Fashion confessions: Mnet 20’s Choice Awards fashion stylist is G-Dragon?

The most anticipated summer event Mnet’s 20’s choice awards has come and gone, the winners got raves and cheers, but what about the celebrities’ fashion choices? Are they fine… or should they be fined?



Oh…kayyy. Even my incredibly obvious 2PM bias CANNOT for the love of humanity understand wtf does their stylist have against them. I mean, wearing all white should seem simple, right? But NO. I guess they they were trying to set a trend with their sandals? I liked Jaebom’s though, it looks good—for a girl. So maybe we can forgive them, it’s summer and it’s hot so they were going for a neutral color and breezy footwear. Note to 2PM: DO US A FAVOR AND TAKE IT ALL OFF.

2PM won again and again! HOT Performance star, HOT Summer Hot Popular award! I’m so proud of our boys! They used to be the underdogs but now it seems like things are looking up for them! Keep your fingers crossed for MKMF!

Some solo shots:

Junho still cute!

Taecyeon! Love this guy, but… is it just me or does he look like he just came out from a tanning machine over toasted?

Even Jay looks confused. IT’S A CONSPIRACY!!!


It’s GD’s day. What’s interesting is that G-Dragon must’ve been the stars’ stylist for the whole affair. Or the stylists must’ve been taking some notes from him. Let me count the ways…

What a letdown from the always perfectly gorgeous Nichkhun. The Einstein hair!!! And as if that’s not enough, his jacket seemed to have been spewed out of a possessed sewing machine! LOL. Congrats to Khunnie for winning HOT Mr.Beauty! He really deserves it!

Still prefer him with this hairstyle, though. ~ dreamy ~

Chansung stood out because of his uhm, unique hair style. Either it was GD inspired or the stylist had a HUGE grudge on him.

Work it Chansung!

Ahhh… Wooyoung. Going off to outerspace like Andre Kim. This isn’t the first time though, he already did the whole Andre Kim makeup and fashion in Wild Bunny’s photoshoot HERE. But in all fairness to him though, I think his hair looked the best among everyone else in the group.

Wooyoung Ang Ang: NOOOOOOO!!!!

On a side note, netizens are going all CSI again and speculating that Junsu had some work done, particularly around his chin (implants?) Some are even going further as to say that he might have had his nose improved or something. This became an issue because recently he’s been wearing masks even in performances.

WHATEVER. He may have just gained a little weight. Leave the boy alone.

But the 2PM hotties made up for their fashion disaster with their smashing waterfall performance. It was hot and they needed something to cool them down. IT’S RAINING MEN!

It’s illegal for maknaes to be this HOT.



2NE1 PAWNED. HOT New Star, HOT Online Song, HOT CF Star. Same outfit concept for “I don’t care” performance. But Dara was wearing shorts and…

GD’s top in Big Bang’s photoshoot for Arena mag. LOL the GD virus has caught on!

Loved their black ensembles, except CL’s see-through top.

Dara rocked the look. The hair, makeup… gorgeous!

2NEI shoes are always edgy & fierce!! My fave’s got to be Minzy’s gray killer heelsΒ  but I can’t find a closeup photo of it. Second would have to be Bom’s.



Hmmm. not feeling it too. Jinwoon’s outfit had too much going on. Vest, striped polo and some layering. SeoulOng added a touch of pink to his all-black attire but meh. Changmin looks pretty good though.

GD-inspired ripped pants? He may have not been at the event but he was certainly there in spirit! LOL I have to stop making all these GD conspiracies.

2AM’S performance outfits:

From the waist up they look pretty fine, especially SeoulOng. But Jinwoon’s top looked two sizes too big. Breathtaking perf though! Love these boys. They should get more promotions. They deserve more attention.

Nobody does cropped pants better than Yunho.



Working the doll concept. The dresses would’ve worked better if they weren’t paired with those colored leggings and blah shoes. I’m a little on the fence with T-Ara or Tiara or whatever they’re called now. Out of all the most anticipated rookie girl groups, they’re the weakest in terms of performance and “it” factor. I like their “antique” concept for lies, but somehow when I watch them live… something’s missing. They’re really pretty though, but we’ll have to wait for their next single to find out if they can really work it.

Note to T-Ara, don’t forget to give those leggings back to the Wondergirls when you’re done using them!


A model who was an award presenter (sorry prior info I thought she was UEE) She could do better.

Han Hyo Joo! Elegant and sophisticated. But quite too much for the nature of the event. It’s like she was wearing a Grammy awards dress for the Teen choice awards.


The QUEEN has arrived. Lee Hyori. FIERCE. The hair, makeup, shoes, the attitude. OH SNAPS WORK IT GURL! Very high fashion! But hmmm.. Idunno, if you’re gonna wear one edgy piece to make a statement choose one or the other. Like she should’ve toned down the pants a little because her top is already “over-the-top.” But I have to say those pants might look unflattering on anyone else but because it’s sexy Hyori, it looked hot! She’s the HOT Body winner after all!

Hyori’s three outfits. Not liking the leopard print Elvira dress though.


Poll Battle Rattle Double edition!

Battle of the Queens


Battle of the maknaes:

credits: sookyeong@WP (for winners list & some pics)

7 Responses

  1. haha..i ❀ ur post πŸ˜€ n it is GD's conspiracy hahaha… Hyori Unnie is like FTW ! she grabbed those awards and it's like saying to the newbies that she still rocks πŸ˜€ and she is ^^ I ❀ her so much πŸ˜€ totally fangirling her πŸ˜€ while 2NE1 and 2PM (all starts with '2') haha…also stating that they are ruling the 20's πŸ˜€ thx darling ^^

  2. the spikey hair with changmin doesn’t look that bad…and the queen battle…I can’t really choose..hyori makes every outfit sexy and hot…while yoon eun class and sophisticated feel on the outfit….and yay to 2pm and and 2ne1!!!!!….dara look so pretty in this event…and I totally agree..I’ve never seen a man wear cropped pants that hot….

  3. Looove Hyori so much! Those blue blazer might look weird in people, but Hyori nailed it!
    Moreover, I think I agree with your conspiracy theory, where people following GD’s fashion statement.
    And 2PM????? What a disaster!

  4. reading this i guess i’m not the only 1 who hated 2pm’s hair, when i caught sight of chansung i had 2 look away…bt only for a few 2nds^^ i did think junsu’s face looked different bt i thought it was make up? i don’t usually look at his face much as his voice is amazing bt i have looked at it more bcs i was thinking he was getting better looking lol

  5. Ooh, this is my first time on your blog, and I have to say, I love the post – But the girl in the pink dress isn’t Uee. I don’t think AS was nominated for anything, and this girl came in with 2AM. I forgot her name though.. Apparently she’s an actress that did an ice cream commercial a while ago? IDK.

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