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The Aftermath of the Sky Banner Project, letter sent to pastor of the Church Jay goes to

The flight of the Sky Banner for Jay has come and gone, but its traces can still be felt and seen. For the continuation of this two-part interview, Briar talks about the issues and problems that resulted from, and  attributed to the Project.



After the Sky Banner Project was accomplished, an article by Travis Mayfield from KOMO News 4 was published in, entitled “Crazed fans claim disgraced Korean boy band member is in seclusion in Seattle” and was filed under the category “Weird.” In addition, certain information in the article was lacking and its overall tone was preceived as “trivializing the issue,” more so because the words “disgraced” and “crazed” were used to describe Jay and the fans. This caused an outrage among fans, resulting to an influx of negative comments directed towards the writer, demanding him to “get his facts straight,” and even take down the article. The headline has since then been changed to “Fans beg former Korean Boy Band Member to Return” and is now filed under “Arts and Culture.” Readers noticed that the content of the article has been edited several times in response to the comments.

Mayfield writes: “Think of them as the Korean equivalent to Jonas Brothers: they’re called 2PM and these guys have every teen, tween and pre-tweet in South Korea entranced… Park apparently wrote a few disparaging sentences on his MySpace page regarding Koreans.Those sentences were made public and Park abruptly left the group and went into seclusion.” [before the edits, 2PM was spelled as 2-pm]


Following this article was a news segment that showed Jay’s story being reported by KOMO on its TV news broadcast.

Jay in Komo News 4, describing him as a Korean-American singer-dancer and leader of 2PM, who is “grappling with an Internet controversy about anti-Korean comments he made years ago.”

Komo reported on the Sky Banner as “A plane even flew over Seattle area this weekend with a banner to get Jaebeom’s attention.”

They also interviewed Mike, Park family’s neighbor who said when asked if he was concerned if fans and media will show up in their neighborhood, “I’m not that concerned… I really didn’t know how big he is over there. I just heard he’s some kind of a star who did some singing, dancing or something over there…” Two fans were interviewed, Andrena Collins said, “It’s interesting to have him so close, but it’s also disappointing that he won’t be with his bandmates. Sarah Pry said, “I think if someone is a true fan, that they will not try to do anything to invade his privacy and they will leave him alone to show support.”

Komo: “But for now… that star, has landed back here in Seattle.” The reporter added, “The singer said he would like to come back and perform in South Korea but doesn’t know if and when that will happen.


Being one of the main organizers of the Sky Banner Project, Briar received several negative/hate mails from both Korean and English-speaking fans.

“Most of the emails were actually in Korean, so it didn’t really affect me too much. My Korean is minimal, so I had to ask my friend to help me translate it. Understanding it second hand like that lessened the impact of it, I think. I only got a few messages from people who spoke English. A couple of people also said I was an idiot and a stalker. I let it get to me for a little while, but ended up disregarding it. This is the world we live in these days, people find it very difficult to trust others. It’s a shame, but I know my own intentions and if other people can’t understand that, I pity them a bit. I guess I’m sometimes lucky being in Australia because there aren’t many fans here. If someone threatens me, they really can’t act on it because we’re in different countries. I think people have figured out that threatening me won’t have as great an effect on me over such a distance.”

What can you say about speculations that the Sky Banner Project directed unwanted attention to Jay, and ultimately leading the media to dig up about this whole issue?

“Hmmm… very honestly, I felt very down for a couple of days and started doubting my actions. But I was reminded – rather harshly – that this whole project was a team effort, and I couldn’t be selfish in thinking it was all my fault. I got a considerable number of messages on my blog when I posted my apology to the followers. I wasn’t apologizing for the event, I will never do that. Instead, I was apologizing for not being able to do more damage control than I do. I had always stated that the American media was not to be contacted. Unfortunately, a few fans got too enthusiastic and forgot my warning.

I personally don’t think the article or TV segment was too bad, apart from Jaebeom’s house being put on camera, which was unprofessional. While the article was poorly written, the author was ignorant to every aspect of the situation, and should have been ignored as soon as he got the facts wrong. What made it have such a negative effect, in my opinion, were the comments from Hottests that blasted the poor guy. Rather than being civil and ignoring the silly man with no research skills, fans decided they would threaten him, abuse him and rage at him publicly.

This issue has already happened, we can’t change that and everyone has been forgiven. I only hope that people have learned that we must stick to the plan and act as a group if we’re going to plan something so big.”


This is a snippet from the letter Briar sent to the pastor of Jay’s Church:

“We do not apologize for the actual project, due to the fact that its only intention was to make Jaebeom and his suffering fans smile, not to gain media coverage of the whole saga. We do, however, apologise for its intentions being misinterpreted and the whole thing getting out of hand. Had I been aware of it earlier, I feel as though I would have been able to prevent the whole thing from occurring. This is my own fault.

I also want to let you know that although this has happened, I and a few other group leaders from Korea are doing as much damage control as possible. We are requesting that all youtube videos of the segment posted by individual fans be removed, and asking fans not to direct their angry comments to the media, but instead to me. I am in the process now of sorting through those comments and responding accordingly.

Please know that I am doing everything in my power to help ease the tension a little.
I hope that despite all of this ruckus, Jaebeom and his family focus solely on the positive message his fans sent him through the Skybanner Project. I have always stressed that this project was to show support of Jaebeom whatever his decision is, whether it be to leave 2PM or not. We were neutral on the boycott, and didn’t point fingers or blame JYPE. We are still routing for a positive outcome to all this.
“Once again, I hope you will understand our intentions and accept my apology.”

Asked what measures they took after the project, Briar said that they’re trying to get into contact with ALLKPOP “to request they clarify their articles.” As for any future project they’re planning, “…that’s a bit of a secret right now. And of course we’re still setting up our donation to Korea’s underprivileged children in 2PM’s name.” The JaySkyMsg account in Twitter will still be used for future projects. Briar added, “I will never say I regret this project, because I believe it has made a positive difference.”

Source: Komo News Article, and Komo 4 news broadcast, Jay Making the Artist, Time2Sub, Briar Francis [Thank you so much for trusting me with this interview]


Floatingstars: It’s up to you, dear readers what you think about this subject, at least now you know the other side of the story. Let me end this interview with words from Jay, in his feature in MTV making the artist:

Jay: “Dance is the way that I express myself and what I do to just get away from the stress… get away from the real world. It’s also what I do to entertain people, I came here to make ends meet and I work hard for my family, my friends, and my crew Art of Movement. I’ll never forget where I came from, I’ll never forget my roots… and I’m always gonna have that hungry state of mind. I’m just gonna do this every day like it’s my last.”

18 Responses

  1. i wish people would stop replying to komo news’ article. everytime somebody replies, it’s bumping the article up on the internet popularity list and google. if everybody stop replying, it’ll eventually disappear into the deep of the internet sea and eventually die down.

    if we can’t make them remove the article, this is the other choice we have to make it disappear.

  2. Very well written.
    And I like how professional briar’s responses are. =]
    I think many hottests allowed their emotions to take over
    When they read the poorly written article by travis.
    That’s why he got bashed. I hope he’s okay.
    We are still very sensitive towards this subject.
    Ahh. I miss jaybutt. That smexy beast will return oneday, when he’s ready
    And I’ll be right here waiting.

  3. Thanks for this! ❤ I'm glad that there's something like this so people can perhaps READ it before passing judgment.

  4. Nicely answered.
    But it’s up to people how wold they think we just can’t do anything about it.
    We’ll just have to know that we’re with good intentions of this project.
    Hope that people would understand more about this whole project thingy.
    Thanks for sharing about this. 🙂

  5. HOTTEST fans are for the most part too EMOTIONAL because they are mostly Korean School Girls who have nothing better to do. All the backlash they are getting is what they deserve. Idiot girls they all are. And you disagree then you are too. IDIOTS all of you!!!


  7. I think the Sky Banner was a good idea. It’s too bad that it had to go this way though. It seems that there will always be people who don’t know how to handle things and act out in such a way that hurts others. I hope the fans that are attacking the Komo site will let it rest.

  8. The sky Banner was really a good idea.
    And though they show Jay’s house, I still think komo4news broadcast is not that bad.

    They are neutral and seem to be on Jay’s side even. They don’t portray Korea as an evil country for expeling Jay like that and look down on either Jay or Koreans.

    But again cultural difference makes it’s harder. Hottests just blame them again and again and makes it a very big deal again after that article.

    Now apart from the antis in Korea, we may have some in the states now.

    Some ignorant American who read the comments can feel annoyed with our reaction. They may think how dare of Jay Park to not show his house in a normal American news. how dare their fans attack the channel just because they are making news in their own country and Jay Park is American.

    Please Be calm, my fellow hottests, it wouldn’t be good to make a negative comments. It makes us look bad and will make Jay’s in trouble. If you don’t like it, ignore it.

  9. I like the way you wrote this, it’s so balance and you not lead us to a certain opinion. I actually touched by the sincere actions from the sky banner team. In fact, i found it very creative and interesting. The message wasn’t too provocative and it’s just like a warm ‘hallo’ message from a friend.
    However, the big case is that this thing was blown up in the internet/media and it becomes a huge topic to talk about. No wonder it gains huge responds. In my opinion, i don’t think what they did with the sky banner is wrong. They are jay’s fans who want to show how much they care, and they were not the first one who show sincerity and loyality to their idols. However, somehow it also makes me to think: maybe we should just leave jay alone. He just had the most difficult time in his life, he needs a little break.

    • I agree about giving Jay time, the one thing he needs now is some peace time with his family and friends, but when I was exchanging e-mails with Briar, she told me this is the last time she’s going to talk about it. Which is good too, the issue has been explained, and their side has been aired, now it’s up to haters whether they will understand or not, and it’s about time fans lay low for a while…

      • Yes, compare to other crazy fangirls had done (i.e. suicide, stalking, etc.), what Briar done was actually not that extremely insane. In fact, I think it’s just another creative way to show how much they care to their idols. I don’t mean to hope that people should forget about it, but more like … come on, don’t sweat small stuff people.

      • True, it takes a lot of effort, I mean organizing such an event is not an easy thing to do. Lots of coordination and considering that the fans are from different countries and different time zones!

  10. Why can’t they leave him alone? The more they bother him along with K-Hottest, the more time he spends in Seattle, I wonder what he does there. B-boying? Working?

    • An article in a US news in the Internet said he’s “working,” but didn’t elaborate much on it. I’m just glad he’s living a semi-normal life for now. They should let him rest seriously.

  11. while I totally understand some people thinking that hottest have gone too far, they’re stalking, etc. whatever, it kinda bother’s me. just becoz it’s a group they might not be as passionate about why bash other’s effort’s? if the same thing happened to one of their groups, I’m sure a majority of them would be doing the same if not more to show their support.

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