Poll: 2PM’s Taecyeon vs f(x)’s Amber!

I know this is random, but what the hey. In my previous post I described the space cowboy concept as 2PM’s performance outfits for “I hate you” promos, which have tassles, tight plastic leather, belt/ bondage that goes around the body—and LOTS OF ATTITUDE. But f(x)’s Amber seems to be working the look as well. The question is, who looks hotter? Vote under the cut!

I now realize how hard it is to create valid and grammatically correct sentences with f(x). Like f(x)’s? LOL. Anyways, to view more of the space cowboy concepts worn by 2PM and DBSK, CLICK!

Taecyeon of 2PM


Amber of f(x)


What time is it now? Time for Taecyeon blow fish attack!!!

Gotta love this boy.<3



5 Responses

  1. BLOWFISH ATTACK!! PERFECT way to describe it, I rofled =3

  2. i love Taec. i love that beneath that tall handsome man is such a cheesy dork. He is truly a girl’s dream, ranking behind of course 2pm’s leader Jay. but nonetheless Taec is so cool.

  3. TAEC!!! I like hot greasy men!!

  4. That wild bunny cardboard cut out just wins it for me. I want it!

  5. I think Amber looks hotter….

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