Fangirl/boy addicts session 2!

We’ve begun the Fan Session segment of this blog more than a week ago and now it’s time to talk about deeper stuff. If you haven’t introduced yourself and joined our club yet, please do so HERE. Otherwise, welcome to the second session of Fan addicts club!

Okay the photo with Taec choosing undies has got nothing to do with this post. LOL I just wanna show it.

Module 2: Talking about dreams

If you’re a self-proclaimed fan addict, most likely you live and breathe anything that’s about J/Kpop or any fandom. Your fashion, food, everything you watch, write or think about! And with all that in your mind there’s a huge tendency that you might dream about your fave celebrities. You can never underestimate the power of the subconscious. (LOL I just said that to sound smart) So come tell! Share to all of us addicts your dreams where celebrities appeared—whether good, bad, dirty, innocent, the weird, everything!


Dreamed about hooking up with your idol crush?

Did you have jailbait dreams?

Were there shirt-tearing moments?

Mysterious, scary dreams?

Funny stories?

How ’bout fanboy dreams?

Sad, heartbreaking dreams?

Okay lemme start.Well usually dreaming about my current celeb obsessions happen when I spend too much time either watching their performances/dramas or whatnot. But it’s really disappointing that more often than not, they’re always appearing as cameos. Like once I dreamed that I was on my way somewhere and as I was walking, some guy from Super Junior would be crossing the street LMAO. Or some celeb would be my seatmate at a bus or as my classmate, etc. But there was this very vivid dream where I was back in my high school younger and I had a huge crush on this guy who turns out to be 2PM’s Jay. (yeah I know it’s one of those teenybopper dreams lol) Then I confessed to him on the school bus (good grief) and he just… stared at me, then turned away. FAIL. I swear, I woke up feeling heartbroken LOL it felt so damn real.

Come on, don’t be shy! Share your dreams!

9 Responses

  1. I always have weird dreams…..It is like I’m in a bus…then in just a snap I’m in my school..then in just a snap again…I’m already at home…anyway…just like you…they always seem to have cameo appearance, One time I dreamed about donghae…he is my boyfriend in my dream (How I wish it was kyuhyun…haha)..and that’s it..I just knew he was my boyfriend…haha then all of a sudden…I’m with my friends already and totally forget about him…then suddenly I feel like I slipped or something…it is like my leg moved..then I woke up…

  2. the lastest dream i had was after i watched wild bunny before i went to sleep. i had a dream that i was one of those fangirls outside of the store where they went to buy their costumes for dirty eyed girls. i was looking in and saw taec and wooyoung played around with the cloths in front of the dressing room ;_; i have had dreams about taemin before… it was a pure innocent dreams though! we just hung out and he was the cutest little dongsaeng ever… can i trade taemin with my sister? lol geez my sister has 0 aegyo. so un-cute >.>;;

  3. LOL what an interesting dream you got there. Hmm.. I never dream anything weird about them, maybe it’s more like yours, they just cameo. But I used to replay them on my dream. For example, I just watching 2PM Wild Bunny or SuJu’s Exploring Human Body, maybe because it was hilariously funny, those show was replayed again on my dream and I laughed out loud while I’m sleeping. I used to replay it again on my mind while I’m on the bus. And somehow, I just smiling by myself and people were starring me around wondering if I was a crazy girl or something :p

    • LOL i get caught smiling to myself too when I’m reminded of an episode or an idol’s funny moment! People also think I’m crazy or that I’m crazy in love or something

  4. i had a dream that taec and yuri was a couple and they held a press conference to announce it and me and especially SNSD Sunny was DEVASTATED. i had this dreamthis a couple of days after when i found out that Yuri is Taec’s favorite member in SNSD.

    • LOL OMG i’m so gonna be devastated if Taec and Yuri announces they’re a couple! but they’re both my faves, so i’ll probably get over it after a while then root for them

  5. I’m not really the type who dreams about my favs in both kpop and/or jpop so whenever I dream about them, (it happened only twice even though i’m an addict!! O_O) it’s such a treasured memory. lol.

    So i’ll start. This is not really on a kpop idol, but from JE, it’s Akanishi Jin. (dunno why I dreamt about him ’cause at this time I was beginning to feel annoyed sick and tired to him. So in my dream, he was my close friend, and he was in my room. It was night time, and the only light was from a lamp shade. (Don’t get perverted thoughts! Nothing happened lol) So we were chitchatting and I forgot almost everything we talked about, but I remembered one, we were talking about Nikaido (Kis-My-Ft2 member) and he was holding a picture of him. Like a shop photo. LOL. I think he said that he was his brother and he’s outside. That was weird. lol. Then there from the window with curtains, we saw silhouettes of lots of people, and there was a blurred orange light. When we peaked outside from the window, we saw people holding a wood with fire (like those in The Simpsons movie lol) so I think Jin said it’s probably his fans and so the both of us decided to go out of the house to let him explain I think. =.= Then the weird thing, when we went out there were only a few people but all of them were the media with cameras and everything, and it was in a park. lol. Then they recognized Jin and the both of us ran, but it was more like a jog lol, and the media as well, but while we were jogging, he was being interviewed and he was also answering. Haha. Then the location suddenly changed, we were suddenly running down on hill and it was like 6 in the morning. Then I saw in front of us, two of my friends in their sports attire jogging then Jin catched up with them and I was left. LOL. Then I woke up. XDD

    • whoaaa that’s so cool you remembered your dream in detail lol usually it’s easy to forget once you wake up! so random about jin! i haven’t been catching up on kat-tun lately but i got to watch one episode of cartoon kat-tun and jin just looks so haggard and his hair, attire always looks like a hobo. back then he used to look all cool and confident, now he just seems idunno…. last i read about him he was hospitalized for exhaustion? poor guy.

  6. i had a dream a while back & i was sat on a white sofa holding hands with yunho watching tv. i thought it was really weird bcs out of tvxq he is the 1 i least like & i remember in my dream i was actually thinking y am i holding hands with u? y r u in my dream? lol i have rankings 4 idols groups bt it changes all the time, except 4 gd! keke

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