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What now, Park Jaebeom?

Things have gone from bad to worse. We were left hanging as to what will be the next actions for 2PM’s leader, Jay. Now, JYPE has released its statement which more or less gives us an idea of what we’ll be expecting from Jay and from the group itself.

With the recent flood of criticisms against Jay’s Myspace comments, netizens never wasted any time in lashing out negative comments and name-calling not only to Jay but also to the rest of 2PM.

“Go to military training to correct your ways.”

“Ship him back to America where he belongs/ Deport him!”

“Netizens are calling for him to be banned from broadcast shows and even from the group.”

“Please don’t let him appear in TV shows. I will turn the channel the moment I see him. ”



What’s even worse (and effing stupid) are people telling him to commit suicide. Okay we get that what he did was wrong and immature. But isn’t this comment immaturity to the highest level? Telling someone (anyone for that matter!) to go die is just wrong—even if that person committed a grave mistake. Come on now.
Antis also lashed out against Wooyoung and Chansung, who expressed (though not obviously) their support for Jay.
Wooyoung posted…
“Thank You Hottest … 2PM is not 7, we are One.”

Chansung later posted…
“Let’s Walk Together” but, due to strong netizen backlash he removed his message and changed it to (!).

Netizens flooded their posts with replies:


The members are in a vulnerable state also because any word of support that comes out of their mouths will immediately be branded as being a “traitor.”


JYPE had deliberations within the group and management.  “JaeBum will NOT appear in the media’s eye for the time being. He will be put on a self-discipline period. For the time being, 2PM will not have any broadcast schedule, and all scheduled events will also be cancelled. But the recording for their album and dance practice will still continue accordingly.” JYP’s representative also said, “The messages which JaeBum wrote in 2005 on his own MySpace page is just an exaggeration to his friends back in the States. But because of the way and his language of expressing his ideas, he has received many disagreements and unhappiness from the mass public. Currently JaeBum is reflecting on his wrong in the dormitory and he is also skipping meals. He understands the magnitude of his mistake.” Park Jin Young (CEO) said they are sorry on behalf of Jay’s actions and that he will not be taking Jay out of the group, because “ we do not think it is enough to be taking his dreams and goals away from him.”

To be objective about the whole issue, Korea has the right to be outraged. Any country, no matter how or when a negative remark against it was said, will feel the same. It will take time for this whole debacle to settle down. On a more personal note, I’m relieved that he will not be leaving 2PM and having him rest for a while is the best and most logical decision. It’s not an easy thing to do, but for his safety (who knows, antis might be lurking outside their dorm, waiting to throw eggs or rubbish at him) and out of respect to the offended Koreans as well. It’s just really sad that netizens resorted to low-blows such as calling for suicide. RIDICULOUS.

We’ve heard what netizens have to say, now it’s YOUR turn to say your piece.

State your message to (1) Netizens, then to (2) Jay.

To Netizens, no one deserves a death wish for another person. Yes, he was wrong. Don’t watch his shows, don’t buy his group’s stuff. It’s your choice not to support him. It’s that easy. Like I always say, “The opposite of love is NOT hate but INDIFFERENCE.” If you don’t really care about him, why waste time and energy spreading negativity and adding fuel to the fire? Let’s all be civilized in dealing with the issue.

To Jay, you know and admitted your mistake. It takes a real man to do that. But don’t take it out on yourself too much, such as skipping meals. No matter what you do, you can’t erase the past. Be strong for the people who are around you—2PM, JYPE, HOTTESTS and most of all, your family. You’re not the only one who’s hurt. Think of this as a learning experience, a stumbling block you have to overcome to become a stronger and wiser person. ‘Til then, we’ll be waiting.

It’s appalling how one can go from being at the peak of fame to its lowest. 2PM has just celebrated their one year anniversary. We’ll just have to wait what’s up next for all of them, but for the time being, let’s all hope that everyone, including netizens and Jay, will find peace.

credits: K Bites, Seoulbeats, forums, (whose efforts for supporting Jay are truly amazing)

18 Responses

  1. To Netizens: I’m not condoning what Jay said…HOWEVER Jay is a human being just like the rest of us and humans make mistakes. He was man enough to admit his mistak and apologize. If you don’t want to accept his apology then that is your choice but please do not tell a person to committ suicide. That is just really a horrible thing to do.

    To Jay:
    I am glad that you had the courage to apologize and even appear at a concert after all this scandal errupted. Please do not starve yourself! We need you strong throughout this time. Hottests all over the world support and care about you. Don’t ever feel like your alone because your never alone. You have my support 100%. Keep fighting and keep your head held high!

    To JYP:
    I love the fact that you believe in Jay as much as I do. Thank you for keeping him in the group and giving him a chance to continue living his dream. I love you JYP lol

  2. To netizen : leave him alone..ur not GOD who has the power to give or take away someone’s life…

    To jay : it’s wrong, yet,u admit it..keep it cool for a while – we will be waiting for u *himnae*

  3. To netizens:
    Jay isn’t your slave. He’s an idol, for god’s sake. You’re just mere people who can’t accept his apology.

    To Jay:
    I’m not really a big fan of you, (i’m more of a Taec fan sorry. lol) but I just can’t stand people who are so immature who aren’t sensitive enough to understand idols who also commit mistakes. We all know (at least those who aren’t immature) that you really are sorry for what you said a few years back. Hope things get back to normal soon. ^^

  4. to netizens:
    what he did was wrong, but what you are doing is also wrong. yes, it’s okay to feel outrage and turned off, but don’t attack the person for something he obviously regrets. PEACE, LOVE and UNDERSTANDING

    to jay:
    learn from this, stay strong and keep faith.
    you have our love ❤ fighting

  5. I found your article amazing.

    To Netizens : Grow up, open your mind, peace.
    To Jay : Keep your Head up, life isn’t easy, you have to overcome this difficulty and continue, you’ll have a lot of things to overcome. Now you’ve changed, and you have to forgive to yourself, HOTTEST forgiven you yet.

  6. I did leave a comment on your livejournal, but thinking to leave in this one too.

    To Netizens: I know you guys are pretty mad about it as it about pride to your nation. But, use your mind wisely. You’re not God who can judge someone’s life. And be positive, maybe there were something wrong in your country that need to be fixed. Just like us, when someone say bad words about our nation we will be mad but it also remind us about our mistakes. There will be a reason for anything.

    To Jay: Why on earth can you be so careless like that?!! Why didn’t you delete those comments or do something to prevent this chaotic situation? You must be hard to sleep aren’t you? Well what can I say, It’s your risk. Face it, grow up, and be a man. Don’t let this thing happen again in the future. Got it?!!

    • thanks for your sweet message dearie. i agree about what you said to the netizens. “You’re not God who can judge someone’s life. And be positive, maybe there were something wrong in your country that need to be fixed” — SO TRUE. sometimes it’s hard to admit faults on both sides. i wish jay and the netizens find understanding and peace. btw, i replied at LJ and at your blog<3

  7. netizens: that was freaking 4 years ago….MOVE ON…..learn how to lower your pride once in a awhile…it only makes you so immature…

    jay: this is just another obstacle that you need to surpass in KOREA……you’ve been through a lot…I know you can get through this one easily…YOU ARE A MAN!!!..and learn how to set things in private…and never ever use the word GAY again!!!!!

  8. To Netizens: I know that you are hurt being part of a proud nation. It’s alright to take offense I feel you and there are proper ways of expressing your hurt. Just don’t support him if you don’t want to as floating has said. But please, please do not cross the line and cause a person (who already gave his solemn apology) unjust emotional and possibly physical harm. At least try to understand the situation he was in when he said those comments.

    To Jay: I do think you were SO much in the wrong for the words you said in so many levels. First Korea is a very proud country and to say that it is “gay” will of course garner hate. Second, as a strong proponent of the gay community I personally hate it when people take the word “gay” and use it out of its context. You just can’t say this or that is gay, people. True, you were tired and were feeling out of place in a foreign country and you have offered your apologies to the people. I really commend you for accepting your mistakes and I do believe that the person that tactlessly left those comments is different from who you are now. I still absolutely support you and 2PM despite all this mess. i do agree though that you should lie low and rest while this scandal is still a hot topic. Be strong jaebum and fight! Everyone’s waiting for you. You’re a great leader for our beastly boys and no one can ever take your place.

    • I really agree with your comments.Gay word shouldn’t put as a context of lame.It would make more insensitivity of this sexual orientation issue. Between gay and lame, both has different meaning and context.

      • true. JYPE has admitted that the manner of his expression was wrong in many levels. i do understand though, that he was writing it in the heat of the moment, he was so frustrated that he wasn’t able to contain it anymore.

    • to rjroquestar: actually it’s sad that jo kwon has already taken jae’s place in a variety show where he used to be an MC. love fierce kwon but it only shows how bad things have turned. i do agree though, about the usage of “gay” to mean “lame.” i emphasized that in my other post. it maybe normal language between friends, and it may be a joke or a term of endearment (jae and his friends call each other fag or gay to show bro-mance) but it may still cause misunderstanding. i feel for jay though, he must be feeling terrible right now:c

  9. to netizens: you crazy bunch of freaks. you have too much time in your hands. it was said ages ago, get over it and move on.

    to jay: being from an asian american point of view, i really don’t think you did anything wrong because that is just how young american talk when they’re around their friends and complaining about thing. i know you don’t mean any harm by it and i know it was just frustrations getting to the best of you. we all say things we don’t mean when we’re down in the slumps and everyone can only imagine how painful it was for you during those early days. i feel so bad for you; one minute feeling like you have finally established yourself and is on the right path to your dreams and yet the next it seems like it’s over. really, don’t be too worry. you face hardships before. like when you left your comfort zone in the first place to go over to Korea. although this time, for sure, you are not alone. you have your members, JYPE, and us your fans.

  10. so tired of how this has exploded into stupidity…suicide is not an option.

    to netizens: i have nothing 2 say 2 u

    to jay: what doesn’t kill u will make u stronger!

  11. to netizens (crazy people who don’t have lives): take a chill pill. Jay’s not some sort of terrorist that he needed to be deported or commit suicide. If you can’t accept someone making a mistake and apologizing for it then you’re just as immature as you claim him to be.

    to Jay: you have learned from this, you are stronger now. But if you *do* need a shoulder to lean on and taec’s not there mine is all primed up for you! (lol.)

    this link is a petition to support him:

  12. To netizens :Please understand jay feeling 4 years ago.everybody makes mistake and believe in second he deserve a second chance.

    To jay:take this as lesson and be strong!!you not alone.Pls don’t make another mistake…

  13. To netizens, he is a human being and he has DREAMS! Why did you guys have to crush it? Do you guys even dare to kill him yourself?! Jeez that comment was 4 years ago, when he was young and stupid then. But did you guys have to be like him 4 years, young, stupid and even more IMMATURE?! It’s wrong! Its not like he beated anyone up for being Korean?! It was just a COMMENT on a social network, you’re missing out! 2pm should just come to America already.

    To Jay, that was before, this is now. Please show Korea the MAN you are now! Not the careless boy you were! You HAVE to be strong! We REFUSE to let you make this huge of a mistake! We understand that it takes pain to become a star in the kpop business, thats why we think you should STOP the regrets. Please know that your our role model still. Please we care about you! We don’t want you to get bullied by all these Anti’s it just makes us feel like this what has to happen if we ever want to become famous. Please Jay, don’t leave 2pm!

  14. Netizens: Put yourself into Jay’s shoe. He did something really bad but everyone deserves a second chance.

    Jay: I’ve forgiven you and I will support you till the end, please come back. I still want my Wild Bunny Ep 8. (-:

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