is this the first time you used a gif that’s not related to 2PM? haha!

    I have a gut feeling that Hyun Seung (or So-1 whatever he calls himself) is going to be the leader and AJ will be the pretty face. I have to wait and see how the others will pan out.

    Are they officially debuted yet???

    • they haven’t debuted yet, last time I read about them they were supposed to come out oct 6, but I guess it’s only the album jacket… lots of talks about B2ST and MBLAQ matching their debut dates

      • Gosh I can’t stand all this waiting. Damn our generation of instant gratification!

  3. Omg everyone is sooooooooooo cute! i am obsessed with b2st! i especially love yang yo seob and aj!

    i’m really sad that i don’t think i’d get a chance to go to their concerts because they don’t do it in london!



  4. lol, hey to you 2! but like i seriously have a problem, like i am soooooooooooo obsessed with yo seob it’s unbelievable, he’s so adorable!

  5. hey gi kwang this are america girl antinisha i miss you i love you crazy about you to be with you. love letter missyou you bably miles between us because of yyou together soon

    • please make new muisn videos for me GI KWANG for my birthday it is on may 30 and i want to see you gi kwang but i live in a AMERICA i need to be with AJ. he meant to be with just me i can make him happy and his life he what never be a onily no more if he had me iam so OBESSED IN LOVE WITH GI KWANG I LOVE YOU GI KWANG., IAM SO FUN TO BE WITH ALL OF FUN IAM iam so OBESSED for you to make a musin VIDEOS FOR MY BIRTHDAY ok PLEASE GI KWANG YOUR MYSTERY LOVE

    • i have feelling for gi kwang

  6. gi kwang gi we need to be too togther some how

  7. they’ve really done a good job and deserves this big break…and their mini album is no joke!!! its really good….their dance moves are awesome…they each have their own way of captivating fans not just with their looks…just don’t get too drawn to fame or u’ll loose who u really are and forget that ur there now coz u love what you are doing & not coz u have to do it for whatever reason…the most important is u enjoy singing,dancing & performing to the best of ur abilities to the fans….wish u all good luck and good health….don’t 4get to wash ur hands….hehehe….nytnyt

  8. i hope ur album will be released here in the Philippines…

  9. plss plss gi kwang can i be with you boy i real love you end care about your life end i love who you are lee gi kwang real real realreal want to be with you lee gi kwang can i be with you plss love you boy you dont know how much i love you iam not a fan if you but i real love you

  10. end lee gi kwang can you sings my a song for me plss plss plss plss plss plss plss i love the way you sings end d dance wind you dance you sihlls likees aj wind you dance. i love the way you dance it is sexy but i love it all end i know all about you i do end you is a good singser end even firday i look at muisc bank so plss plss plss plss plss plss plss plss plss plss plss plss do a song for me on MUISC BANK PLSS PLSS PLSS I HOPE THAT YOU ARE do end it plss plss boy you dont know all much that i real love you end like you lee gi kwang i hope that you feellings the someway as i do gi kwang end i real want to be your girlfirend end your lover but iam your lover

  11. iam the one you who real love you boy end make a mystery 2 for me that be my song from you lee gi kwag

  12. plss plss be my boyfirend end ia yu girlfiirend ok

  13. all i need just you lee gi kwang

  14. oh my god i reall do love ki kwang i do like reall i do people

  15. people i reall is end love with ki kwang he is my love end iam his love myes blood is A end ki kwang his is A gi kwang he is my baby boy end love of my life one day people i reall love that boy

  16. b2st is te cools aisan boy band i love the new song shock it is sexy end so hot end all my god real love ki kwang i o people

  17. al lee can you be my angel kiss from you. my love

  18. i reall like the new song shock hope that song is for me i reall like shock the new it is soooooso so cool end hot iam shock

  19. te new song shock is so cool end cool cool end hot end sexy AJ LEE he is hot end sexy end the new song shock he is my baby

  20. b2st are the beast

  21. the are so cool end the beast reall they ar the BEAST OF THE BEAST


  23. the are the beast

  24. they are the beast asian boy band b2st reall they are reall they are is the beast

  25. i reall reall reall reall reall reall reall reall reall reall love ki kwang him soooooooooooosoooooooososo so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so i do love him i care about him

  26. all want just ki kwang him that all i want

  27. hi. my name is Hannah Kim. and i was born in S.Korea but moved to California when i was 5. but now i am in the 6th grade. i speak english very well. and Korean well. ( even though im not that good )


    my favorite:
    1. yo seob((: – i love your cuteness
    2. jun hyung((: – i love your rapping
    3. doo joon((: – love your leadership
    4. hyun sung((: – love your hair
    5. dong woon((: – maknaes are the best((:
    6. ki kwang((: – sorry i dont like you ((:


  28. Please come to london!

    anyways do your best!

  29. I love B2ST 🙂
    Kisses for Ki kwang oppa and du jun ❤

  30. i think sn dong woon handsome and pretty,how do you think about him? I feel , i like him

  31. joseph and lee gi kwang rules…. beast is the b2st forever…. number 1… no one can defeat BEAST/B2ST because they are so talented and awesome and cool and stuff like that….

  32. I’m josh joseph from Philippines…. I’m a huge fan of Beast/B2st …..joseph and lee gi kwang is the best…

  33. everyday i shock shock…every night i shock shock…..mystery mystery me.. smile lee gi kwang….ur the BEAST/B2ST

  34. lee gi kwang is so cool

  35. HI im just wondering but do anyone know how to send a fan letter to Beast??? cus i realllllllllllly love them and i just want to at least try to send a fan letter!!!!! =]

  36. AWWW…..the boys appreciate their fans:) love dongwoon<3

  37. For the first time i like beast i don’t know what’s their group name . HAHAHHA . This is because i just heard their song and i just really love their voice . B2ST have really wonderful voice . Until one day i look for the team that sang the song . HAHAHHA . Start from that i always support you BEAST ! You’re The BEST !

  38. Erm, hye… Beast make more album.. we(b2uty) will suport u guy, even we never face to face… jia you….hwaiting…go beast…:D

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