Sending Jay off with a smile…

This is probably the coldest day for all the HOTTESTs.

Jay took his last bow and left Korea on September 8th, 2009 on a 6:30 p.m. flight at Incheon. With a heavy heart he left a message of apology to his fans and to 2PM for not being able to fulfill his responsibilities as a leader. With only 4 days after his MySpace “scandal” broke out, he has not only stepped down as a leader, he also called it quits for being a part of 2PM.

Wikipedia was quick to label Jay as a “former member,” and putting unconfirmed info that JYP is thinking about replacing Jay with Junho as a leader. As of now, we haven’t heard anything from Park Jin Young himself, except prior reports confirming his departure. I do wish JYP will notify us even with a single Tweet just like how he said 2PM’s advance in the US is not confirmed. But JYP seems to be in a Twitter blackout, probably trying to sort things out with much difficulty since he’s out of Korea dealing with the Wondergirls’ US career at the same time.


Guilt-ridden netizens

At the time when Jay’s departure seemed palpable, netizens came out with words saying they didn’t expect things to turn out this way, expressing disbelief in the turn of events. A lot of dug out comments by Jay showing his love for Korea surfaced. In each fan site, and through internet notice boards Jaebum’s message in 2006 to his friends in America through his Myspace were “I want to stay in Korea 1 more year” “Not as a JYP(trainee) but I want to spend it as a Korean.” “In 2002 during the World Cup, JaeBum has come together with his friends and family at the church in Korea to support for Korea. He was like a real Korean who loves Korea. There are also Koreans in Korea who will say they hate Korea when times are hard for them, isn’t it. And are those people traitors? It is really sad that people label him that. ” TOO LATE, MUCH?

This came out a while ago but one of Jay’s friends posted a message saying how their private conversation was invaded, saying that the way they talk as best friends was taken out of context. But he apologized as well.


Until now, I’m still amazed at the resilience 2PM’s fans have shown. It was touching to see them gather and kneel down at the airport while guards were trying hard to control them. An outpouring of love for the leader. We all did our best. I’m sure Jay knows that we understand his situation and that we will still continue to support him. Everywhere I read, everything’s all bleak and depressing. But we should look at this day even with a small flicker of the bright side. Jay will return to his family, it’s the most important thing for him right now. As true fans, we must not be selfish. He was hurt and he needs to rest, away from all the painful words thrown at him. I’m not saying I condone his act, nor am I relieved for his leaving, but really, he needs to be with his parents, friends and be surrounded by them.

So.. keep your heads up, people! Cliche as this may sound, this is not the end. But only the beginning of Jay’s journey towards becoming better and better, a small ditch in the road towards his dreams.


Jay has worked hard to make us laugh.
Here are his finest TV moments:

Jay: “Stop downloading stuff! The FBI will hunt you down.”

Jay being asked about his driving skills: “I’m really good at driving! I could be a taxi driver!”

“IT’S A CONSPIRACY!!!” In Idol Army, Jay gets the most excited when there are female guests: “Two girls! Two girls!”

Jay: “I’m the leader, but you guys ignore me! I am Park Jaebeom!” To Chansung: “Ya! You dare laugh at your hyung?!”

A frog jumped at Jay’s shoes when they were filming Wild Bunny (Taec’s prank episode) on a rainy day. Jay panicked, saying, “AAAAHHH! I’M GONNA DIE!!” And in episode 2, “It’s raining hard…my hair’s gonna fall out.

In an interview with Arirang, Jay had so many NGs just saying the group’s final words for “Again and Again” promotions. He was like, “Everyone please love 2PM a lot! It’s summer now, it’s very hot… please take off your clothes…” *Taec smacks him, and ends up doing the spiel himself!**

Jay: “”Whatever I do, it always looks like I’m a pervert.


ONEDAY BAND OF BROTHERS: The highs and lows in Hotblood, the reality show where JYP trainees were put in an army style boot camp to develop their skills not only as dancers, singers, but also to help them learn about brotherhood and for them to always remember not to be complacent.

Sweat, tears and blood.

My teammates said that they will never let go of our hand. Holding our hands and walk together till the end, from that moment, my tears start flowing out…

– Jokwon-Hot Blood Ep.5


2PM Members posted messages for Jay on his birthday.

“Time really flies… from trainees—Hotblood days—debut till 2PM now. All of us have known one another for 3-5 years. Still remember the first time we met you. You’re completely an American who doesn’t know how to speak in Korean. Even now, your Korean is not that good. I believe you can do your best, right? Leader Hyun. Some of the translated parts in Hangul are translated in English for you and international HOTTESTS to see.”


“Jay hyung! keke! I know you just don’t like us stop calling you “hyung.” Okay. Today I’ll call you hyung more. In the past you just hate Hangul but I know you’re trying your best now.”

“Yes, I see you everyday but I just can’t express what I wanted to tell you. Heh heh that’s why I have decided to tell you here instead. Happy birthday Jay baby! A year older too! but I still love you! Stop acting cool and strong when you’re not at times. But I can feel your sadness, just that you just don’t share with any of us. Please stop it! Share with us! With me?”


“Jay baby ~~~ lalala my baby~~hey stop acting strong! I’m glad to know you. Probably your English is better than your Korean lol that’s why I can understand you better.

Let’s study Hangul, and I hope one day you can surpass me haha. Thanks for being such a great leader and helped us when we needed to. Please can we help each other? We love you!”

The power trio


“Hey hey hey yo! My birthday’s coming but I’m still younger than you (cheeky smiles) you’re sleeping on your bed now. I’m jealous… Why? I’m tired but I just want you to be happy and who don’t love our mighty Jay? I’m going to join with you soon. Thank you Taec for translating”


“I envy you. You’re so confident in your work. I’ve never seen you give up. Why are you so confident? Because of you, I’m getting stronger now. When I told you I’ve never slept on the floor before, without a word, you let me sleep in your big bed. You’re so kind and a great leader.I respect and love you hyung.”


“Hey man! I’m trying to improve my English. What can I say about you, hyung? Your talented, charismatic and so much mroe. I like to sing with you again soon. How’s your sleep now? Thumbs up, you’re great!” [probably written while Jay is snoring asleep]

“I like to play with hyung. No one wants to play with me but it’s really nice to play with you. You may sound angry sometimes but I know you are not serious. (laughs) Thanks hyung for so much. I love you hyunnie! May you dream us in your dreams now! Happy birthday!”


GOOD TIMES WITH 2PM. [Trans. of 2PM’s song “You might come back”]

“I was happy just being together
i was happy just looking at (you)
(i) feel as i have the whole (whole) world.
it was like that..”

“You’ve already left
but i still have useless hopes
I’m still the same, it’s too hard, I can’t forget you”

“Yearning for you again today, I wiped my tears
without any reason, the tears just flowed
the emptiness you’ve left is big…


I know everyone’s exhausted about today’s events. Seeing someone you admire for his talents and someone whose career you’ve patiently followed can be emotionally draining. I am feeling down too. But this is the least I can do for HOTTESTs who are devastated. Honestly, I lost all enthusiasm for reading and updating news. Korean entertainment industry can be damn scary. Realistically speaking, an apology may not mend things right away. But leading to Jay leaving Korea?? Who knew it would turn out like this?

This is dedicated to Pink Granpa, Jay.

When reporters asked him about his plans in America, he talked about music. He said, “I am planning to study music in America” and “have a time of reflection. I want to show a more mature side both personally and musically.” But he seemed vague about when he’s coming back.

I will stay healthy in America. I will come back as a better person.

P.S. Please spread the word. Leave your cheer and fighting! messages for Jay here. And kindly give encouragement to your fellow HOTTESTs all over the world. Let’s all hope that everyone’s wounds (netizens, fans), including Jay’s, will heal…

credits: K Bites (Sookyeong@WP), Allkpop, makikawaii@WP (for the lyrics), (for some of the quotes), 2PM’s fancafe for the birthday messages,, Cha Yun @ Newsen, Translation: Jiyo @ 2ONEDAY Fourms

23 Responses

  1. Seeing the pictures from his departure is so heartbreaking. Thanks for putting this post together. I smiled remembering all these moments!

  2. THIS made me tear again )’:

  3. thank you so much for this post. beautiful people will stay beautiful no matter what

  4. I have cried while I was reading this post!!
    I am complementamente disheartened…..
    my heart is broken.
    I He Smiles and cry remembering many of the videos that I saw
    I hope that JAY could treat his wounds with the time to be with his family and more nearby friends surely it will strengthen it.
    There are no words to describe the immense gratitude that I have Jay for million times make laugh while I saw his actions
    and I will always support you!! I hope to see your beautiful smile once again and that this time lasts forever.

  5. This makes me so sad.
    Why? Why is there so much hate in this world?

    I hope things will go better for him in America!
    What makes me happy is, to know, that there are people IN EVERY CORNER OF THIS WORLD loving and supporting our leader. Always standind behind him, no matter where he will go or what he will do. People will always continue to love and support him!!!

    Keep fighting one and only leader!

  6. I will wait till the mature and better JAY comes back……

    and by the way…his moments are so damn funny… helps in reducing the sadness and disappointment I’m feeling right now…..PARK JAY….FIGHTING!!!!!

  7. I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks that I’ve seen those episodes of wild bunny. I’m sad that he focused on negative comments instead of the love and forgiveness that his fans have for him. I really hope he would come back someday…

    On a lighter note: plans for Operation-Stalk-Jay-in-Seattle has been transformed from an impossibility to Operation-Stalk-Jay-in-Seattle-While-He’s-Vulnerable. Fan-girl power switch on!

  8. Not a fans, but why do I feel sad and upset about this??
    Why on earth those netizens didn’t learn any lessons after the choi jin sil’s incident? And now, they easily regret their violent attacks??? I guess, Korean government need to publish internet education act right away, so that those crazy netizens can understand clearly the ethics on internet. Gosh, get some books will ya!

  9. and now they regretted !!damn it those people, why cant they just be kind a little, its few years back and they cant accept it! when they know jay is leaving, they said they didnt expect things turn out this way, TOO LATE !!!! Gah, what the hell wrong is with them like really.
    i cried reading your post, good post, and its really touching. hope jay comes back asap for their upcoming album, it just feels weird having 6 members and not 7. hwaiting and fighting hottest, this is not the end !

  10. i can’t stop crying when i see him leaving & bowing …thx 4 sharing this dear..

  11. feeling sad…watching him leave like that & seeing all those hottests kneeling on the ground…
    with his family & friends he will overcome this and grow. this is not the end of the road but the beginning of a new one. fighting!

  12. This note is just perfect! This is master piece!
    I miss Jay so much! Dont want him to go!
    Please come back! We will fight!

  13. i cry everytime i see something related to this news. it breaks my heart.

  14. Wonderfully written. I almost burst into tears halfway through. Pictures made it all the better. Thank you~

  15. This is really sad, not only cause I am a fan. For anyone to go through this, has to be hard. Feeling like your own kind dont appreciate you anymore. I know what he said was wrong but like you said…Leading Jay to return back to the states?!?!?! He was so entertaining. He will be missed.

  16. This “last farewell” to JaeBeom gives you a reminiscent feeling, about all the good times, fun, and loving times we were able to see through 2PM. It breaks my heart to see such a man of leadership, with so much potential for a successful future be put down by some cold-blooded “netizens”. What he did was forgivable, but some people are just to low to know and accept that. We already know that the “netizens” feel regretful and sorry about him leaving 2PM, but that truly is unforgivable.

    We will always love our Park JaeBeom, Jay Park, our loving and humorous leadja. May he grow to be a more mature person, become prosperous in his life and grow in the Lord’s ways. ~We’ll wait for you, Jay ! =)

  17. this made me in tears..Thank you for doing this for Jay~
    We will always support & wait until you comeback Jay~
    Jay Fighting!! Hottests Fighting!!

  18. Jay Park… Park Jaebum…

    I’ve cried since the message he wrote to his fancafe came out. I cried until he reached the airport, refusing to believe that it was happening. It wasn’t until the first picture came out, that it finally hit me — that he was really leaving. And it seriously struck a chord in me.

    I’ve never cried or felt this sad before over any of my favorite groups, singers, and other artists. Whenever something bad happened, I was okay, because I knew everything would be okay. But this… A part of me is still in denial that this has happened; however, the other part… is relieved because Jay is at his home, in Washington, with his family and his friends. He’s with the people who knew him before he went to Korea, and I know in my heart that they’ll watch over and love him no matter what happens.

    If all of us feel this way… I can’t even imagine how the rest of 2PM is feeling. The mere thought of it is heartbreaking on so many levels. But I know, they’ll get through this. All of them will together, as One Day, and with everyone in the JYP Family.

    We’ll all wait for Jay’s return.

    We’ll all wait for the day when he and the others smile again.

    We’ll all patiently wait.

    Everyone, we’ll get through this together. Let’s keep showing our love and support for 2PM and Jay, the one and only LEADJA.

  19. This made me sad. I will miss Jay presence in the group. He was my favourite member. I hope he stays strong and is able to heal during this period. Jay Fighting !! Supporting him all the way ~

  20. hello, regarding this jay thing, i can’t help but feel it is in someways very similar to what happened to news with uchi and kusano being pulled out of the band
    they all committed a mistake and i guess they have to pay the price. i mean i know every one make mistakes but i guess when you’re in their position every little mistake gets amplified.
    to be honest, what jay did is definitely wrong but it is not as serious as what everyone makes it out to be. i mean let’s be honest, how many of us here have never ever criticized our own home country or for that matter other countries? i will admit that i have. but, i guess hearing others insult your home country would make us angry.
    oh well, i was never a fan of 2 pm but i think it is sad that he had to leave the group. especially considering how hard the training years were for him

    • so true about kusano and uchi!!! i’ve been a fan of news for a long time and i’ve followed the developments of that incident. i think in japan when you’re a celeb and you’re caught either smoking or drinking underage (which is considered illegal there) it’s immediately a huge offense, especially if you’re an idol whom half the population of the youth think of as role models. but it took JE a long time to put uchi back in the limelight as an actor, but from what i gather his career will never be the same as before. the momentum was gone. plus lots of rumors surrounding kusano’s comeback, but it never happened. what’s good though is that JE hasn’t dropped them out of the company—which i hope is the same for Jay and JYPE.

  21. i actually laughed and cried while looking at their pictures.. i was really touched by the members’ birthday messages to Jay.. we all know they love each other and they love their leader Jay… i hope he’s doing fine in the states.. and i really hope he’ll come back to Korea, to JYPE, to 2ONEDAY, to 2PM, and to us! we love you Jay.. we all love 2PM! pls come back..

    *background song: Doraoljido Molla*

  22. i’m crying now!!! ~.~ hiks…

    miss jay so much!!

    hopely he always healthy and became mature again and abselutely come back to 2PM as a leader!!

    JAY..we all “Hottest” in the world support you so much!!support your desicion no matter what is that..

    hopely u can back soon..

    we all waiting you!!

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