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Calling all boys, boys, boys in Kpop please!

Anyone who’s confused, exhausted, sick and clueless about all the emerging girl groups say I! There’s still hope, fangirls, the much needed man action in Kpop is brewing and it’s gonna be HOT!

When it rains, it pours! IT’S GONNA RAIN MEN, PEOPLE!

DSP has just announced that their newest girl group “Rainbow” will be thrown in the den of lionesses, f(x) had a showcase, Jewelry just made a comeback, 4minute just released their next single…. yadda yadda! I just can’t take it anymore! I’m all for girl power, but there’s just TOO FRIGGIN MUCH! So here’s a breakdown of boy bands/ male solo artists we can anticipate in the midst of this testosterone drought!


The group’s name is pronounced ‘Beast’ which would make more sense than ‘Best’ because 2 = ‘ee’ in Korean. They are under Cube Entertainment, JYPE’s sister company. But in true JYP style that introduces their upcoming acts via reality TV, their B2ST documentary is currently airing, showing their training and letting people know that the next big thing is in the making. These guys come from a very interesting mix of companies and former boy bands. Their concept is indeed unique and attention-grabbing. People may call them the “reject group,” but it seems more like a “second chance” to achieve their dreams.

A recap of the members


AJ, an abbreviation for Ace Junior, has debuted as a solo artist with his single “Dancing shoes (written by Brave Brothers),” and has starred in a cf with Min Hyorin. He has been called as “the next Rain.” He looks more like Se7en to me, love his smile! He was selected to open for US pop singer Lady Gaga’s showcase at the Chung Dam Dong Club in South Korea, but I’m not sure how that went. Many say that his re-debuting is a “downgrade,” but group or no group, he’s still a very talented guy!

Yoon Doo Joon
OMG SPAZZ! I first saw him in Hot Blood with 2PM/2AM, and I felt bad that he was eliminated. I can see him as the “hot, mysterious guy” in the group.

Poppin’ Dragon. He first debuted in the earlier generations of Xing. Has that cool vibe.

Jang Hyun Seung aka SO-1.
He was eliminated from Big Bang in the ninth episode of their documentary because he lacked stage presence and was too shy. He don’t look too shy no more! YG + JYP training? DANG.

YoSeob He was AJ’s highschool classmate and back-up dancer. By the looks of it, he could be the “cute guy” in B2ST, the one in charge of doing all the aegyo.

Son Dong Woon
So far my FAVE. On some angles he looks like Donghae, but in the gif he looks like GDragon and Taemin. What’s not to like?



You might recognize him as the sweet royal-blooded cutie in Princess Hours. Well, he’s back from the army after 3 long years with a darker image, with his title song “In your Eyes.” Thus the heavy GUYLINER. His album was released August 31, and is gearing for more promotions.SWEET. Always loved this guy! He’s got a really nice voice! Not a fan of his acting, though.



Kpop’s wackiest trio will certainly bring a refreshing treat this September. The anti-boy band man band (LOL at Tukutz doing Suju intro) and their sick songs will be a great change from all the concept-conscious acts. These guys just do what they do best, their lyrics are meaningful with insane beats—they’ll be bringing MUSIC back to the scene. Their 6th album will drop on September 16th, followed by their album showcase concert, [e]-PARADE CONCERT on the 19th.



Finally a SOLO act and somebody who can REALLY sing! Park Hyo Shin is making a comeback with his mv ‘After Love with star-studded casts Park Yong Ha and Park Si Yeon filmed in Switzerland. In my Mika Nakashima post I mentioned that he did a soulful rendition of “Snow Flower,” which became a very famous drama OST. Must watch! His rendition of Taeyang’s “Look at only me” in a concert with Wheesung and Gummy. CLICK!



HwanHee from the duo Fly to the Sky will also be releasing his first solo album this month! And this time, he also produced his songs! I actually like Brian better but FTS is one legendary duo. It will be interesting to see how HwanHee spreads his wings without his other half.



Taegoon’s braving the Kpop waters as a solo act as well and his 3rd mini-album is slated to be released late September! Felt kinda bad for him when everyone was spazzing about Jaejoong being in his video and he was overlooked. He came back after being trained by Wheesung (!!!), though reception was a bit lukewarm. He’s actually a very likeable guy. Can’t wait to see what’s up his sleeve.



Okay, so they have girls in the mix but new group B2Y is gonna be interesting. Hanyeon (very first pic above) is grabbing netizens’ attention. B2Y is gonna be a disco group and will be officially starting their activities on September 12th with the Mnet’s “Super M Concert.” I’m just not feeling the name. Sounds too close to B2ST, which honestly isn’t a very good name to begin with.



2PM is currently working on their FULL ALBUM and will be releasing it soon! I’m so disappointed that Wild Bunny’s last episode is nearing because they’ll be focusing in recording and preparations, but that means they’ll recharge and come back strong as ever! It’s gonna be 2PM fever all over again! Well, the fever hasn’t gotten down yet but I’m sure it’s gonna be hotter than HOT!



Personally my most anticipated:

T.O.P and Taeyang’s solo albums! OMG!!! Taeyang blew me away with his H.O.T, album and I can’t say enough good things about his songs! As he said in GD TV, he’s making it sure that his album will be “high quality.” As for T.O.P.,,, squeee! The one and only baddest male! No word yet on release dates but of course we have GD to satisfy our needs.

Other pending artist coming out this fall are: Se7en, Super Junior T, SS501, 2AM and SHINee (but I’m not sure since it was only announced they’ll be shipped off to Japan). Se7en’s gonna bring it I hope, it’s been TOO long.

There are also talks about U-Kiss and Wheesung’s comeback in October, but still unconfirmed. Boys, hurry hurry!!!

P.S. Sorry this post is so long. LOL just think of it as a gift to all the man-thirsty fangirls. But of course, let’s still support our homegirls!! So, who are you most excited to see? For me of course, TOP & Taeyang, but I’m rooting for B2ST too!<3

credits:, crunchyroll forum,, allkpop, love1sagain@OMTD, K Bites, taegoon@WP

I am one happy fangirl.


6 Responses

  1. Aye!!!!!!!! :DD
    O dear all entertainment management in Korea, please bring more testoterons to k-pop.. I’m fed enough with all those girl bands attack. LOL

    Anyway, don’t you think that the current trend in K-pop is about numbers? I mean, 2NE1, Se7en, 8ight, 2PM/AM, 4 Minute, and now B2ST. It’s cool actually, but I don’t know, I guess it won’t be that good if there are too many of them using those numbers for their bands. But well, what can we say. K-pop is more like follow the trend not making the trend.

    From all of those boys, I’m really anticipating T.O.P-Taeyang (let’s see how good are they compare to their fellow G-Dragon), Super Junior, and Epik High. Pleaseeee… make it quick!!!!! T_T

  2. “…Man-thristy fangirls…” LOL

    Of course I cant wait for 2pm, they are always going to be #1. I havent heard of B2ST yet but they look very handsome. Yea, everybody was like, “Hero! Hero!” but I was like, “Taegoon! Taegoon!” IDK how you can pass up those good looks and that perfect smile and he makes good music(I love his voice). OMG, I love him! I love Taeyang also, so I cant wait. But yea, I noticed how there is a lot of female artists too but I cant lie and say I dont like them, cause they make good songs and they are really gorgeous. But I do favor the male artists ALOT MORE. I would love to see more males on Inkigayo(way too many females be performing).

  3. Honestly, I dont mind girl groups dominating the charts and music programs but the thing is that THEY JUST KEEP ON COMING! I’m satisfied with the current ones but I dont get why companies have to debut more new groups at the same times >.<
    And after a while, it gets kinda weird to be fangirling over girls…i want my guys back!

  4. -knock out-
    I’m bleeding outta my nose.

  5. […] new, up and coming boy band series is here! A few posts back I already introduced B2ST, see here: Calling all boys, boys in KPOP please! But the boys are slated to debut on October 6!! And that’s like, what, less than a week from […]

  6. pic of top and tae so fuckin weird cuz tae been molesting top,they were like lovers in japan

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