The next big stars part 3: A sneak peak at the “Child of Empire”

We’ve seen the new boy bands from Cube and J Tunes Entertainment. And now, Star Empire Entertainment wants in on the boy battle too! Their secret weapons? Not only years of training, but a bigger number of members and an army of ulzzangs!

Just when you thought it’s over, Part 3 of the rookie series features yet ANOTHER new up and coming group set to debut this November!

This new group was groomed by Star Empire Entertainment, with training years spanning for as long as four years. Called “Child of Empire,” the nine-member boy band first showed their faces back in April, on MNET’s “Office Reality” where it showed their training sessions and behind-the-scenes of their quest to become the next big stars.

Some of their sunbaes in the Star Empire Family are:

Sexy woman group Jewelry

Male vocal group V.O.S.
and sexy solo artist Sori is also part of Star Empire (though I’m not sure if she’s still there, haven’t been keeping up on stuff about her to be honest), together with Poppin’ Hyun Joon, and hottie Julien Kang,

Among them, Park Hyeong Sik (19) appeared as the boyfriend in Jewlery S “Date” video. Moon Joon Yeong (21) became very popular on Mnet’s “Flower Boys Terror”. These two along with 7 others will make up the new group. “Even before their debut, the group has already gained much interests and popularity amongst female fans. The group is known to consist of representative member ullzangs Moon JoonYeong, Park Hyun Sik etc.”

Already netizens are comparing the group with Super Junior, who is also known for the large number of members. They look pretty cool actually, and their style isn’t fruity, unlike the newly debuted SHUI (from DSP) whose single “Bomb Bomb Bomb” is not as “explosive” as it sounds. Star Empire is quite a good company but it also had its share of plagiarism issues. I love V.O.S., and Jewelry, but they lack good promotions. I like how Seo In Young is not afraid to show her fierce personality. But I’m just not into their music. Anyways, Child of Empire seems interesting although I’m not sure whether my brain capacity can hold another male group. Too bad there ain’t that much info on each individual members yet. Well at least their name sounds intriguing and easier to understand because they’re part of Star Empire, unlike B2ST and MBLAQ that requires half an hour to explain! LOL

Either way… More boys mean:

Fangirls rejoice!


13 Responses

  1. I’m so sorry to ask, but which video is the gif from? Looks crazy adorable! 😀

  2. People are saying that their name sounds like a game or they are the male SNSD. Well, guess what? The more they include SNSD’s name with theirs then the more popular and attention is on them.

    Personally I think it will be great and interesting to see really.

    • You’re right! Having the name SNSD tagged to the group is like a good promotion tactic, kinda like how 2NE1 was being called the “female Big Bang.” Pretty interesting! I can see at least 4 of them that stand out!

  3. Kinda off topic but im really really anticipating for ladys collection they sound good just from the teaser I hope the do good. As for the empire group I dunno hmmm… well see.

    • yeap i’ve been hearing a lot about lady’s collection! I have yet to check them out but i’ll feature them here soon! it’s about time a good vocal group comes to the scene!

  4. New bands keep popping left and right seriously. Personally, I don’t really think they’ll do well but only time will tell right? One of the boys in this group is quite the cutie patootieee though. But not as cute as Jay of coure<3

    Lovee the gif on the bottom ;D

  5. Omg I loved that 2pm video; Junho and Jay comparing who failed more ;____;

    I’m really curious about this new group…a bunch of ulzzangs, eh? Teehee~~

    I remember when I was all :/ about JYP releasing a big boy group, and now look at how crazy I am about the Oneday boys XD I’m sure that I’ll love these boys, that is, if they get the right promotion and are talented 😀 Jewellery’s “One More Time” hurt my ears ><

    Btw, I had no idea Shu-i was under DSP. All I can say is, DSP sucks at promoting :/ SS501 is a great example of that; MY POOR HYUNJOONG BB ;__;

  6. LOL@the gif at the end and “Fangirls rejoice!” 8D

    Again, I know nothing bout this guy group…. I think their name is kinda cute. Totally understandable, that’s fo sho.

    Anyway, bring on the boys! It’s about time. 8DDD

  7. Lol, i guess you’re stop to write girlbands for a moment right? Rejoiiiice!!!!!

    I kind of agree with previous comments, they ont compete with Super Junior, but they compete with SNSD lol.

    Like their names.. agree with you, it’s more understandable. :p

  8. like the names..but while i can’t even remember who is who in mblaq, shu-i n b2st ..there’s already another new boy group..omo >.< btw dearie..little correction, shu-i isn't from DSP it's from Yejeon Media same as JTL.. 😀 thx 4 sharin this, hope i can remember the new boy group member's name *lol*

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