Asians represent! a-Tunes interview!

Gifted Thought, a.k.a. GT has this to say about his music, “I’m not tryna be street. I’m not tryna be cool. I’m not tryna be anything. I just put it out there. My music is simply my primary source of expression.” GT is in the house and he’s reppin’ Asians not only in his blog a-Tunes, but also through his music. And guess what, he likes SNSD too!

In keeping with the male domination theme of this blog… Let me introduce to you… GT, Korean-Chinese, 24, from Maryland, USA! If you’re tired of all the concepts in Asian popdom and if you’re looking for something fresh, his blog a-Tunes is the way to go. He features break-dancers, dance crews, rock bands, rappers, and everything in between—covering Asian artists already popular, and artists trying to make it in the US. What’s cool about his blog is that you get to discover artists that may not necessarily be in the mainstream scene. He gives his own reviews with a mind as a music-maker himself.


“Real job”: “Ninja Assassin. Just kidding, I’m a technology consultant. Zzzz, I know.”

If you’re in the middle of a huge crowd & a friend is supposed to meet you, what do you think is your distinct attribute that will make your friend recognize you from afar? Like when they see you they’ll say, “Ah… That’s GT!”

“My terribly short arms. Some of my friends like to call me T-Rex cause I have a big head and little arms. Don’t you dare laugh.”

Why the name Gifted Thought?

“I just liked the name. I used to go by my AIM screenname, which is MajaFlavaz which was a variation of MajahFlavah, a clothing brand in Korea, but then when I started recording, I changed it to Jotted Down. I didnt really like that name as time went so finally I sat and thought long and hard sometime in 2003 and came up with Gifted Thought. I just felt it fit better haha.”

Brief background on A-Tunes:

“a-Tunes is 95% about focusing on Asian talent in the States and 5% commentary on Asian music abroad. Don’t ask me where I got those numbers, I completely made them up. But the real mission of a-Tunes is to primarily provide a resource where people can come to easily keep up to date on talented Asian artists. My hope is that sites like mine will eventually become unnecessary because major media outlets will finally give Asian musicians fair representation.”

What do you think makes Asian music different from the rest of the world?

“This is actually a really difficult question to answer without getting too lengthy and verbose. Long story short, I believe the Western hemisphere is still far more influential on a global scale than the Eastern hemisphere when it comes to spreading musical culture. It’s slowly starting to even out but there is a long way to go.”

What genre of music are you most interested in?

“Hm, I guess it really depends on what my mood is in. I consider myself to have fairly eclectic tastes but if I had to choose one genre I’d say Hip-Hop.”


First song you play when you wake up in the morning:

“Again, this will change just about every day but lately I’ve been listening to Deep Foundation’s album & Tim Be Told’s latest EP. Or SNSD’s Genie song. Yea, that’s right, don’t judge me.”
Last song you listen to before sleeping: “See Above.”


Asians making it in the US

What are your thoughts on [*Note: This interview was made before the end of WG and Jo Bros. tour]:

“Wonder Girls and the Jonas Brothers? When I first read about it I thought it was a completely random move on behalf of JYPE. Then I thought about it some more and I realized it may be stroke of sheer genius. You can never underestimate the sheer influence of the tweeners on their Mommy and Daddy’s credit cards.”

Se7en, BoA and possibly Rain’s advance into the US music market?

“I’m not convinced YG knows how to properly market or mange Se7en in the US (see all the related news about their debacle with Red Queen Media). I think YG’s moves have been too few and far apart. BoA has been working extremely hard and I’m a little worried she’s going to burn out before she has a chance to make it. I was happy to see her headline the SF Pride festival but overall I’m not 100% behind SM’s decision to market her as strictly a dance pop artist. Lastly with Rain, I’m interested to see where this movie strategy will take him. Will it give him enough of a market/fan base to successfully cross back over to music in the US? I’m not entirely sure but I’m excited to find out!”

Which Asian artist do you think has what it takes to make it internationally?

“Out of the three above I think BoA has the best chance. She has more general charm/appeal plus she’s an attractive female. Asian males still have a very hard time being accepted as figures in the forefront of media on a global scale; so that’s just one more obstacle on top of many others that Se7en & Bi will have to overcome.”

List down 3 must listen to songs of all time:

“OK, this question is rediculously hard to answer so I’ll narrow it down to Korean music only.

Kim Bum Soo -Bogoshipda

MP Hip Hop – Cho

J – Uhjaechurum”


Dream collaboration

Which artists would you like to see do a song together? “I wish Teddy & Danny of 1TYM would team up with J and form a ‘city high’ type of group here in the states. Their rendition of ‘Thank God I Found You’ from back in the day showed promise.”


Name that artist! (for this year!)

“Once again I’ll just stick to the Korean realm.”

Best singer: ” 8eight. I’ve loved their style of music and talent from the very beginning.”
Best album: Drunken Tiger’s 8th album – Feel Ghood Muzik

Worst singer: Kim Jung Ah from after school has to be the worst good singer I’ve heard in a while. Her voice isn’t that bad but she hits so many bad notes in live performances.

Worst album: I wouldn’t call it the worst album, but Uptown’s latest is definitely one of the more disappointing ones. The level of talent of Chan, Swings and Maniac is far greater than the music they put out.

TIME TO SAY GOODBYERS! What do you want to say to your readers?

“All I can say is thank you so much. We all should support good music and I hope a-Tunes helps people do that, especially for the artists that are underepresented because of the shape of their eyes. a-Tunes always will be about sharing good music.”


Major pimpage. Get to more about GT and listen to his music!

Visit his blog at, follow him on Twitter (giftedthought), keep tabs on his gigs, new releases via and!

Support Asian Music! Because…

You’ll never know where this music is gonna take you!


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  1. I like his straight forward honesty, lol

  2. Hey it’s my blogger neighbor! I’m happy your back and doing the interviews again. It makes everyone all connected and I think it’s awesome ^^;;

  3. blogger feature 😀 keep it up dearie..

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  5. thanks again for the honor! floatingstars ftw!

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