Welcome to the world of Fangirltainment!

So what does being a “fangirl” really mean? The word has been thrown around so much everywhere, that we hardly think about it anymore. Enter the world of Fangirltainment to know why.

Come to Playyy! series is back! So sorry for the delay, I’ve been trying to organize my interview files—but with so much fail! I’ll do my best! This time I decided to make it a two-part “episode” post if you may call it that, because the next one will have some kind of relation to this. And now,we will get to know the lovely lady behind Fangirltainment!



Kristen, a.k.a. “Zerohundred” is a 21-year-old blogger from Florida, USA, and is a junior in college, majoring in Graphic Design.

If you’re in the middle of a huge crowd & a friend is supposed to meet you, what do you think is your distinct attribute that will make your friend recognize you from afar?

“Probably my hair! I do style my hair all sorts of ways, but it’s naturally curly. Although I try to tame it, it usually is somewhat huge and shines like a beacon in any crowd.”


Brief background about fangirltainment.wordpress: Why the name “fangirltainment”? Who thought of the name?

I’m all about names. If I’m naming something, it has to “click” because I’ll probably stick with it forever. I had the idea for the blog, but I didn’t start until it came to me: fan + girl + (entertainment – enter) = fangirltainment. It stands for all that I am. I’m not official or newsy in any way–a total fangirl. My focus is entertainment. It’s kind of silly and I don’t know if everyone gets it straight off, but I’m happy with it.

In three words, describe fangirltainment:

Spontaneity, Energy, Optimism

What/ who got you into Kpop?

“I got into dramas in May 2007, and by mid-summer I was getting curious about the music. I didn’t really fall head-over-heels into a particular group until I discovered Epik High and Big Bang that November, and then I couldn’t talk enough about Kpop. Fangirltainment was born the next month because I needed an outlet lol.”

GD is happy and he likes it.



What blog/website, aside from yours, do you visit first thing in the morning and the last one you go to before going to bed?

“It’s a tie between Seoulbeats and Kbites. Seoulbeats covers a wide variety of things and has a lot of people to update, so some days I’m all about that. With Kbites, it’s maintained by one person (Sookyeong~), yet there is SO much information to take in. I really love that blog. Seoulbeats and Kbites are both just lovely. [floatingstars note: Click these for K Bites Interview and Ellie of Seoulbeats!

Typical Korean melodramatic episode in your life as a blogger. Are/Is there any particular HURTFUL comment/s by a reader you received that stung you big time?

“HAHA, kind of. I tried something experimental last year in which I showed my face for a few seconds, and someone said I tried too hard to be Asian (among other things) even though I was just being normal. I thought it wouldn’t bother me, but it kind of did. Asian entertainment is just awesome; I don’t get why some people feel non-Asians ruin it. Hugs not drugs lol.”

Are/Is there any particular TOUCHING comment/s that was so inspiring it made you bawl your eyes out as you clutch your chest ala Suju style, and made you want to continue blogging forever and ever?

“I can’t think of any ONE comment, but just the general feel of a comment. Whenever anyone says, “Thank you!” or anything elaborate on that, it feels awesome. It’s nice to feel like what you spend a lot of time on is worthwhile to someone else.”



In Kpop terms, WHO/ WHAT do you think of when you hear the word/s:

1. IDOL – DBSK, SS501

Me (lol), E.L.F.

3. ANTI-FAN – Anti-Soshi people (who knows why they come to mind)

4. NETIZENS – Commenters

– DBSK, SuJu

6. GIRL GROUPS – SNSD, Wonder Girls

7. FANSERVICE – Boy-on-boy

8. LEGEND – Bae Yong Joon (lol), Shinhwa

Lee Minho tripping on the red carpet

At first he…


Then he was like:

Lee Min Ho : “Thank you very, very much.Truthfully speaking, this is my first award and I am embarrassed that I fell. Today while I was walking on the red carpet, I don’t know if it was because I was very anxious, but I took a very big fall. Although I am embarrassed, the feeling of receiving an award feels good”..

– Foaming-at-the-mouth excitement



Drama/TV music/variety show you’re currently glued on: “Fated to Love You” (Taiwanese), “YG Live” and I need to get back to “Family Outing”

Drama/TV music/variety show you wish you NEVER watched:
“Full House,” “Goong S” (why Se7en, why), “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” (everyone will hate me for this, but I didn’t like it)

Se7en: Bad actor, bad kisser. ‘Nuff said.

Artist (who’s inactive in the K biz right now) you wish should make a real comeback:
I want BoA and Se7en to make Korean comebacks.

Artist you wish should fall off the face of the planet:
Tough! I don’t know of anyone I dislike that much. People who I dislike usually just disappear anyway (hmm, ~mysterious~), so…



If you could go out on a real one week date with a Korean celebrity on Mnet Scandal, who would it be and why?

UHH hardest question ever? I think I’d choose Taeyang of Big Bang. He seems like a really genuine guy on top of all of his other amazing attributes.

Taeyang: Nice personality ~ stares ~

What things (wholesome or otherwise ROFL) would you want to do with your celeb date?

Hmm, probably something relaxed and casual–which could be anything. Even a trip to a theme park could be like that if you walked around and had fun!

If you were a trainee who’s about to debut, which Kpop song would you like to have as your OWN debut song or a stage performance by an artist you’d like to have done YOURSELF?

This is a crazy tough question! I might grab 2NE1’s “Fire” debut concept because it grabbed a lot of attention and was pretty solid in a lot of ways. I’d want to be that kind of entertainer.

ULTIMATE QUESTION. dun dun dun dun!!! Which Korean music company/ family you’d like to be part of & why?

YG Entertainment. I love the way things are done in that company. They’re all about talent and style, and I feel like their people don’t have to put up huge facades. I’m into that.

If you were to act alongside a famous hallyu star in a multi-million dollar movie, who would it be, why & in what type of movie?

I’d love to do something with Lee Minki. I adore everything he’s in! He’s so dynamic. I’d want it to be a comedy or something, because that’s my favorite kind of movie. Wait, me and LMK are in this? Make it a romantic comedy. LOL!



Typical goodbye message: What do you want to say to your readers? What are your hopes and dreams for Fangirltainment?

To my readers: I LOVE YOU! I can’t believe anyone comes by to read my rants and reviews (and everything in between), but the fact that YOU come makes me really happy. You honestly brighten up my days and encourage me to become more critical (in a good way, I promise) of everything I take in. I hope that I can step it up in Fangirltainment. I have been very lax lately, and I hate that. I want to connect with more people and become a better writer. And most of all, I want to have more fun.

Floatingstars recommendation:
Fangirltainment isn’t just about news or reviews. It also has insightful articles about some underlying issues in the Kpop world, very well written and thought out. I personally like her writing style and her witty posts. Here she writes about Celebrity weight: Yoona of SNSD And for those who want diversity, the site also offers KDrama, TWDrama and JDrama reviews! Visit Kristen’s blog at fangirltainment.wordpress.com, which also has an LJ version with the same name. Follower her at twitter.com/fangirltainment!

Thanks so much Fangirltainment! Here are some cute pics for you!<3

Lee Minho: Epic fail never looked this HOT.

Even GD tried on the Goo Jun Pyo hair!

Peace out!

P.S. Stay tuned for more Come to Playyy and more updates via my Twitter!

10 Responses

  1. It’s interesting to read this one:
    “I showed my face for a few seconds, and someone said I tried too hard to be Asian”.. That’s pretty sad to know that someone said those shallow comment. Don’t worry Kristen, I’m truly Asian, and I think you look great!

    Again, great job floatingstars. You know, I never saw any supportive blogger like you. In fact, most them used to promote their own blog. It’s about time to have such supportive fangirl environment like what you did. *clap*

    • yeah I found that part about “trying hard to be too Asian” appalling though. I mean, Asians can enjoy western/international entertainment while non-Asians can’t? That’s ridiculous! Some people can be so mean! And thanks for the support. I mean, of course I’d want to promote my blog too, but I’m also happy that I get to know other bloggers and be their friend. It’s much more fun that way and less pressure<3

  2. I like your site. I am DEFINITELY a fangirl.

  3. These are good features 🙂

  4. Haha thanks for posting this! You did a great job putting it all together. I really think you’re awesome for doing these interviews, and I feel awesome to be featured!

  5. […] to Comments The awesome, awesome Floatingstars interviewed me and now it’s up on her site (here). This girl is doing some fantastic things with her blog. I admire her creativity and ingenuity. I […]

  6. Bravo again Floatingstars. Great interview. I’ve been following fangirltainment for a while on Twitter and been meaning to ask her to join you and others on Babelpop. Good thing you did this post to remind this old lady.

    Btw fangirltainment, prob better you don’t publish your photo too often. You’re so gorgeous, you’ll prob get a lot of stalkerish fanboys yourself.

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