Fan Sessions 3: A day without KPOP

Fan Addicts Session continues! It’s that time of the week again! Grab a seat and let’s try to answer another life-threatening question!

Last weekend we talked about having celebrities in our dreams. For most of us KPOP addicts, fangirling or doing anything that has to do with KPOPdom has become a part of our daily routine. Checking the latest news, abusing the right-click mouse function to save the newest scans, burning the midnight oil just watching videos and downloading stuff… We have become so attached to KPOP that it seems impossible to survive a day without it!


Here are the signs and symptoms of KPOP withdrawal:

First comes SHOCK.



Feeling of HOPELESSNESS, like it’s the end of the world!!



Have you ever experienced a day or two without KPOP?

How long did it take for you to come back to your old ways?

What did you do to distract yourself during those hard times?

If you haven’t experienced any of these, what do you think will happen to you if there’s no KPOP to keep you company?

For me it happens when I go traveling (which isn’t often anymore). When I went on a week long trip to Thailand, I forgot my laptop. There was no Internet connection in our hotel and I couldn’t keep up with the dramas I’ve been religiously following. Good thing we were always on the move, but when I got back I just felt… empty. LOL. A week is like a year long in KPOP years! Lots of things happened and I felt like I was missing out! And there was this time when I lost touch with KPOP because I was more into JPOP and TWPOP, but then I kept coming back. Oh, and there was one time when my mom imposed a ban on my computer because I was using it too much even on school nights. What will happen if I had given up KPOP? I’ll be MORE PRODUCTIVE. LOL.

Share your thoughts people!

KPOP means happy days. Without it, a day just wouldn’t be complete.


7 Responses

  1. just earlier today, my spazz buddy at work said she wasn’t coming tomorrow because she had to go to the bay. i was shocked nakatsu style. tomorrow, i’ll dry to dust out of anxiousness with no way out. how can i go on the whole day without talking about kpop to anyone?

    going to the bay could be a good idea so i told her i might go visit somebody in frisco as well just because… wait, scratch that. amber’s debut perf is on music core this saturday night. nvm, i can’t go.

    kpop is dominating my life. it’s an intense hobby that i take very seriously… too seriously

  2. Kpop is like my daily routine…my dad nagged at me alot , since i’m using my laptop way too much for Kpop.he was like, what did u do in front of the laptop that long ??? n my mom yelled at me saying “carefull with ur eyes…” then again, my answer will be, am not only doin fun stuff, am also learning Korean through this..though it’s true, but, most of it will be bcoz i need my daily kpop dose. Omo..>. i think we are..Otohke ????

  3. it shud be :

    Omo..are we too much ? I think we are..Otohke..



  4. instead of reading english newspaper which is always depressing i read kpop lj’s & various kpop sites(it’s cheaper than reading the fashion magazines i regularly buy 2!). i don’t watch regular tv jus bcs nothing catches my interest as much as bbtv, wild bunny etc i prefer kdrama & jdrama more than british soaps. i don’t go anywhere much bcs of work & when i finish i chill with kpop^^ when i’m away on hols i look at it as saving stuff 2 enjoy when i come home^^

    yes i’m an addict & i admit it lol

  5. O-O
    I won’t die…but,I’ll suffer through moments of pains and insanity.haha
    I still remember a couple of days ago,we got storm coming down here.sorta
    anyway,the line was obviously ruined and I was thinking ‘What in the world would floatingstars write about today…’
    Seriously,you’re my main source of Kpop infos!
    During those storm…what I do is just drool at the…so lame~
    I’m catching up on all ur latest post now.
    And right on!I think I’m missing lots of stuff on just a couple of days.1 normal day = 3 Kpop days..? huhu

  6. I get withdrawals if I don’t listen to one kpop song for a day.
    It’s crazy. xDD
    When we went away for the weekend, I would listen to my iPOD which consists of 90% K-pop and try to ignore the urge to get on a computer somewhere in the hotel and check the latest K-pop news.
    Damn you K-POP! *shakes fist in the air*

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