An attempt to define “Fangirl”

A fangirl is what a fangirl does. Like I said in my previous post, the word has been overused, that it has become part of our daily vocabulary. Then I came across, which defines the word as “A very shallow female who is only a fan of someone or something (an actor/band/athlete) because she wants to stare at cute guys and she dreams about having sex with them.” Check out the other meanings of the word under the cut!

For me, the word and its meaning is pretty much straight-forward. You’ll understand completely what or who a fangirl is just by saying the word. But let’s examine the slightly derogatory, sometimes offensive connotations, sometimes true (!) meanings that “fangirl” has been associated with.

Definition 1:
“Very shallow… dreams about having sex with an actor/band/athlete (or idol). You can spot a fan girl on the internet by reading what she posts on websites: OMG Orlando Bloom is sooo freakin hawt!!! I want to have his baby!!! *squeal* ”

This can be so true, yet so false in some levels. I guess it depends on what type of idol is being referred to. This could be true for artists like Rain, Lee Minwoo, the beastly 2PM, Taeyang, DBSK (at least in Korea), and others whose images are sexy. I mean, Taeyang wouldn’t be having steamy dance steps that include humping floors and grinding with a hot lady if his image wasn’t calling for it! Sex sells. Cliche, but sadly, true. But I’m not so sure if this applies to the likes of SHINee, Korea’s little dongsaengs—unless of course if you have pedo tendencies LOL. But “dreaming about having sex” with idols is such an overgeneralizing term. I mean, there are some who just might feel overprotective of their idols, but perhaps not to THAT extent. Very shallow? Can be, but not always.


Definition 2: “A girl who is extremely obsessed with anime and/or manga. Fan girls travel in packs and one can always spot them, for they are loud and obnoxious. Stay clear of fan girls when they are on the move because one can most likely get seriously hurt or trampled. Although annoying, fan girls make the best lovers.Oh no! Look out for those fan girls!”

Yamapi and Super Junior (Sungmin) mobbed at the airport

Can I say LMAO because it rings a bell? This one’s for anime/manga fangirls but this can be applied to J/Kpop fangirls as well. I’m sure this definition was made in jest, or at least I hope so. Well, you really can’t deny that fangirls CAN get loud and obnoxious, especially when they are put together in one room. This fact is tried and tested! You don’t know how chaotic it could be when fangirls get together, especially if their idol/s is near them. I mean, what’s the fun in a fan event or concert if everyone is just staring at each other, staying still, and doing absolutely nothing, right? But to some extent, there are some fangirls who can get up on your grill, especially the close-minded ones who insist that their word is law and that their idol is some god. And they just don’t give space for idols to breathe! Literally!

Destructive Yunho fans

Definition 3:
“Since the dawn of time, fan girls have been loathed by true fans… Half the people who go to so-and-so’s concerts these days are fangirls who never heard of them until months ago.”

Example given by the definition: *After watching THE LORD OF THE RINGS*

“My friend: OMG!!! Legolas is sooooo damn sexy!!! I’m going to go home and make love to his picture (again)!Lololol!!!

Me: But how do you feel about the deeper meaning behind the plot?

My friend: Don’t tell me you actually paid attention to all that filler stuff about a ring!”

Hmmm… again this can be true. It’s easy to jump into bandwagons especially if you’re being dragged by a mob of rabid fangirls. I mean, let’s admit it—some of us, especially non-Koreans who can’t speak a word of Korean don’t know even half of what idols are singing (unless we rely on subs) but we spazz over them anyway! And most of the time, we watch or follow an artist NOT BECAUSE OF THE MUSIC, but because of the exciting concepts, flashing abs and gimmicks. But there are smart fangirls who choose well, and don’t just digest whatever their idols farted. A bad song is bad, no matter how hot an artist is. And of course, language isn’t a barrier to good music.

Definition 4: “Girl/boy that has devoted shrines in their closets and candle lit ceremonies of worship to their favorite… A person with extreme infatuation and fixation to a fictional or pointless real-life person that will never be real or actually acknowledge them if they exist . . . Only in their wildest Fan Girl-esque dreams.”

THIS. IS. SAD. We all know that the idols we admire don’t even know we exist. On the other hand, idols do recognize the love given to them by their fans. It’s what keeps them going. “Worshipping them” may be an extreme, but not rare [screams CREEPY!!]. There are some fangirls who do CRAZY things (like threatening, name-calling, harassing other girls who go near their idol).



Before you get convinced that fangirls are mere creepers who have no brain, there are some who actually channel their fangirl energies for a greater cause. Case in point, “2PM’s fans have donated 171 blood donor registration cards. They began collecting the cards last year, and recently donated them under 2PM’s name to the Korea Association for Children with Leukemia and Cancer.” Just recently, Bae Yong Joon’s fans donated to a scholarship. This is a true testament that there are other ways to show admiration. Several fansites also encourage charity—which is a noble cause to make use of a huge number of people. Idols can also serve as inspiration, to work hard, and to go for your dreams. As in all things, the key is moderation. Being a fan, whether you’re a boy or a girl, carries with it some form of responsibility because you’re playing a HUGE role.


After all, what would idols be WITHOUT fans?

Tell me what you think! It’s time to show what fangirls are made of!

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4 Responses

  1. You know, these definitions somehow scares me a lot. I hope I’m not in one of those definitions. Sometimes, I even laugh at hysterical fans whenever I saw them in a music concert. I’m a fan, but somehow I’m not living my dream.

    Surprising but scarily true. There are some people who act beyond their mind towards those idols. These radical fans insanely act like that because idols offer more than what they want. Idols, in which we can say as the most perfect people on earth (great looking, great personality, famous, and rich), create some sort of feeling that they are “reachable” and “real”. Therefore, these crazy fans put a high hope and confident with themselves that someday they can be with these idols. Furthermore, they become more confident as there are many girls like them. I’m saying this based on my friend. She is a crazy fangirl. There is one man who insanely perfect, but she ignored him and saying: “I don’t want to be with him since he’s not Won Bin, and someday I’ll definitely meet Won Bin”. Nuts!

    • i agree with what you said, especially “idols offer more than what they want.” TRUE. wow she should’ve never let that guy go for won bin! i mean, i know sometimes it’s hard to separate reality from dreams especially if someone is totally “in love” with a star, but that “love” is probably not “real love”— it’s just an extreme infatuation/obsession, and no one really knows stars as to who they really are in real life, unless you know them personally and have been with them for a long time. an ordinary person is hard to get to know as well, what more if you’re trying to get to know a celebrity! sigh… i hope your friend doesn’t regret it now…

  2. Great post. I’ve been on the border of fangirlism because of these exact definitions. I think of myself as moderately obsessed (in other words I’m still in denial lol). Although I spend hours watching live performances and variety shows and my intentions on stalking Jay when he goes back to Seattle is just in its planning stages (this is when I reel back my fangirl-ness), I’m still sane enough to go back to reality. School’s really good for sobering me up. Sooo I think I still have a long way from making creepy shrines.

    I do like the fact that some fans used their energy for good and not for destructive purposes. I’m a bit inspired. ^_^;

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