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Park Jaebeom, is this really goodbye?

I have been staring at my laptop for the longest time. I don’ t think I can convey my thoughts coherently. Jaebeom once jokingly said in a Wild Bunny episode: “Just trust and follow the leader.” Jay has always shown passion in his leadership, being a friend and a brother to 2PM. But what if the leader decides to call it quits, and leave everything behind?

On September 8th 11:59PM, Jaebum wrote on his fancafe:

“Hello, I’m 2PM’s JaeBum. I’m sorry for giving you my last greeting through this letter. I think it will be hard for me to see you all on stage because of my sorry heart. I’m really sorry to everyone, and I’m even more sorry to the fans who have shown me love.
From today, I will leave 2PM.”

2PM boys, I’m really sorry to the boys and I’m sorry I couldn’t be strong as a leader and a hyung and have to leave like this.
However, I hope you will be more cool and charming.
Again, I’m sorry.”

JYP Entertainment also confirmed through a phone interview with Newsen that the departure of Jaebum from 2PM is indeed true. JYP Entertainment stated “This has been talked about and decided in a meeting” and that “Jaebum will most likely go back to America.” “Jay is reportedly very upset mostly because he feels like he let his mom & brother down, the reasons why he went to Korea.

There are several speculations going on in forums, fansites and Korean portals. I have kept myself from updating/translating or going to the forums prior to this development because I just feel disheartened at how negative netizens are handling the situation. Some say that Jay’s fancafe has been hacked, there are rumors that he was given a choice whether to stay but as  no longer the leader of 2PM or leave. While there were rumors that JYP himself forced him. There are also details that some netizens have evidence, more MySpace comments about how Jay is proud to be Korean, and are only releasing them out of guilt. I’m keeping up tabs via 2ONEDAY, follow them via Twitter for more up-to-date news at As of the moment, he is said to be leaving for America 6:30 KST, and the HOTTEST president is calling for support, mobilizing fans to stop him at the airport. Go here to see the details and sign the petition: HOTTEST and join the group via Facebook here: SUPPORT JAY.


My own take on this devastating news:

Jay has worked so damn hard. Just like the rest of 2PM, he was honest and never afraid to act un-idol like, courageously making himself look like a fool in variety shows just for us to have fun and to make us laugh. And for what? For our own entertainment. It’s hard to think that those who were laughing WITH him during those happy times are now laughing AT him. It’s heartbreaking to see that the people who put him on a pedestal are the ones who are bringing him down. 2PM is still a baby in idol years, they have just celebrated their one year for sobbing out loud! Yet they have received love in a short span of time, and now that love is being taken away from them by people who just don’t see the whole picture, and only look at his mistake.

As a performer, Jay has risked his life every time he did a difficult stunt.

He fell, got injured, practiced like crazy. It’s clear that what he’s doing is his passion. Again, for what?

As I have said before, his mistake can never be erased. He was wrong. But why cover it up with another huge mistake? Why take away his dreams from him? He was being punished enough already for all the hurtful words that were hurled at him. I’ll try my best to get updates. For now please do whatever you can to show support. I do feel that Jay needs to go back to his family to rest, at least his parents, friends and relatives are all there. But to leave for good?


credits: Newsen,

14 Responses

  1. crying 😦 i love you jaebum ❤ we'll always be here to support you

  2. This is so ridiculous. Your whole article is exactly how I feel too. This situation is just getting more and more negative and I don’t understand why neitzens do what the do.
    I would be going to bed now to prepare for school tomorrow, but I’m devestated by this news. I’m not even that big of a fan of 2PM but I’m so shocked.
    I really hope JaeBum does what he wants in the future and nobody will stop him from achieving his dreams.

  3. your post makes me want to cry.
    why take his dreams away from him?

  4. i was at the gym completely unaware of this when my phone was suddenly bombarded with many upset messages from my friends! i was literally gobsmacked at this news! i didn’t know how to react! everyone was upset. we are losing our one and only beastly leader! what can we do? he was wrong yeah as i’ve also said before but he accepted his mistakes and apologized! i think he suffered enough already. please please don’t leave! he worked so hard for his dreams to come true and it’s truly unfortunate that things have taken a nosedive just when it was being realized. no one can ever take his place! forgive him!! stop him! i dunno what to do or think. whatever happens i still support you jae!! thank you for all the happiness you’ve brought us! we’ll be waiting! keep fighting!!

  5. shocked..
    im not a hardcore 2PM fan but i’ve always believed that they’re gonna get pass this somehow, sooner or later..
    i didnt know it was this serious >.<
    (i think they need to come up with a phrase like our "Always Keep The Faith" from dbsk's side! at times like this, fanclubs should stick together to show their power)

  6. i can’t even say much because my head and hurt hurt too much. i can’t even form a comment to express what im feeling because it’s just so tiring. i dont know why i feel so drained. jay park, i will always support and love you.

  7. sigh. why do i feel like crying? This is really too much. I hope you crazy netizens are happy now.

    I wish Jaebum will regain his peace of mind once he returns to the US. I hate to see him leave.

    Jaebum, 2PM, Hottest FIGHTING!!!!

    2PM will never be the same without him. I will miss him.

    Have a safe flight Jaebum. I hope we can get to see you again in the near future.

  8. Its touching to see hottest kneeling and crying just for him to be back, this truly had made all of us heartbroken and sad, and seriously whats with the comments, its 4 years ago and they are making such a big fuss, hopes jay will be back ASAP, he dont have to quit ! ):
    hwaiting Hottests !!!!

  9. shit……I didn’t know that the whole issue is this serious…..I thought the whole issue will died out soon and everything will go back to normal…I’m really disappointed…1st to the netizens….need i say more…and second to jay….I’m not in his position to say this and decide things for him but I just want to state my own personal opinion about him…I thought he is man enough to face this whole issue…I remember commenting on your previous article about how strong I think jay was..but now it’s 360 degree turn…he didn’t only gave up his dream but also the dreams of his fans to see him always on stage. the whole thing does not only affects him but also his group. What will people think about 2pm..their leader quit just like that….but…whatever I say…it is jay’s personal decision. It is HIS life afterall. He knows better than us what is the right thing to do because we are not in his shoes. Somehow I think that his decision is somewhat right. I think he really needs to go back first to his family and friends in the states to seek comfort and reduce or maybe forget the pressure he is feeling right now.BUT…I will always hoping and wishing that one day he’ll go back on stage again and shout to the world..


    • shock! i just turned on my laptop & i read this…i’m actually feeling angry. there probably are other issues to why he quit & left but like kyuhyun04 said i thought he was strong enough to get through this. i thought 2pm were tight & it would blow over. yes there are netizens out there but there are so many more fans than them & if he says he’s doing it for 2pm so there isn’t more trouble then i think that’s wrong too. how is leaving the group gonna help? how are fans gonna take another member being leader & will they accept a new person in the group? i feel disappointed about the whole thing. it’s a decision jay made but he should have just waited it out a bit more since they were delaying their new album anyway. *sigh* i guess i should just wait & see what happens next but this girl is not happy!!!

  10. what??? This can’t be true! It was like two weeks ago I was laughing out loud after watching them on Wild Bunny and listed it as a potential show to watch for. And now, just like in a matter of second, 2PM has to be like this?!! Not a fans, but it really disappointing.
    Another tragedy caused by netizens. One who will never be forgotten is choi jin sil’s suicide after depressed with netizens. Unbelievably insane!

  11. Who released the Myspace comments in the first place?! Im sadden by this whole thing. Jae wasnt my fave but I adore him so much and 2pm WILL NOT be the same.

    • It all started with the latest Wild Bunny episode, showing the boys using Internet and stuff. Taec said he was browsing thru his facebook, Jay was watching his old videos of him and his bboy crew and showing it to the camera. He didn’t show his MySpace though, Idunno maybe the netizens decided to go on a witch hunt. Then of course, his MySpace was always set on public mode, so easy target. There was this one person who came out saying she was the one who released the MySpace comments to a reporter, saying sorry and all. But too late is too late.

  12. OMG!

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