Ride the waves of Hallyuism!

Hallyu – n., means “Korean Wave” or “Korean Fever,” it refers to the increased popularity of South Korean culture, mostly attributed to dramas, movies, popular music, food and language. Surf’s up, people! Let Hallyuism lead you to the wonderful shores of KPOP!


Name: people might know me as Imuyachan, yet, my real name is Marina

Age: 26

Location: South Tangerang

Nationality: Indonesian

“Real job”:
I did various job in various field yet, mostly in media. I was a Radio DJ & reporter. Then I joined the Marketing Communication Team of Anycall (Samsung) Indonesia (yup that Anycall that Son Dambi n F4 Endorsed *lol*) and now am working as a Marketing Communication Specialist for one TV Cable while also doing my job as an MC.



Brief background about hallyuism.wordpress. Reason behind the name? Who thought of the name?

“Okay, I actually have 2 blogs. One is marinastory (http://marinstory.wordpress.com ) which is concentrating to SS501 related info which I think I should start from there. Due to my high interest to SS501 Leader Hyunjoong (after seeing him in We Got married show) back in the mid of 2008, I start to seek info related to him n SS501. Yet, seeing there’s so less of SS501 English fan blog, and the slow speed of their news feed, I decide to read the article myself and build marinastory. After getting the ability to do translation n stuff, I would like to also allocate my non-SS501 article translation and (or) writing to another media, which is the reason for hallyuism’s existence.”


We Got Married is just not the same without them.


“As for the name, marinastory was firstly established as a media to put all my fiction stories ( I am also a Novelist wanna be 😉 ), yet, I didn’t have much time to write stories anymore, so when I start doing K-Blogging, I changed the subtitle into marinastory with SS501 and Korean entertainment. As for Hallyuism, it’s simply because the content is all about Korean Wave or Hallyu.”

In three words, describe your blog: Hallyu, English and Witty

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, What/ who got you into Kpop?

I was studying in Tourism high school which required me to master foreign languages. And I had a hard time to master Japanese that time and my sensei was like superb killer. In order to get good grades, I try to learn Japanese via music.

My interest for Japanese music continues ‘till it introduced me to BoA as she was promoting her 1st Japanese album during my time as a freshman. I searched info ‘bout her that brought me to know Shinhwa, FTTS, S.E.S, etc. And that’s how I know KPOP!

Shinhwa. Forever a legend.



What blog/website, aside from yours, do you visit first thing in the morning and the last one you go to before going to bed?

“Of course my all time favorite since multiply era, it’s Sookyeong’s K Bites. She was also one of my reason to start blogging, I ❤ her writing style and how she made KPOP blogging is a fun thing to do. Others will be various Korean Sites as my translation source.”

Typical Korean melodramatic episode in your life as a blogger. Are/Is there any particular HURTFUL comment/s by a reader you received that stung you big time?

Haha..Idon’t have many stories yet

But I do have several to share.

“Once I did a BoF star Jang Jayeon suicide news translation. I translate and put my opinion towards the news. Yet, few visitors disagree and bash me with their words. Hurting me of course, since it was my blog after all and I seriously can write anything in my OWN blog, yet, I just silently close the comment box for everyone’ s sake hahahaha..”

“Other thing that hurts me much or even almost made me to plan a revenge *lol* is when one of my good friend (u know who u are when u read this) said that one writer from this HUGE KPOP site copied my writing. I know that the writer copied mine simply because the one that the writer copied was my own writing and NOT only a translation. I know which one is a translation (since our sources are like the same) and which one is NOT. And the one that he/she copied was my own writing >.< Anyway, as I improved my skills, now, I mostly re-write the articles (do my own writing style, put my opinion n also did research and stuff), so I know when people copied my works. I don’t mind when they re-post my writing, just put credit properly since I am putting an effort when I do translation. Then again, this issue will never end, because there will always be people who does this. But, I believe in the end people will know who is the original writer since one day they will know who’s who right ^^ And I believe that there’s always someone out there that will keep coming to my blog, coz they like my writings’ style and my fast update!”

Are/Is there any particular TOUCHING comment/s that was so inspiring it made you bawl your eyes out as you clutch your chest ala Suju style, and made you want to continue blogging forever and ever?

When people saying thank you for my writing and say how much they love my blog and how it keeps them updated since they only know English ~ nuff to made cry and encourage me to keep blogging.



In Kpop terms, WHO/ WHAT do you think of when you hear the word/s:

1. IDOL : SS501

2. FANGIRL : fanatic

3. ANTI-FAN : immature

4. NETIZENS : Online news hawker

5. BOY BANDS : Super Junior


7. FANSERVICE : Lee Junki’s Album

8. LEGEND : Shinhwa & Lee Hyori

9. EPIC FAIL : Artist’s suicides

10. SPAZZ : Fan Loyalty



Drama/TV music/variety show you wish you NEVER watched:

This might ‘cause a chaos, yet, it’s the Coffee Prince K-Drama >.< I can’t helped to think that Yoon Eunhye is a guy than a girl in that drama T_T

Artist (who’s inactive in the K biz right now) you wish should make a real comeback:
Yoon Eunhye and Kim Jihoon

Artist you wish should fall off the face of the planet: Park Shiyeon (for personal reason, so just ignore me)



If you could go out on a real one week date with a Korean celebrity on Mnet Scandal, who would it be and why?

I can’t choose between these 2 >.< SS501 Kim Hyunjoong – coz I really wanna experience his 4D, And of course, Actor Lee Dongwook – He was so handsome in LIVE version haha.. when I went to his fan meeting he was so nice to his fans and so handsome with his white flawless skin ❤

KHJ: Take my hand.

Cutie Lee Dong Wook

What things (wholesome or otherwise ROFL) would you want to do with your celeb date?

With Hyunjoong will be a Beach date and he sings for me while playing his guitar ❤ With Lee Dongwook : he will take me to the theme park and we will play all day and he will end it by giving his cutest act for me (an aegyo for me ) since I really want to see that other side of him 😉

If you were a trainee who’s about to debut, which Kpop song would you like to have as your OWN debut song or a stage performance by an artist you’d like to have done YOURSELF?

2NE1’s Pretty Boy will be an awesome debut song. Esp when u have Teddy & Kush oppa as ur song writer and Big Bang as ur no.1 supporter..what else can u expect ❤

ULTIMATE QUESTION. dun dun dun dun!!! Which Korean music company/ family you’d like to be part of & why?

DSP Entertainment, so I can help them in promoting their artist. As a Marketing Communication person, I can’t stand to see people who is wrongly promoting their product (product is artist – for Entertainment Company). I can see that DSP is getting better staff with better intuition, as they successfully put Hyunjoong in We Got Married show and stuff are getting better for SS501 since then. And I can see that the company actually has great artist like A’st1 and Kara yet they just lack of promo and marketing strategies. If some DSP-er see this make sure u guys contact me so I can drop you my CV haha!

DSP family!



Typical goodbye message: What do you want to say to your readers? What are your hopes and dreams for your blog?

Thank your for coming to my blog and thank you for those supportive comments that’s really encouraging me as a blogger. My hope is I can make marinastory or hallyuism bigger than ever and make it as one of people’s favorite Hallyu English Blog. I hope to build a positive community and be friends with my readers. I hope more active reader will come and I really want to be a better writer from day to day so I can make people comment on my post whenever they read it.

Imuyachan really has great updates and a very reader-friendly style. She’s really very friendly too! I’ve only known her for a while but now we’re like fangirl buddies! lol. I love her SS501 blog too, because the group definitely needs more blogs dedicated to them. I think they’re one of the most underrated boy bands (at least in Korea), though they’re really famous in other parts of Asia. People tend to overlook DSP Ent., but it actually has great artists. Visit marinastory for SS501 updates, HALLYUISM for KPOP updates and follow her at twitter.com/imuyachan!

Thanks dear!

Spread the KPOP love!


9 Responses

  1. Oh nice!! WOW, another interesting interview!

    Wow, I didnt know she used to be a Radio Dee Jay!

    Very cool…


  2. Imuyachan’s turn! Actually I should Imuyachan unni’s turn 😀 Awesome read and I love how much you were involved with media ^^;;

    Hats off to you learning all those languages and doing translations

    @icecapades – you know I gots nothing but love for you doing this ^^;;

  3. oh dearie.. thx 4 the sweet recommendation 😀

    @rome & @music : thx 4 the sweet lines 😀

  4. I agree with Floatingstars, Marina is one of the sweetest & multi-talented Kbloggers around. I’m happy to be sharing this journey with all you great people.

  5. ooh~ i rly didnt know there was an indonesian blogger *waves* im indo too! XD
    why couldnt i know about her when i was still in indonesia DX

  6. Yay she’s Indonesian!!!!! 😀 Marina, let’s hang out some time will ya. I really need advice for my blog. :p
    I really amazed with her blog too.. it is so fast, so detail and nicely written, as I never thought that she’s Indonesian.
    Bring us some more talented bloggers floatingstars!!!! *wohooo*

  7. Ha ha
    I really likes your blogs

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